Monday, October 6, 2014

EPIC Birthday Party!

Happy Monday!

I'm happy to report I SURVIVED Alicia's Epic Movie Star Birthday Party!  Yes, in fact, EVERYONE survived!  Oh sure, there were two minor "incidents" … one child got their foot stuck in my elliptical machine and another got kicked in the face but HEY!  There was no blood this year, which is always a bonus!  Note to self:  start getting parents to sign waivers when they drop their children off at my house ...

Let's see - what else … well, the cat DID run away the second all the little Diva's arrived … and returned a mere 11 hours later (at 3:00 am!) a little hungry but it seems he escaped with the least amount of scarring.  Craig, and I are still twitching a little, but it isn't noticeable to most.  Koda … well, he may need therapy but we'll deal with that after his trip to the "doggie spa" on Tuesday *lol*

I actually DID enjoy the party.  Oh sure, it was stupid noisy but hey - it WAS a party right?  Can't expect it to be quiet!!!  I did have to lay some ground rules and put my foot down a few times (ya, I DID threaten to cancel the sleepover at one point *lol*) … and sure, a few things were spilled and slightly damaged but all in all it was just good, clean fun.  A few times the word "epic" and "legendary" were overheard so at least the KIDS have fun … which was rather the point of the whole thing, now, wasn't it???

I had SO much fun setting up all the decorations!
The fun little water bottles (thank you Pinterest for the idea!).  I didn't have any striped paper in my stash (how could that even BE??!!) … so … I made an Excel spreadsheet and coloured cells red, printed them off and slapped an "admit one ticket on it.  Done!
The cupcakes!  Well!  When I finished the first one I burst into laughter and couldn't stop (I MAY have been a little tired by that point *lol*)  THey were so freaking cute I couldn't STAND it … and just kept laughing!

 Again, I bow down to the awesomeness that is Pinterest!  I bought the little cupcake cups at Home Sense - they looked like popcorn buckets to me!  I baked the cupcakes Friday night so they time to completely cool before frosting them.  Saturday I frosted them with store bought vanilla frosting and then the fun REALLY began!  I took a bag of mii marshmallows, my paper snips and slit each one down the middle.  Craig helped out and cut two slits so there were 4 sections to each marshmallow.  (The slits weren't all the way through just enough for them to split open … and look like a piece of popcorn!  I stuck the marshmallows on the frosted cupcakes and then added a few more on top for added depth.  I attached them with a little dab of frosting.  After all that I mixed a little water with some yellow food colouring and painted them cupcakes.  Looked AMAZING! … and I laughed :)

Meanwhile, Craig took to setting p the red carpet - 4 Dollar store tablecloths cut in half.  Naturally there were gale-force winds happening which made life pretty difficult for him, but he found a way to make to make it happen!  I made stars for the 'walk of fame" out of some glittery wrapping paper.  Each star had one of the girls names written with a sharpie.
 Of corse for movie time we needed a concession stand ...
 We got into my new Younique Make-Up Kit and had some fun making the girls into Rock Stars!

 Aren't the pretty?

Craig played the paparazzi and did a great job taking some fun pics ...

 Of course I had to get in on the fun :)

 We have fun shots of each girl arriving to walk the red carpet but won't post pics of other people's children so you don't get to see those … but they all looked great dressed up in bling an boas.  Of course 1 hour into the party our living room looked like a multicoloured chicken had been sacrificed - SO many feathers!  *lol*

We played LOTS of games - minute to win it … stack the dice ...
… transfer the smarties
… movie charades … name that movie … Lego Bingo … it was crazy fun.  I went to bed at midnight … most kids were asleep by 12:30.  I was up from 3:00 - 5:00 am (the cat hadn't returned when I went to bed so  I went down and found him clawing at the back door … STARVING *lol*

The kids were all gone around 10:00 am, house was back to normal an hour later and I did a whole lot of nuthin.  At 3:30 pm we headed to the movies for the only showing of The Equestria Girls movie and now I'm vegging on the couch counting down the minutes until bedimte.

Yes, it was an awesome day … and an awesome party … and it is all over … for another year :)

I was GOING to share a tutorial for how to make this cute little fringe tree … but now I'm tired of typing … so you have to wait :) … but don't worry - I'll share in the next day or two … or three … I should probably a) make Alicia a birthday card tomorrow (ya, ya, a day late!) and b) plan projects for class Tuesday.  So, ya, in a day or two or three :)  Until then - have a super stampy day!!!



  1. Ohhh Tamara, WHAT FUN! WHAT BEAUTIES, Girls and Props! What a fabulous, fabulous event! I'm impressed, wowed and happy you had a fabulous celebration! Thanks so much for sharing so much! :) Donna (SC)

    1. Hey Donna! Just swathe comment now … THANKS! Yes, a rest time was had by all! … I figure I will have recovered from all the *fun* by next Thursday *lol* Thank GOODNESS they're only young once - twice might kill me! hee hee - thanks for peeking :) xoxo