Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's Your Type Stamp Set

Happy Sunday!

I have to admit this morning I have NO idea what the day is going to look like.  The only thing written on the calendar is "Mom's for dinner".  Woo hoo!  Roast beef, mashed potatoes and Mom's "forget the meat just give me a spoon" gravy!  I SUPPOSE I should read a few more chapters of my Unofficial Guide to Disney World book … or start a packing list … or ensure there is enough space on the iPods and/or cameras to take a bazillion pictures … or how about start that crazy "must clean house top to bottom" us gals all like to undertake so the people who check the house don't think we are the unorganized pack-rats that we are???  Hmmm … I suppose I DO know what the day looks like.  Thanks for that!

What likely WON'T happen for the next few weeks is crafting (mind you in my procrastinating on the above it just might sneak in there! *lol*).  Just so you still have something to check out over your morning cup of coffee I figured I'd scheduled a whole swack of videos for you.  Stampin' Up! released 18 new ones … so I'm scheduling one a day - they are new products, tips, tricks and ideas.  A fun little way to start each day!

If I don't post again for a few weeks (I'm not planning on bringing my laptop … gunna try to be unplugged for 11 days!!!) know that I'm having the time of my life on my dream vacation with the people who own my heart.  I'll be sure to give you ALLLLLL the deets when I'm back and settled.  Until then, have a stampy June!!!

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