Monday, September 22, 2014

Watercolor Winter Simply Created Card Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Monday!

… well - maybe!  As you read this I am probably on a yellow school bus with 30 noisy 11-year-olds heading down the hi-way to Rocky Mountain House.  Yep.  I'm goin' camping.  Yes.  Me.  Camping.  I know.  Wonders never cease, do they?  I'm a little scared, I gotta admit.  3 days.  50 kids.  A toilet that is "down the path"... and bugs.  I hate bugs.  I hate camping.  I'm not really even that keen on nature. Oh sure - I love the IDEA of camping - and being all relaxed - and sitting around the campfire - eating smores, singing songs, telling stories and laughing.  In reality, though, you generally just have to do housework in a confined, stuffy space … while the other campers in your party frolic in the wilderness … and bring BACK bugs to show you.  Those bugs, and about a billion of their little friends then bite you and proceed to keep you awake all night by dive bombing your ears just as you start to doze off.  You're cold, damp, tired and hungry.  Oh sure - you could eat but that generally means you get to clean up the mess you make in a 12x12 bucket of luke warm water, so you starve instead rather than deal with THAT!  Ya - I like the IDEA of camping - in practice … not so much.

Now on the "up" side of this little "adventure", shall we call it, the teacher assures me that the toilet which is "down the path" does flush … good thing - that was a deal breaker for me!  We also don't have to sleep in a tent.  We are in some sort of solid structure …. with concrete mattresses, I'm quite sure.  No, no - I'm not being negative or pessimistic … I DID go to Brownie camp 2 years ago … and Grade 5 camp last year, so I know of what I speak!  At Brownie camp I "slept" in a chair!  … it was more comfortable than the "bed"!  Grade 5 camp wasn't TOO bad … in fact I did have quite a few laughs with the other moms and was so tired that the concrete mattress couldn't keep me from sleeping … so this trip just MAY be a lot of fun … once/if we GET there!  We have to travel 3 1/2 hours on a yellow bus!!!!  Have you BEEN on one of those lately??  Ugh!  The smell of them makes me queazy … and Rebecca, whom will be glued to my side the entire time, will undoubtedly get bus-sick (she has every other trip so I kinda think she will again!) so I don't think THAT will be a lot of fun … and the SEATS!  The backs of them are straight up and down … they are SO uncomfortable … and slippery!  I darn near fall off with every bump!  Booking a Greyhound was too expensive … ohhhhh how I long for the bathroom at the back of the bus … and the little TV screens to keep the children entertained while I recline and nap.  *sigh*  I thick my reality is going to be a LITTLE different than my dream!

Wow - I paint a pretty awesome picture of Grade 6 camp, don't I *lol* …. awww - you know I'm just messing around … more or less … I AM kind of looking forward to it.  Last year WAS a lot of fun and this year we get to ride horses and fun stuff like that … and I get to spend 3 days with my Girl and her friends - so ya, I might bitch a lot but deep down you know I'll have at least a LITTLE *fun*.

Right!  So after all that I'm not even going to share a project with you - HA!  Another video … check out this awesome little kit - available now :)

Wish me luck - and have a stampy day!


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