Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Photopolymer Stamp Sets

Happy Tuesday!

*Sigh* … another sleepless night.  I really must check the full moo schedule because the last 2 nights I've been awake from 2:00 am on.  I managed to go back to sleep yesterday from 6:00 am - 9:00 am but not so lucky today.  As of 5:41 am today not only was I up, but Rebecca AND Alicia were also up.  That's going to make for a looooong day!  Oh well - at least everyone will be dressed and fed before the usual of NOON!  (of course one or two of us might be a *little* cranky!!)

Never mind!  Onwards and upwards … I have a card 90% done .. well, it's *done* but needs a bit of tweaking so I don't have it to show yet .. stay tuned for that another day.  Today I wanted to do a quick post of two new Photopolymer sets that have been released.  Oh ya … I'm SO gunna order this one on my next order!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
This is another new one.  It's likely to sell out fast just like the "female" version "Sweetie Pie" did!
This set was extremely popular and sold out, but has been brought back!!  Great fonts and versatile sentiments!

 … and this one was released early June … mine should arrive today - SO KEY-UTE
Right! No sense wasting time!  Gunna pop a banana bread in the oven and do my workout.  I feel a productive (albeit tired!) day ahead!

Until next time - have a stampy day!


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