Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Happy Wednesday … NOT!

I just wanted to let you know (especially my favourite 11 year old follower, Alysha W!) that I haven't forgotten about you … and I had HOPED to blog a lot today … alas … my back had a very different plan for me today.   I'm currently tying this flat on my back, on a piece of plywood on my bed in a lot of pain!  Long story short, my back is WAAAAAAY out … I can't stand, sit, walk, crawl … but I know know how much and how loud I can scream!  I also know what a snowy parking lot feels like through thin yoga pants… and just how wet and soggy a doctors' office mat is … oh, and that there are dust bunnies in my bathroom.  Yes, I collapsed 3 times and have had about 10 spasms that have me begging for mercy.  I'm drugged to my back teeth but so far it isn't helping.  (*insert heaps of sympathy and pity here, please*).

So!  No projects for a few days.  Sitting is a large part of what lead me to this fresh hell!

I'll post as soon as I'm able.  Healing thoughts, please!