Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello Life Frame

Happy Saturday!

I feel like I've ben hit by a truck!  SO much activity the last few days my head is spinning!  Tamye and I had SUCH a great time a Teacher's Convention!  LOTS of stampers passed through our booth - shopped our retired sets, signed up for classes, did make-and-takes and talked about all things stamping (and Project Life -ing *lol*)  As fun as it was I'm not use to standing all day, smiling all day, talking ALL day nor getting up at the crack of stupid-o-clock 2 days in a row.  Holy cow.  Thursday I got up at 5:00 am … Friday I WOKE at 3:00 am (my head was whirling from Day 1!) and got up at 5:00 am just to get on with Day 2!  I forgot how much I hate downtown rush hour driving.  Wow.  It took me 20 minutes just to et out of the Canada Place PARKING LOT!  Despite the gruelling wake up times I had a GREAT time, met some fabulous new ladies (and hopefully new friends), booked some class-room visits and *maybe* bought myself a few little treats at some of the other booths - hee hee.  I figured I deserved a little bling reward for all my hard work ;)

So!  I wanted to share the Hello Life Decor Frame I bought and put together to showcase at Convention.  Check it out!
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!  It took me about 4 hours in total to put together.  WOuld it take the average bear" that long?  Heck no! … but you know me!  Gotta change things!  The kit that you purchase comes with Hello Honey accents - some of the frames, card stock and pompom twine are yellow.  Rebecca's room is primarily purple - with accents of black and white (zebra print) and pink.  Naturally I had to design the frame accents to coordinate with her room!

I thought Rebecca needed a visual reminder of some of her accomplishments.  As many of you know she suffers from anxiety - and she often feels she "can't" do things.  She very easily discounts her successes as "luck" or dismisses them completely while she internalizes any "failures" as personal flaws or inadequacies.  I picked out pictures of her zip-lining, horseback riding and rock wall climbing to reinforce what she can do - and HAS done!

Now - just a little tip.  SHOULD you decide to take the Hello Honey twine that comes in the kit and die it black with your Basic Black reinker the twine comes out a disgusting artichoke / army green.  Ya.  Epic fail on that one!

There are LOTS of leftover pieces from this kit that I will use on other projects.  I love that plenty are included - it ives you the freedom to change things up and crate your own piece.

For MY frame I used my own card stock for the banners and hearts - Melon Mambo and Perfect Plum. I also used my own wool to make black and white pompoms,  I used a variety of inspirational sentiments from various sets and stamped them with black ink, white craft ink and )on the horse back riding frame) I embossed the sentiment with winter white embossing powder and them coloured it pink with my Melon Mambo Belndabilties.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!  I have scheduled a class for Friday March 27th if you would like to make one yourself.  I will help you alter the colour scheme, if you like.  Make sure you contact me by Monday, March 9th if you would like to attend so  have time to order and receive the kits.  The class is a non-refundable $40.  If you can't attend you can come put together at any of my Craft Nights.

OK - off to walk Doodle Dog now!  Until next time - have a stampy Saturday!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Butterfly Easter Treats

Oy VEY am I pooped!

Oh … Happy Tuesday! *lol*

Been working my fingers to the bone today getting ready for Teacher's Convention.  We can set up starting at 1:00 pm tomorrow so really everything has to be ready to roll tonight.  I've been printing, labelling, packing, sorting, checking and rechecking but it's been fun!  I "lost the will" around 7:30 as I was finished off my Project Life album - I got a little carried away because it was so much FUN!  … but I eventually had to "step away from the album" and move on!  I STILL want to make about 20 post-it-note holders for door prizes … but I can do that tomorrow night, after I've set up.  The kids are going for sleepovers and Craig is working late so I'll have a few hours to play.

Speaking of playing … I DID take a little break from "working" to finish off my little Easter Treats for my club gals.  Ya, I know - I don't like to spoil the surprise before they GET their order but since I kinda put it on Facebook already I thinks the cat is out of the bag on THAT one!  So … let's see it, shall we??

