Monday, March 31, 2014

Disney Countdown

Happy Monday!

Toady's post is just a bit of fun the girls and I got up to a few weeks back.

You may recall we recently booked a trip To Disney World.  Well, the girls were rather concerned that only had about $4 each in their piggy banks.  Of course I figure we would give them each $50-$100 for spending money … but I wasn't about to let an opportunity to buy good behaviour slip past me so I told them that every day they did their chores and went to bed nicely they would get $1.00 each … so by the time we leave they could have $80 to spend,  WELL!  You have never seen such good girls in your life!  …for the first 3 days anyway *lol*

We needed a special piggy bank to hold their loot … so on Alicia's special night she made this:
It was a Christmas tin that we covered with card stock and then glued pictures we had downloaded from the internet.  This is her "Mickey Money" tin :)

Since I wasn't saving my pennies in a special tin I decided to make a countdown calendar using one of the retired SU calendars.  I simply used my 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" circle punches to make "Mickey" and wrote on it with my White Chalk Marker:
Next is what Rebecca came up with.  I found one of those clear, hollow blocks in my cupboard … my plan was to fillet with a string of mini lights and decorate it for Christmas … but that was 2 years ago and it still hasn't happened *lol*.  I gave it to Rebecca to use.  I gave her the idea of Minnie … using the retired butterfly and a 1/2" circle for the bow … and she then came up with the design for Daisy all by herself.  Love it!
… she even decorated the top:
Fun, fun, fun.  Before long these bank will be filled with coins :)

Pop in again tomorrow to see something I noticed in the shower the other day :)  Until then, have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bunny Bums

Happy Sunday!

My back is still giving me grief but I'm continuing to improve.  I just need to get to the chiropractor this week to realign my hips!  Although it hurts like heck when he works on me it will ultimately bring me relief so I have to go!

Today I'm sharing the cutest stinkin' treats EVER!  I can take no credit for them but don't know who to give credit to.  I believe my uplink Tamye Dunbar found them on the Stampin' Up! website, although I couldn't find them there, and I also saw a few different versions on Pinterest.  So!  To whomever gave birth to these little beauties - hats off to you - they rock!  Here they are:
Key-Ute or what???!!!  Here is how they are made:

Punch a circle using the 1 3/4" circle punch:
Then, use your Scalloped Circle punch around the hole you just made:
… to come up with this:
Use your Multipurpose Glue to attach it to the top of your Circle Treat cup:
Then you simply punch out another large scallop circle for the back of the rabbit, stamp a sentiment on it (I used Happy Easter from the Delightful Dozen set in Wisteria Wonder ink), peel off the protective liner on the treat cup, fill it with Goodies, jelly beans, Smarties etc, and stick it to the scalloped circle.  Yes, the recipient will have to rip the treat apart to get to the candy.  Once the rabbit is put together punch out two scalloped ovals and attach with your multipurpose glue.  I used a small cotton ball for the tail, attached with my hot glue gun.  these are REALLY fast to put together … I cracked off 20 in less than an hour.

Love them!  These make a great, easy, quick, inexpensive gift for the teachers and/or the kids' classmates.  In fact, I'm making them with both Grade 3 classes at the school in 2 weeks.  Fun!

Pop in again to see what the girls and I got up to on Mommy/Daughter night.  Until then, have a stampy Sunday!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bakers Twine Easter Egg

Happy Saturday!

Today is a little better than yesterday.  I'm now at the grumpy stage.  Aside from the shooting pain if/when I move the wrong way I feel fine!  I'm fairly well rested (thanks to my meds knocking me out twice a day!), I've caught up on e-mails, surfed Pinterest as much as I can stand and even read part of a book … I'm bored … and grumpy that I can't make my body do what I want it to!  I know I should be grateful that this is a temporary thing and enjoy the "down time" while I can but I just want to get on with things!  I DID manage to wander around the house for a few hours tidying what I could, cleaning the mirrors and dusting … and then I even decided to tempt fate and sit at my computer for half an hour to access my photos so I could post a few projects.

I'm now horizontal again … and drugged … and posting.  NOW I feel productive again :)

So!  A week or two ago I just HAD to attempt one of the "string eggs" that I had seen all over Pinterest.  This is what they look like:
Aren't they awesome?  This came from a fun website I recently discovered .  They have lots of videos.  Check it out!

