Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bakers Twine Easter Egg

Happy Saturday!

Today is a little better than yesterday.  I'm now at the grumpy stage.  Aside from the shooting pain if/when I move the wrong way I feel fine!  I'm fairly well rested (thanks to my meds knocking me out twice a day!), I've caught up on e-mails, surfed Pinterest as much as I can stand and even read part of a book … I'm bored … and grumpy that I can't make my body do what I want it to!  I know I should be grateful that this is a temporary thing and enjoy the "down time" while I can but I just want to get on with things!  I DID manage to wander around the house for a few hours tidying what I could, cleaning the mirrors and dusting … and then I even decided to tempt fate and sit at my computer for half an hour to access my photos so I could post a few projects.

I'm now horizontal again … and drugged … and posting.  NOW I feel productive again :)

So!  A week or two ago I just HAD to attempt one of the "string eggs" that I had seen all over Pinterest.  This is what they look like:
Aren't they awesome?  This came from a fun website I recently discovered .  They have lots of videos.  Check it out!

When I saw these I instantly knew I wanted to try it with all the Pear Pizzazz Bakers Twine I bought on the Clearance Rack … and I wanted to have chocolate eggs inside them.  My PLAN was to make 30 of these for my customers this month … ya, once I made one I knew I would only ever make ONE! *lol*.  Can you say MEEEEEEEESSYYYYYY *lol*

Here is how it went:
I grabbed my Mod Podge and poured some into an empty jar:
This much:
I then added water … this much:
I then added about half a package of Bakers Twine (thinking it would make at LEAST 3 eggs … ya, no … it barely made one!):
I used the end of a paint brush to gently push the twine into the goop … trying not to tangle it too badly. I grabbed my package of teeny tiny water balloons:
… and some candy covered chocolate eggs:
It was tricky, but I tried to get 3 eggs into the ballon.  Yes, Darlene and Casey, there was quite a bit of giggling going on at this point *lol*
Ta da!
I then blew up the balloon.  Can you see the little egg inside?  I TRIED to get three in … I managed two before it popped … so in the end I decided life was WAY too short for this game and scrapped the eggs inside it completely!
This is a new, empty balloon.  I carefully wrapped the twine around the balloon.  VERY slippery, Very messy and VERY difficult to take a picture of *lol*:
After lots of bad words being uttered, goop everywhere and 20 minutes I was done.  I attached a bulldog clip to a dowel I had lying around (as you do!) and clipped it to the balloon to dry overnight.  I thought the messy part was done but I was wrong.  Some of the goop dripped from the egg to the floor over time and at one point the whole thing fell on the floor.  I was laughing hysterically and Craig wondered what the heck I was DOING in there *lol*.
Once it was dry I simply popped the balloon and pulled it through one of the gaps. Here is how it turned out:

Yes, very cute but NEVER AGAIN!!!  Aside from the mess, it would cost a fortune to make too many of them.  A great way to use up any retired twine you have but it would take an entire roll to do a "regular" sized balloon.

Try it if you like … but you've been warned … it's messy!

Pop in again to see some cute little bunny treats I whipped up last week.  Until then, have a stampy Saturday!


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