LOVE!  I cracked off 27 of them in just over an hour.  They really were easy to put together!  I had some little plastic bags in my stash - I can't remember if I got them at the Dollar Store or Michaels - I THINK it was Michaels … anyway - I bought a Costco size bag of the candy coated easter eggs (around $10), put 10 in each bag (I got 27 bags).  I stamped the tag using the "One Tag Fits All" set (page 28 of the Occasions catalogue) in Wisteria Wonder and punched it out with the corresponding Note Tag punch.  I then stamped "Happy Easter" using words from "Crazy About You" set (page 31 - yes, pricey but VERY worthwhile investment!) in Pear Pizzazz.  I used my Crop-a-dile to punch a hold in the tag then herded 6" of Wild Wasabi thick Bakers Twine though it and tied it around the bag.  The "WOW" factor comes from the butterfly that is made with the Butterfly Thinlits (page 26) out of Elegant Eggplant card stock.  I attached the butterfly with 2 glue dots, added a rhinestone and …….. WA-LOW!  Done!

FYI I didn't use the dryer sheets to punch out the butterflies - I used wax paper.  It was faster as I didn't have to pick the pieces off the dryer sheets … and to be honest, my cutting plates are pretty well coated with dryer sheet residue and I had not problem getting the pieces out!  I used wax paper every now and then, as the pieces started getting stuck … but only about 5 times.  I just bend the butterfly and most of the  ices fell out.  Ou sure, my Craft Cave floor looks like I had a purple confetti party but whatever - a clean craft cave is an unused craft cave, right?

OK - I really should head to bed now - need a good night sleep for tomorrow's festivities!

Pop in again soon - still lots to share!  Until then - have a stampy night!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Plumber Thank You

Happy Sunday!

Hope you had a relaxing day.  I did!  TOO relaxing, though.  I've actually been a little bored all weekend.  Shhhhh - don't tell!  It's not that I didn't have anything to do … more that I really didn't feel like doing it.  Yes - Teacher's Convention set up is Wednesday.  Pretty sure I'm nowhere near ready for it but *meh* … nothing to stress over … at least not YET!  hee hee

I had a lovely Friday night stamping with some new friends.  Carol and her pals came over to redeem a Ladies Night In that I had donated to the Children's Ability Fund last year.  It was a great, relaxed night with stamping, laughs and even a little wine :)

We managed to get our kitchen back together by Saturday evening.  Wanna see the finished kitchen?  OK!
Ta Da!  LOVE the granite!  … AND the extra USEABLE counter space we gained but cutting off the bar/eating ledge.  It really was just a waste of space.  The kids would eat breakfast on the bar but other than that it really just held up my fruit bowl and took away 6 inches of flat surface that could be used for meal prep.  It looks great!

We also started changing the bathroom a little.  We took down the full length mirror and replaced it with this smaller framed one:
We are planning to change the paint colour.  I love the red but after 9 years it's time for a change.  THAT should be a good time given that it is 5 COATS of red!

So!  Back to Friday night.  Our friend Rod came over Friday afternoon to get a start on hooking up our new bathroom and kitchen sinks.  Craig is a pretty handy guy but was happy for Rod's offer to give us a hand.  Rod is a plumber (well, he's actually a supervisor now but knows his pipes!) whereas Craig is an electrical whiz … sure - he COULD have figured it out but having an expert on hand was very welcome!  Rod came at 2:00 pm and had 85% of it all done by the time Craig got home.  By 6:30 everything was done and MAN was Craig happy!  If it took an "expert" 4 hours he could only IMAGINE how long it would have taken HIM … and there wasn't ANY swearing involved *lol*.  It's also great to know that it was done "right".  No offence to Craig but you REALLY don't want to be getting WATER renos wrong!  His help was SO appreciated … so I naturally HAD to make him a special card …
Yay!  I don't know which I'm more thrilled about … the quick, clean, easy "guy" card or the fat that I FINALLY managed to add a watermark to the picture using my Macbook!  This could really speed up my posting abilities!  … but I digress … back to the card!

I used the new "Guy Greetings" stamp set our of the Occasions catalogue - along with my Gorgeous Grunge set (for the swipes behind) and the Sale-a-Bration set "Simply Wonderful" (yes, free with a $60 purchase).  It is all stamped in Basic Grey.  The sentiment is 1" x 2" and matted with Basic Grey as well - then popped up on dimensionals.  That's IT!  Quick and easy!  If only renos were like that!

Pop in again soon to see more projects.  I'll likely be posting rather than doing what I SHOULD be doing … prepping for Teacher's Convention.  Until then - have a stampy evening!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Washi Sheets Birthday

Happy Friday!