When I saw these I instantly knew I wanted to try it with all the Pear Pizzazz Bakers Twine I bought on the Clearance Rack … and I wanted to have chocolate eggs inside them.  My PLAN was to make 30 of these for my customers this month … ya, once I made one I knew I would only ever make ONE! *lol*.  Can you say MEEEEEEEESSYYYYYY *lol*

Here is how it went:
I grabbed my Mod Podge and poured some into an empty jar:
This much:
I then added water … this much:
I then added about half a package of Bakers Twine (thinking it would make at LEAST 3 eggs … ya, no … it barely made one!):
I used the end of a paint brush to gently push the twine into the goop … trying not to tangle it too badly. I grabbed my package of teeny tiny water balloons:
… and some candy covered chocolate eggs:
It was tricky, but I tried to get 3 eggs into the ballon.  Yes, Darlene and Casey, there was quite a bit of giggling going on at this point *lol*
Ta da!
I then blew up the balloon.  Can you see the little egg inside?  I TRIED to get three in … I managed two before it popped … so in the end I decided life was WAY too short for this game and scrapped the eggs inside it completely!
This is a new, empty balloon.  I carefully wrapped the twine around the balloon.  VERY slippery, Very messy and VERY difficult to take a picture of *lol*:
After lots of bad words being uttered, goop everywhere and 20 minutes I was done.  I attached a bulldog clip to a dowel I had lying around (as you do!) and clipped it to the balloon to dry overnight.  I thought the messy part was done but I was wrong.  Some of the goop dripped from the egg to the floor over time and at one point the whole thing fell on the floor.  I was laughing hysterically and Craig wondered what the heck I was DOING in there *lol*.
Once it was dry I simply popped the balloon and pulled it through one of the gaps. Here is how it turned out:

Yes, very cute but NEVER AGAIN!!!  Aside from the mess, it would cost a fortune to make too many of them.  A great way to use up any retired twine you have but it would take an entire roll to do a "regular" sized balloon.

Try it if you like … but you've been warned … it's messy!

Pop in again to see some cute little bunny treats I whipped up last week.  Until then, have a stampy Saturday!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Better ...

Happy Friday!!

Yes, today is MUCH happier than Wednesday was … I'm 75% better than I was.  I can get out of the bed in under 2 minutes without too much pain or looking like a flipped turtle flailing to get upright … I have gone downstairs 4 times without help and BEST of all …. I no longer have to pee in the shower!!! *lol*.  Yes, these are the little things in life you take for granted when you're healthy!  I'm hoping I may be able to do a LITTLE crafting tomorrow - not for too long because the sitting is what will throw me out of whack again.  I've been very good at doing NOTHING … a little reading and a LOT of sleeping (thank you medication!!) but now I'm starting to get really bored and am itching to create!

Since I still can't sit at my computer to access photos of my projects I thought I would post and e-mail I sent out to my customers yesterday … Sale-a-brations is doing to an end (Monday) so this e-mail was fairly urgent … (remember, I'm in Canada so the $$ amounts are in Canadian dollars)

NEW ITEMS HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED TO THE CLEARANCE RACK!  Check out what's on sale at … click on "Shop Now" in the top right corner, then on "Clearance Rack" on the left hand side.  You can either e-mail me your order or you can place it on line right there and have it shipped directly to your door.  REMEMBER … this is the final week for the Sale-a-brations promotion, so for EVERY $60 you spend you get to pick a FREE SAB item!  You can view the SAB items on the same site … just click on "Sale-a-bration" instead of Clearance Rack.    

If you DO place an on-line order please make sure you use hostess code SAEBZZTF when you get to the check-out.  WHY?  Because I'm doing a 


"What is THAT?" I hear you cry!  I will be pooling all order received between now and Sunday, March 30th at noon and placing them as a "workshop" .  If the orders total $200 the workshop will start qualifying for "hostess benefits" (… translation FREE STUFF!) and I will do a draw to see who the "hostess" (translation … getter of the free stuff … hey, it's a word!  … ok, it's not … go with it … I'm in pain over here!) is.

Everyone who places an order between now and noon Sunday is entered into the draw.  Everyone who places and order of $60 or more get's 2 entries into the draw.  Any current club members placing an order will get 1 extra entry.   If the order total hits $400 the FREE STUFF will be to the tune of $110!!!!  

