Saturday, September 13, 2014

Halloween Treats

Happy Saturday!

Up at 6:00 am again today - I've been on SUCH a roll getting things done the let two weeks I couldn't stay in bed!  … well that and my lower back was KILLING me … stupid lovely fashion boots of stupidness!

I'm pretty pumped about all the crazy that's going on in my world over the next month or so.  I've booked LOTS of classes, I'm planning Alicia's 9th birthday party (Movie Star Theme home-party!), Stamp-a-Stack, 3 days of camp with Rebecca (Lord help me!), Stampin' Up! Conference, Stampin' Up! Head Office Training session (!!!), then Alicia's party, then my brother and SIL come to town for Thanksgiving, then Halloween.  Throw in a couple of field trip helper days for the kids, after-school activities and general "life"and yup - back to the crazy I love!

I had HOPED I'd get a chance to post some projects yesterday … alas, life happened again and I ended up running errands for 4 hours instead.  It was actually quite fun.  I hit Michael's to pick up some super cheap sketch pads for Alicia's birthday (she's recently taken up a love of drawing so a great birthday present from Auntie!).  Whilst standing in the line to pay the key-UTEST little 1 year old boy was wobbling down the aisle grinning from ear to ear at everyone and everything.  An elderly lady spoke to him telling him he was "such a HAPPY little boy!"  With that he wobbled over to her and have her leg a BIG hug.  It made everyone smile and laugh.  The lady was thrilled - she said "any day you get  free hug is a good day".  With that I said "Awwww - I'LL give you a hug!" … and I did *lol*  With that her husband looked at me and said "What about me?"  … so I hugged him too *lol*  It started a chain reaction of hugging - it was hysterical … and everyone left with a free hug and a smile on their faces.  It was pretty awesome!  That set me up for a happy day … despite the hell that was Costco that followed … and the double train that had me sitting forEVER on the way home.  It was just a great day!  Of course once you get home from Costco you need to spend an hour finding room to PUT everything, freeze everything and generally gut and reassemble your entire kitchen.  Follow that with dinner, dishes and stamping class and … ya … blogging projects didn't happen.  On the bright side ONE DAY I will have LOTS to post, as the projects keep getting made and being added to the "blog one day" pile *lol*

To keep you crafting I thought I'd post another throw-back project.  This one is from last year - I posted how to make cute little hand sanitizer favours.  Remember these?
The original post and TUTORIAL to make them is here 

Sorry I don't have anything new for you … soon!  Until then, have a stampy Saturday!


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