… well … we'll see about that.  Yes - I'm typing at 4:23 am - been awake since around 2:00 am when Alicia came in with a bad dream.  After grabbing my pillow, climbing into bed with her … and the dog … and the cat … it got a) really crowded and b) really hot!  Although I'm much cooler on the couch it's STILL crowded as I have a 65 pound pile of fur taking up half the love seat and an 8 pound cat in my armpit, impeding my typing skills (so please excuse any typos!)

Well yesterday went well once the counter installers arrived.  Craig was off so it was a lot of "hurry up and wait" until they arrived at 1:30 pm.  3 hours later we have beautiful new granite counter tops.  I love them!  It was Craig who WANTED them (I really was fine with what we had) but they DO look awesome … and the BEST part is that we cut down the eating ledge/bar thingy so the island is now all one flat level - WAYYYY more useable counter space!  Really the only thing the bar was good for was for the kids to eat breakfast and to hold up my fruit bowl!  Now I'll actually be able to have their lunch kits open and make their sandwiches all in one spot.  Yay!  I'd post a pic but at 4:23 in the morning the lighting kinda sucks!

The house isn't back to normal yet, though, as we still have no sink or water in the kitchen.  We need to let the silicone set for 24 hours before putting in the new taps and hooking the water back up.  Bit of a pain but oh well - good excuse for bacon and eggs for dinner!

I spent yesterday afternoon in the Craft Cave putting together my new Hello Life Project Kit (page 6 of the Occasions Catalogue).  I only just got this item.  I WANTED it but it really didn't fit our decor / decorating style (well - not sure we HAVE one of those but I was pretty sure Craig wouldn't go along with pompom banners on our wall! *lol*)   After 2 months of figuring out what I could do with it I decided I HAD to have it …. you know …. to put on display at my Teacher's Convention booth next week!  Once I got it and opened it I new exactly what I would do with it - put it in Rebecca's room.  I'll save the details of that for another post (I need to take a decent picture first!).  Suffice it to say I LOVE how it turned out … so does she!

MEANwhile - I'll share a card I made for class this week.  It started off as a CASE of a card made by fellow demonstrator Eveline van Heijst

Check out her card:
Love it!  So clean and simple - and good for ANY recipient, old or young, male or female!  Brilliant!  … but as often happens, once I try to copy it things change.  Evaline had cut a few layers of the "happy" with our new "Hello You" thinlits and glued them together for some depth and texture.  Ya no.  the old "life is too short" adage comes into play here.  Oh sure - for the ODD card, but not for a class.  Too fiddly and messy.  On to Plan B.  I LIKED the clean look of her card and as I was punching out the "Happy" I thought "Gee" (yes, I actually thought that!) "Gee - if only we could cut out these words and have them already sticky on the back .. like a sticker … oooooooorrrrrr WASHI SHEETS!" Yes - I squealed as I finally struck upon a use for those LARGE sheets of Washi "tape" that once I owned I thought "now WTH am I going to do with THESE??!!"  Well … let me show you …
Ta Da!!!  LOVE!  I just ran the wash sheet through the Big Shot and out popped one sticky little sentiment.  I didn't need to use wax paper either!  Just poked one hold with my paper piercer (aka pokey tool) and out it came.  Oh sure - it's very delicate and floppy but I managed to get it on the card with minimal fuss … and then I repositioned it 8 times! *lol*  No lie - that stuff really IS repositionable!   I stamped the "Brithday" in Real Red with the sentiment from Crazy About You (which, if you bundle it with the thinlits are 14% off!) then the balloon (from Sketched Birthday) using my Stamp-a-ma-jig so the string sat right on top of the "a".  I glittered the balloon with my 2-way glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds and added a rhinestone. 

But WAIT!  There's MORE!  The wine!  OK - so the picture above doesn't show it very well but did you know that you can CURL your Baker's Twine?  Yep - you know how you run Christmas Ribbon along the edge of your scissors to curl it, right?  Same thing!  I tried it on the Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine and it totally curled it!  I added a glue dot to adhere it and was thrilled with a quick, cute card for my stash.  LOVE!


OK - It's now 4:51 am and I'm hungry.  Time to get this furry foot warmer off me as I troll the kitchen for carbs.  Lots to do today … and I have a private class tonight I need to prep for.  Off I go!

Pop in again soon to check out that Decor piece I was talking about.  Until then - have a stampy day!!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Perpetual Calendar

Happy Thursday!

OK - made it through yesterday.  Today it's new countertops.  Chaos!