Feeling lucky??  E-mail or call me with your order.  I know there are a few of you out there who have been "meaning" to place an order …. this is the time to do it!!!  The total amount of FREE STUFF will be determined by the total of all orders (but note that I have to have a total of at least $200 for the draw to take place - the minimum "free stuff" will be $35 … oh, and if you place an on-line order you MUST enter the above hostess code to be entered into the draw!)

OK … time for more meds so I better wrap this up!

Again, Sale-a-brations is over on Monday … that means you only have until Monday to place an order to earn free SAB products, be entered into my draw AND to scoop up the GREAT Starter Kit Deal.  Remember that one?  You pick $190 in product of YOUR choice but only pay $125 flat. No s/h/gst.  I've had 66 ladies buy this kit over the years … it's a GOOD DEAL … with no strings attached.  Call me if you want to get hooked up with the kit!
That's all I have for now.  Pop in again to see if I managed to make it down to my "happy place".  In the meantime - have a stampy weekend!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Happy Wednesday … NOT!

I just wanted to let you know (especially my favourite 11 year old follower, Alysha W!) that I haven't forgotten about you … and I had HOPED to blog a lot today … alas … my back had a very different plan for me today.   I'm currently tying this flat on my back, on a piece of plywood on my bed in a lot of pain!  Long story short, my back is WAAAAAAY out … I can't stand, sit, walk, crawl … but I know know how much and how loud I can scream!  I also know what a snowy parking lot feels like through thin yoga pants… and just how wet and soggy a doctors' office mat is … oh, and that there are dust bunnies in my bathroom.  Yes, I collapsed 3 times and have had about 10 spasms that have me begging for mercy.  I'm drugged to my back teeth but so far it isn't helping.  (*insert heaps of sympathy and pity here, please*).

So!  No projects for a few days.  Sitting is a large part of what lead me to this fresh hell!

I'll post as soon as I'm able.  Healing thoughts, please!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Time Paper Shoe!

Happy Sunday!

Well, it's not quite flip-flop weather up her in Edmonton but I saw geese last week ... and a baby mouse ... so it MUST be spring ... and spring means it's White Shoe and Pretty Toes Season - woo hoo!  That's what I was thinking when I designed my latest paper shoe project for my friend's private class on Friday.  I love these shoes - and I'm not even a shoe fanatic!  Check out my latest:

Love it!!!
The shoe itself is made with good old Whisper White card stock - the showe liner is made using the Fresh Prints designer paper stack in the mini catalogue.  The flower is made using the new Spiral Flower Die (also in the mini).  A glue gun is a must to make those flowers!
I made the tag using the My Digital Studio system.  At Christmas I spent about 3 HOURS making the tag ... this morning it only took half an hour - I think I'm getting the hang of it!  Can you read the tag?  It says "Happy "White Shoes and Pretty Toes" Season!! *lol*  I also made a few tags in different colors that just say "A little something for a very special someone". 
Although this particular shoe is my concept, it originated over a year ago when I found a similar project on (Cindy is her name) and on that site she gave credit for the shoe templates to Ellen Hutson's - her website is I give full credit for this project to Ellen and Cindy - thank you for sharing, ladies!!!
Rather than re-take pictures on how to put this bad boy together just click on this link and check out the tutorial I did for the witch shoe.  The only change I would make is to tell you to make SURE you use Sticky strip to adhere your shoe together.  Seriously.  Snail doesn't hold.  Use the strip!
Need a refresher on how to use the Spiral Flower Die?  Click here to watch the video again.
For the centre of the flower I just popped a small white pom pom into the flower when the hot glue was still hot.  Done!  I highly recommend you try making one of these shoes - they really are quite addicting ... and make the PERFECT Teacher / Friend / Co-worker gift.  Seriously!
Right!  I have my last class just after lunch so I better go walk Doodles and get cleaned up.  Pop in again soon.  Until next time - have a stampy day!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Colored Vellum and Tinted Embossing powder Technique

Happy Saturday!

Last night was SO much fun!!!  I love that my *job* involves hanging out with friends and having a lot of laughs.  I can't believe I make money doing this!!

Today's card is the Technique card we made last week:
Ta Da!  I named this technique the "Colored Vellum and Tinted Embossing Powder" Technique.  It's really almost exactly like the "Stained Glass" technique except that this one colors the Vellum on the FRONT rather than the back.

