Sunday, September 28, 2014

Edmonton Conference 2014

Happy Sunday!

Wow!  Don't you HATE when you feel hungover but you went to bed at 9:30 pm without having a drop of booze??  I do!  Ugh!  My body has said ENOUGH already, take a day off! … and that's exactly what I plan to do today!

This week has been crammed full of out-of-the-norm activities for me!!  Camp Monday - Wednesday, Thursday to sort orders and recover from said camp then the Stampin' Up! Edmonton Conference all day/night Friday and Saturday.  All kinds of crazy fun but DEFINITELY need a down day!!

So let's have the hi-lights from camp, shall we?  Yes, there were lots of fun moments - watching the kids grin ear to ear for 3 days of fun, friends and fresh air; the beautiful sunset over Crimson Lake, getting to know the other parents/teachers who attended, and seeing Rebecca take control of a horse 5 times her size.  Of course there were also the not-so-fun moments that I completely expected; the NOISE that 35 students can make in a confined area; the 10 km hike in the rain at 10:00 am … inspecting various type of animal poo;  the not-being-able-to-sleep past 5:00 am due to my aching back, and the 2:00 am whispers of "Mrs. Rebecca … I have to go to the washroom".  I realized once I got home that part of my not-so-happy demeanour whilst wandering through the wilderness in the rain was due to the fact that I was PMSing (unscheduled) … so that explained a LOT of my back pain and general crabbiness *lol*.  Overall, however, I'm glad I went.  We DID have some good times - charades, campfire songs and n epic ghost story (which I enjoyed … but set "lights" out back about an hour as we had to calm more than a FEW hysterical children down!)

Here are a few pics of Pioneer Ranch, Rocky Mountain House:

Will I do it again with Alicia?  You bet - Grade 5 camp next year for her … and the bus ride is only about an hour long (wa-hoo!)

After my "down day" Thursday all hell broke loose again for the SU Conference here in Edmonton.  All KINDS of fun!  I volunteered for the afternoon session of fun to register guests and pack the loot bags … then I got to "play".  My three guests arrived and we had a quick bite to eat before heading on for free stuff, make and takes and laughs.  I didn't actually put my projects together, as I needed to help register the late evening batch of stampers, so I don't have pictures of the completed projects … but I have a few of the fun!  

We went through various "stations" … at each station we completed a certain step of our final project … so at 1 stations we would stamp something, the next punch something out and so on.  Three stations were "fun" - games, video etc.  At one station we were blindfolded and had to draw things as instructed - too much fun!  I love how Wanda is smiling at the camera, even though she's blindfolded.  How did she know she was having her picture taken???  Hmmmm - peeking a little Wanda??
 Wilma and Darlene were VERY focused … and Wilma got the most points for accuracy!
Wa-low!  Our finished masterpieces!
Saturday started WAY earlier than I liked … had to be on the south side for 9:00 am for the business session.  The 3 hours went very quickly as Dale, the Manager for SU Canada shared some great information and business tools with us.  We did a great brainstorming exercise that I WILL use moving forward!

After lunch it was time to play!  There was "SU Let's Make a Deal Jeopardy Feud" trivia/knowlege/silly fun to start.  Here are my pals Joan, Tracy and me being silly.  Yep - just call me Llama Lps Bertram *lol*
We then had more make and takes and lots of prizes.  I managed to finish mine this time, but didn't take pictures .. so here are Joan's completed projects:
So much fun!  After our party was over I went to an "after party" organized by fellow demonstrator and Artisan Krista Frattin.  I finished all 11 projects in exactly 2 hours … but I haven't taken pictures yet so that will have to be for another day.  I came home - "watched" a movie with the family (ok - they watched Turbo while I watched/cleaned stamps from LAST Sunday's Stamp-a-Stack) and then promptly went to bed … for one of the worst sleeps I've had in a while (well … maybe since Tuesday night at camp! *lol*)  Guess I shouldn't have taken that Tylenol 3 (with caffeine) before bed!

So that brings us back to my original statement of feeling hung over without the booze … feeling tired and sore, but smiling from the good times over the last week.  I'll now walk Doodles to work some kinks out … then do a whole lot of "nothing much" with the family.

If I'm up to it later I will post a full tutorial on how to make these adorable little paper pumpkins:

So pop in again soon.  Until then, have a super, stampy Sunday!


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