Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project Life and Weekly Deals!

Happy Tuesday!

Yes, I'm surprised to see me back so soon too!  Just a quick one today as the Shaw Cable guy is coming shortly to hook up our new Gateway system.  Long story … but suffice it to say if you can save a LOT of money on your monthly bill if you agree to switch to Telus.  Once we decided to switch Shaw came back to us and I'm saving $100 a MONTH for the next 6 months to stay with them.  $100!!!  Sheesh … wonder if that means they charge us all WAY too much for service normally???

Aaaaaaaaanyway!  I just wanted to post that select Project Li
fe items are available for purchase … and the full line is available starting June 1st.  Yes, I already purchased all of these items on my pre-order (one of the perks of being a demonstrator!) so if you have any questions just ask away (I'm THRILLED with all that you get btw!)
I'm placing my next order May 26th.

Oh!  Might as well post the weekly deals while I'm at it!  Here they are … good until May 26th as well:

Gotta run.  Have a stampy Tuesday!


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