Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mini Presents

Happy Saturday!

Having a VERY relaxing day today - in fact I thought I'd blog while I wait for my batch of cookies to bake.  Yup - baking - cookies - ME!  NOT a common occurrence at my house a) I suck at baking cookies b) if I make them I tend to eat them c) my current eating plan is no carb/sugar … so I CAN'T eat them so it really is like torture to have these little bites of yumminess in the house.  Alas - I'm a mom … and kids HAE o have cookies!  … well, that and I'm procrastinating on cleaning my craft room (I need to find the desk before I can make my last 2 cards for next weekends' Stamp-a-Stack) … so baking wins!

I have 8 minutes to do this so here we go!

thought I'd share a few tips on how I made all these little presents that I put under my Origami Christmas Tree:


These were all made with the Nordic Noel DSP and the new box punch board.  Just follow the direction on the board and/or watch the SU You Tube tutorial on how to use it. 

Boxes pictured here from left to right are box #11, (#9, #2), #3, #5, (#1, #4 and #12).  I used a low heat glue gun to adhere the box sides – I found it quicker and easier than with other adhesives.

For the stacked 3 boxes (sizes 1, 4 and 12) cut a piece of Lost Lagoon Ribbon 33” long.  Hot glue/adhere the3 boxes together – tie the ribbon around all 3.
For the present with the red ribbon (box #5), cut a piece of Real Red Woven Satin Ribbon 40” long, wrap and tie in a bow.
For the stacked 2 boxes (#9 and #2) cut two 12” pieces of Night of Navy Seam binding and wrap around box #9 and adhere (I used hot glue gun).  Wrap a 10” piece around box #2 then wrap and tie a bow with a 20” piece of Night of Navy Seam Binding. Hot glue the 2 boxes together

For the Soft Sky Paper Bow: 
Cut a 1” x 6” strip of Soft Sky cs, a 1” x 3 ½” strip and a ¼” x 1 ¼” strip
Using the ENVELOPE punch board, punch the centre of the 6” strip on both sides (i.e. punch at 3”). 

Turn the strip so it is now the 1” width against the board.  Align the end of the strip with the middle of the punch.  Turn the strip and do the other side. 

Repeat with the other end of the strip.
Place a glue dot in the centre of the strip and fold over each end towards the middle to form a bow.
Now the bow is complete – we need to make the tails.
Take the 1” x 3 ½” strip and along the 3 ½” side punch at 1 ¼”. 

Flip and do the same to the other side.  (oops – forgot to take a picture – it’s just like this bigger piece …)
Turn the strip so the 1” width is against the board use the envelope punch board to punch both “tails” by centering the 1” strip right in the middle of the punch.

 Adhere the pieces together with glue or glue dots

For the white paper rosette: 

Cut a strip of Whisper White card stock 11” x 2”.  Using the Simply Scored Scoring Tool, score every ½” all the way along the strip. 
Mountain and valley fold it then hit glue it together in a semi circle.  Use the silicone rubber mat for ease – place a blob of hot glue on the mat then place the folded piece into the glue and hold until it sets
Trim any visible glue with scissor snips.  Hot glue the half-rosette to box #11

Ta Da!  Done!  … and so are my cookies so I'll sign off to pop in the next batch!  Have a fantastic Thanksgiving for all my Canadian peeps.  My brother and SIL are in town for the week so we're heading to Mom's for the big feast tomorrow (naturally I'll be bringing my own mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes … no carbs for me!  I'm down 20 pounds and going strong!!

Pop in again really soon - lots to share!  Until then - have a sunny, stampy day!



  1. Would love to make these but there is only one picture showing, the rest are all empty boxes. Double check!

    1. Ack! Just realized the pictures didn't come through. I'm on it!