Thought I'd share my finished calendar pages from the class I had last week.  It was LOTS of fun coming up with colour combinations we liked.  I love all of them … except November - didn't like that one!

Here they are:

Yep - I posted the February one twice.  Can you spot the difference?  See kitty's nose in the top one??  Yes - his timing is impeccable … every time the camera comes out he has to take a peek to see what I'm up to!  hee hee

I love this kit.  Lots of fun, only $19.95 and you get TONNES of leftover embellishments for other projects.  The ladies in my class purchased just the kit … I had purchased the Perpetual Calendar stamp set, which they used … but I HIGHLY recommend this set.  It has ALL the seasonal splotches a girl could wish for - $30.95.  You'll use it a LOT - promise!

OK - I'm off to shower in case we have no water for the rest of the day!  Pop in again soon - and have a stampy day!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adventure Bound Sweater

Happy Wednesday!

All systems go today!  Car goes in right after kid-drop-off … then field trip for Alicia's school … then Craig dismantles our counters … I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for this!

While I avoid reality I'll share another CASEd card with you.  This is another one designed by fellow demonstrator Anja Beckmann.  So sweet … and simple!
The Adventure Bound Designer SeriesPaper Stack sweater page was matted on Coastal Cabana card stock.  The sentiment (from Sheltering Tree) was stamped in Early Espresso.  the buttons are the FREE Sale-a-bration buttons from the Best Day Ever Accessory Pack.  A little piece of white cotton thread was criss crossed through each button and attached with a glue dot.  I added  little Real Red heart made with the Itty Bitty Punch Pack punch - attached with a glue dot.

… annnnnnndddddd DONE!

Have I convinced you to get the Adventure Bund DSP stack yet?  Seriously.  $8.50 for 40 double sided pieces of awesomeness.  How many can  get you??

Gotta fly … have a stampy day!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

butterfly bookmark

Happy Tuesday!

Just a quick one today - I have to do all my work for the week today since yesterday was a holiday and tomorrow and Thur Craig is off as we are getting new countertops installed.  Add to that a school field trip where I'm a helper and my new vehicle that has to go in to the shop (Alicia's door won't open from the inside!) and a stamping class Friday night and today is the only day to get 'er done!

Super quick and easy … this is a little bookmark that I will be having people make at Teacher's Convention next week:
Of course with  the possibility of thousands of teachers passing through the gates it has to be quick, easy and economical but a WOW!, whilst showing off some fun new toys.  This fits the bill perfectly!  A little 2" wide bookmark.  The background is from Butterfly Basics in Pear Pizzazz and the sentiment is stamped in Soft Suede.  The butterfly is made using Peach Parfait - remember that one?  It was an In Color a few years back … and it is the only retired card stock I had left in my garage sale box!  It's close to Pumpkin Pie, if you like the colour scheme.  The top of the bookmark is rounded with the Scalloped Topper punch and the butterfly is attached with a glue dot.

So that's it for today.  Pop in again soon … and have a stampy day!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Adventure Abound Forrest

Happy Family Day!

I'm not sure how I feel about today being a holiday!  Let's face it - A Monday for a SAHM isn't too different than any other day of the week … just that my peeps are home too!  Now don't me me wrong - I LOVE my peeps … but I also love my own company … and my Craft Cave … and a tidy house *lol*  Well - I guess Tuesday can be my Monday.  Today we'll just hang out, play games and do fun family stuff :)

Today I'm sharing a CASEd card that I just HAD to make - all credit goes to fellow demonstrator Anja Beckmann.  LOVE!
Isn't it fantastic??  Genius!  Anja used the forest paper from the MUST HAVE Adventure Bound DSP stack, stamped the sentiment and sun on it and wallow! Done!

I changed mine very slightly from Anjas.  She stamped the sentiment (from Feel Goods) in Versamark and added Crushed Curry embossing powder.  The sun is from Kinda Eclectic.  I did my sentiment in Winter White and then coloured it with my Daffodil Delight Blendabilities … but the colour wasn't close enough to the Crushed Curry sun so I went over the "sunshine" with my retired Versamarker, sprinkled Crushed Curry embossing powder over it and heat set it again.

For the sun image I stamped it in Versamark and sprinkled the Crushed Curry powder over it but before heat setting it I used my soft paintbrush to remove the powder from the trees so it looks like the sun is shining behind them.  A great effect.  LOVE this card and this DSP stack!