First I stamped the flowers from Flower Shop in Versamark on Vellum and covered it with white embossing powder - then I heat set the powder.  I then grabbed my markers - Crushed Curry, Melon Mambo and Tangerine Tango.  I colored liberally all over the embossed flower.  I let it sit for a few minutes so the color tinted the white embossing powder and then used a dry baby wipe to buff off any excess ink.  The tinted embossing powder gives a really nice contrast to the colored flower.  I then punched the flower out with my Pansy Flower Punch.  The sentiment is from "Feels Good" in Early Espresso.  The flower centres are made with the new Petite Petals punch (in the mini) and jumbo rhinestones finish it off.  Oh ... the flowers and centres are popped up on dimensionals.  A pretty card that works for a number of occasions - just change the sentiment.  Give it a try!

K.  That's it for today.  Pop in tomorrow when I'll show you my latest PAPER SHOE project ... LUUUUUV it!!!!!!  Until then, have a stampy Saturday!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Lovely Petal Parade

Happy Friday!

Eek!  Let the games begin!  Party #1 tonight.  This one is the "easiest" of the three I have this weekend .. and there is wine involved so it's not REALLY going to be work *lol*.  Guests will be making a card from the Happenings Simply Created Card Kit (freakin' LOVE that kit!!!) and/or a Spring Shoe - like my Witch's Shoe and Christmas Shoe ... pop in Sunday to see THAT little beauty! 

Gotta get to it as I DO have to finish prepping for my class on Sunday.  For that class, one of the cards we are making is this one:
... only without the twine.  The guests will be beginner stampers and the cardinal rule for beginner stampers is to keep it SIMPLE!  This card was actually cased from fellow demonstrator Ruth Norton over at  The layout is hers, I just changed the colors to suit my mood the day I made it :)  It's really a very quick and easy card.  It uses two of the free Sale-a-bration sets - You're Lovely and Petal Parade.  I used Island Indigo, Rose Red, Pear Pizzazz and Chocolate Chip inks and papers.  For the sentiment I stamped the sentiment on scrap whisper white with the Choclate Chip ink and then punched it out with the deco labels framelits.  I then cleaned the stamp and stamped it again in Island indigo - then punched the circle out with my 1 3/4" circle punch and adhered it to the chocolate chip piece.  For the Island Indigo pieces behind the sentiment I used the Artisan Punch x 2 and taped them to the sentiment.  The whole thing is popped up on dimensionals.  For the twine:  I stuck a mini glue dot on the card - I then looped the twine 3 times, cut it and placed it on the glue dot to hold it in place.  I THEN used a tiny piece of sticky strip to sandwich the twine between the layers so it would stay put - I then attached the sentiment and Wa-low!  Done!  I colored the flowers with my markers for a little color on the sentiment.
The great thing about this card is that it really does work for many occasions.  Here I used a sentiment from Yippee Skippee:
 ... and this one is the sentiment from the Blessed Easter stamp (I cut the sentiment off the stamp so I could use the tulips and sentiment separately - clever, yes?)
So there you have it!  I better fly - paper to cut!  Pop in again tomorrow to see the Technique card we made in class last week - until then - have a stampy day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paper Pumpkin Fun

Happy Thursday!

See?  I TOLD you I'd likely procrastinate on what I should be doing for what I WANT to be doing *lol* ... but I'll keep it brief!  A few weeks ago, at Craft Night, I FINALLY started putting together some of the Paper Pumpkin Kits I have had piling up!  It was so fun to just open a box and have everything I needed to make some really cute projects.  I cracked off 4 of the kits in 2 hours.  It was very therapeutic ... and it freed up a lot of space in my craft room too!  Result!  Here are the ones I put together:

I love these little journals!  They are a LOT smaller than I thought they would be (5 1/2" x 3 1/2") but they will actually be PERFECT for me to log my mileage in - cute AND functional!!
This project is going to be used a LOT!  My new "to-do-list" holder:
Now.  About Paper Pumpkin.  What is it?
Paper Pumpkin, in a nutshell... is a subscription to a ready-to-use craft kit that comes in the mail each month.
  • It's $24.95 Canadian (that INCLUDES the s/h/gst) and arrives in the mail monthly
  • It's got all the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to creat great projects - project like cards, journals, decor and more!
  • Everything is cut, measured, and ready to use - with instructions included. (you do need your own glue stick and scissors for some of the projects)
These kits really are a little bit of fun in the mail! They are perfect for people who say:
  • I don't have TIME to craft
    • Paper Pumpkin projects can be completed in about half an hour
  • I'm not creative at ALL - I wouldn't know where to start!
    • Paper Pumpkin has done all the creative work FOR you! They provide instructions for the "non-creative" crafter ... or you can change the project any way you like - it's up to you!
  • I don't have the space to store all the supplies I NEED to create a great project
    • Paper Pumpkin arrives at your door in a little red box with all the supplies you need to create your project (except adhesive) ... you don't need 3 totes full of paper, cutters, stamps, ink and embellishments to make a fabulous project!
  • I don't want to set up, cut paper, design etc ... I just want to CRAFT! or
  • By the time I have cut the paper, designed a project and set everything up to craft with my daughter she has lost interest and is off who-knows-where doing something else!
    • Paper Pumpkin has done all the "hard work" for you - everything is precut and ready to just "craft" ... and your daughter can do it with our without you!
These kits are great! And of course you can cancel or suspend your subscription any time. You really have nothing to lose! Sign up by March 31st and with the first "welcome kit" you get  a FREE set of 2012-2014 In Color Stampin' Write Markers - a $19.95 value!!  (you have to be a "new" subscriber to qualify) ... and if you don't love it, cancel it! (Although I doubt you will want to! I have it on good authority that the next 3 kits are over-the-top awesome!!!)

Contact me before March 31st to get hooked up!
OK!  That's it for today (so much for being brief, eh?)  Pop in again soon!  Until then have a stampy day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coffee Mug Fun!

Happy Wednesday!
OK!  I'm getting there - slowly but surely!  I'm chipping away at things on my to-do list ... and I actually HAVE a to-do list that I made with my Paper Pumpkin kit from a few months back.  I'll share that with you tomorrow(ish) *lol*
The week has been flying by!   Monday Alicia's bed arrived - Oh.  Em.  Gee !!!  That bed is a TANK!  I didn't realize how BIG it was!!  It's a "full" which I GUESS is almost as big as a queen!  Problem is Alicia's room isn't that big ... so it was VERY crowded until we moved things around a bit.  Craig had the day off ... good thing - there is no WAY I couldn't have unpacked ANY of the bed - it weighed a TONNE!  Even Craig struggled with it.  Yes, a few bad words were heard by my delicate little ears!  Nevertheless he got it done ... and then I spent the rest of the day putting the bedding on and making it look pretty.  Alicia didn't know it was coming so when she got home I told her there was a surprise for her in her bedroom she FLEW up the stairs ... and the squealing began.  It was hilarious!  Here is a picture of her walls before we painted - yes, I had hand-painted the squares when we first moved in ... and she was only 6 months old :(

Here is a pic of the finished product:

Quite the change!!  Freakin' LOVE it!!!  I just HAVE to make a card using these colors!!  Next up is Rebecca's room!

Right - enough rambling about decorating or I'll never make it to the school to help out with the field trip!  I DID want to share a little fun I had a few weeks ago with coffee mugs.  I CASEd this idea from a project I found on Pinterest.  NOT being a perky morning person and HATING noise before my coffee I just HAD to make some for myself!  Check it out!
LMAO - LOVE them!!!  I simply picked up some mugs from Superstore (for $1.00!), grabbed my beloved Sharpies and wrote what I needed to write.  No - I didn't seal the Sharpie ... and I didn't bake them in the oven to permanently set the marker ... and yes, after 2 washes the ink started to come off ... but that was ok!  A funny thing happened the third day I was using my new fabulous mug.  I was on the couch first thing in the morning, laptoping away when Rebecca came down.  She was buzzing around, flitting from one side of me to the other and generally annoying my grumpy-morning-self.  I looked up at her and asked "What are you DOING??!!" - she said "Trying to see how much coffee is left in your cup so I know if I can talk to you yet".  HAAAAAAAAAAAA!  THAT made me laugh out loud - NOT and easy thing for me to do pre-breakfast!!!  SO!  With that in mind, and realizing that the children did in fact "listen" to the mug (but they don't listen to ME!) I figured I needed to write something new on the now-clean-cup ... so then next morning THIS is what the read:
*lol*  Again, I had to laugh when for two days they didn't talk to me if I was holding the mug!!!  I think I need to bake THAT saying on!

