Sunday, March 16, 2014

Magnet Dry Erase Board Upcycle

Happy Sunday, again!!!!

Believe it or not I actually have a PROJECT to share with you!!  I know, CRAZY, right??  I had so much fun putting this together!  It was on my "want-to-do-" list for quite some time and 2 weekends ago I actually got around to doing it!

Last month when Craig and I went to Ikea I bought a magnetic board and magnets.  My plan was to cover it with some of my retired Stampin' Up! fabric and hang it above my computer for all those little posse scraps of paper and post-it notes I have lying around a d/or stuck everywhere.  I was sad when I discovered the fabric wasn't wide enough to cover my board.  :(  Now what?  Well … I decided I'd buy some pretty fabric to cover it and then hang it in Rebecca's room so I could put up different inspirational messages on it for her.  That's fine, but I really wanted to work on this project NOW (without having to run to the fabric store!)  Have no fear!  I luckily am a mini-hoarder and just HAPPENED to have something else that would work.  A few years ago I bought a dry erase / magnet / cork board thingy at Walmart.  It didn't really serve my purposes at the time so after about 6 months I took it down.  I dug it out and yep - it would work.  Here it is pre-upcycled:
… and here is the completed project:
Love it!!!

I started by putting our super strong sticky strip in the corners and some dollar store double sided sticky tape all around the rest of the erase board (our sticky strip is AWESOME but it's expensive!!!  i just wanted to make sure the corners held tight and hope the dollar store stuff holds the rest week enough!):
I then simply positioned the fabric along the top and firmly pressed it down:
Once I had worked my way around the entire board I needed to cut the excess off.  I didn't want to do this BEFORE I attached the fabric as I just KNEW I'd get it wrong and it would look terrible … so I did it this way.  I attached the 3 sides and before I removed the backing of the tape on the bottom I grabbed my super sharp exact knife Dad bought me a few years ago (from Lee Valley tools) and carefully sliced the fabric the exact size it needed to be.  It worked a treat!!  Fit perfectly!
Ta Da!
… now … to get it hung!

Pop in again …  have more to share!  U tip then, have a stampy day!



  1. Love it!!! Good job Tamara!

    1. Thanks! I was thrilled to finally get around to doing it!!! Super quick and easy!

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