That's it for today - I have lots of yummy projects to share ... but I REALLY need to finish prepping for this week end's festivities before I do that - however, when I have 19 things to do I seem to get 18 of them done ... and I'm really good at procrastinating so pop back again soon - you never know, I might just blog first, prep second *lol*.   Until then, drink some coffee and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven Day Forecast - Canada Style!

I just had to share this for all my other-than-Canadian followers.  Yes, Friends ... this is how we make it through the 6 months of winter in the Great White North *lol*

Have a great night!


Mini Memories Simply Created Album Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Tuesday!

No time to ramble today!  Hair appointment to get to!

Today's video hi-lights this AWESOME little Album kit!!  How great would THIS be for a sweet little memory book or gift for Mother's Day???  there are SO many fun little embellishments that come with it.  I'm not sure WHAT I'm going to put in mine yet but I can't wait to "play"!

I'm off!  Until next time … have a stampy day!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Monday!

Today isn't my "usual" Monday… but it still needs to be uber productive!  This is the day I REALLY need to nail down my projects for my weekend classes … but it's also the day Craig is home (he couldn't take his usual Friday off so he took today instead) … and Alicia's bed is being delivered "some time" today.  My workout, dog walking and showering will take me at least until 10:30 so I better crack on!

Today's video hi-lights the Burlap and Blooms Wreath Kit.  It took me a while to buy this kit … Craig and I don't have the "country" decor going on and I really didn't know what to do with it … but, in true Tamara form, I bought it anyway "lol".  I DO have a plan.  The plan is to put it together using velcro rather than glue dots to attach the flowers … then each season I can switch the pieces out accordingly … leaves in the fall, snowflakes in the winter, hearts in February, Shamrocks in March, Eggs at Easter. I'm not convinced I like the flat wreath form … so my plan for that is to either buy one from "that store" or get a pool noodle from the dollar store, make it into a circle and use THAT for the form (I always have the best plans, don't I?  We'll see if it ever actually happens!)

I have heard from a few people that the printed instructions for assembling the large flowers in this kit are brutal and make no sense at all … yay for videos!  The video above shows you how to make the flowers, so pay attention!  I know I'll be watching this again before I assemble mine!

Right - I'm off to get this day started.  Pop back soon!  Until then - have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Magnet Dry Erase Board Upcycle

Happy Sunday, again!!!!

Believe it or not I actually have a PROJECT to share with you!!  I know, CRAZY, right??  I had so much fun putting this together!  It was on my "want-to-do-" list for quite some time and 2 weekends ago I actually got around to doing it!

Last month when Craig and I went to Ikea I bought a magnetic board and magnets.  My plan was to cover it with some of my retired Stampin' Up! fabric and hang it above my computer for all those little posse scraps of paper and post-it notes I have lying around a d/or stuck everywhere.  I was sad when I discovered the fabric wasn't wide enough to cover my board.  :(  Now what?  Well … I decided I'd buy some pretty fabric to cover it and then hang it in Rebecca's room so I could put up different inspirational messages on it for her.  That's fine, but I really wanted to work on this project NOW (without having to run to the fabric store!)  Have no fear!  I luckily am a mini-hoarder and just HAPPENED to have something else that would work.  A few years ago I bought a dry erase / magnet / cork board thingy at Walmart.  It didn't really serve my purposes at the time so after about 6 months I took it down.  I dug it out and yep - it would work.  Here it is pre-upcycled:
… and here is the completed project:
Love it!!!

I started by putting our super strong sticky strip in the corners and some dollar store double sided sticky tape all around the rest of the erase board (our sticky strip is AWESOME but it's expensive!!!  i just wanted to make sure the corners held tight and hope the dollar store stuff holds the rest week enough!):
I then simply positioned the fabric along the top and firmly pressed it down:
Once I had worked my way around the entire board I needed to cut the excess off.  I didn't want to do this BEFORE I attached the fabric as I just KNEW I'd get it wrong and it would look terrible … so I did it this way.  I attached the 3 sides and before I removed the backing of the tape on the bottom I grabbed my super sharp exact knife Dad bought me a few years ago (from Lee Valley tools) and carefully sliced the fabric the exact size it needed to be.  It worked a treat!!  Fit perfectly!
Ta Da!
… now … to get it hung!

Pop in again …  have more to share!  U tip then, have a stampy day!