Pop in again soon to see another great card using this designer paper stack - another CASE - but a great card is a great card, right??

Until then - have a stampy day!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pretty Peacock

Happy Sunday!!!

MAN do I spend a lot of time on my laptop!!!  I had the WORST sleep last night (thanks to the critters waking me 4 TIMES!!!!) so at 5:55 am I decided to abort the dream of sleeping in, come down and catch up on the girls' diaries and blogging.  Ya.  It is now 8:10 am … I haven't updated the diaries and am just STARTING the blogging!!!  There is SO much involved in blogging!  You have to take the pictures … load them to your computer … adjust the size of each picture … add a watermark …

THEN I can add them to my blog … and my Stampin' Up! demo site … and Pinterest … and THEN I can start writing the post.  That's why I go in spurts … I tend to do batches every Saturday or Sunday morning while everyone else is sleeping.  Not much else to do that is so quiet!

I realize I haven't posted since Monday.  It's been a bit of a hectic week with 3 stamping classes and a Junior High Open House to attend! But have not fear!  I have 12 posts in the works!!!!  I needed some time in my "Craft Cave" Wednesday night and cracked off 5 or 6 cards in a few hours so keep pippin back to check them out!

I just HAD to share this one first - it's my FAVE!  Check it out!!!
Oh.  The picture just doesn't do it justice to the "live" version.  It is SO striking "live"!  The colours just EXPLODE in neon fabulousness!!!  It looks like it took forever to create but it really didn't.  In fact, it took less time time than most of my cards simply because the layout took all of 10 seconds to come up with!  The colouring took maybe 10 minutes - and that was only because I was experimenting and Googleing pictures of peacocks!

I stamped the peacock image and sentiment (from Work of Art) on our regular Basic Black card stock in versa mark and then heat set Winter White embossing powder.  I grabbed all of my Blendabilities and started colouring.  I did the tail first, using the darkest Night of Navy for the centre of each feather … then used the medium and lighter ones for the rest of the feathers.  After that I used the lightest Old Olive to add some green "here and there".  It didn't matter that all of the embossing powder was already blue - the green wiped it away and made it green!  Experiment!  The effect is amazing!  I used my Coastal Cabana, Melon Mambo, Daffodil Delight, Wisteria Wonder and Calypso Coral Belndabilities for the rest of "her".  I finished it off with the Vintage Faceted Button … that was clear but I coloured with Melon Mambo and added some cotton twine to it (LOVE that twine - SO soft!!!!).  I attached the button with 2 glue dots and mounted the sole thing on a Whisper White base.  Wa-low!  A FABULOUS card for lots of occasions!

OK - my fingers are already sore from typing and I still have lots to get on with so I'll leave it there for now.  Pop in again soon - until then - have a stampy Sunday!!!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Life Project Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Monday!

Video time!

I haven't purchased this kit … YET!  It has been on my wish list since I first saw the Occasions Catalogue.  I think it would be great in the girls' rooms.  Stay tuned … I feel a class coming on!

Pop in again soon!

Have a super stampy Monday xo


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adventure Bound

Happy Sunday!

Busier than I like for a Sunday … we have a play date and a birthday party today.  Nothing TOO strenuous but I suppose it does mean I should at very least brush my hair today *lol*

Another quick and easy card today.  Again, using products I showcased in January ...
Ta-Da!  It seriously doesn't get any easier than this!!!  You simply pick a piece of the MUST HAVE Designer Series Paper Stack "Adventure Bound", stamp on it and mount it on a card base!!  The images in this paper stack stand on their own - they are GREAT!  Rocks, woods, water, bark, wool … so many great texture-looking pieces - and offering LOTS of options for masculine cards!  For the one above I used the brick paper, stamped the image from "Hello Life" in versa mark and used white embossing powder on it.  I also used the splotch from Gorgeous Grunge … actually NO - it was from the new set "Perpetual Birthday Calendar" in the Occasions catalogue  … another GREAT set to own - I promise - you will use it over and over … check out all the seasonal images you will use …
I layer the DSP on a Basic Grey piece of card stock and I was done!  Took all of about 2 minutes total!

Get this DSP stack - trust me - you'll be glad you did!

Until next time - have a stampy day!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Simply Pressed Clay

Happy Saturday!

The week sure went fast!!!  I'm starting to being slightly more productive as the pressure is starting to build for the rest of the month.  I have 4 classes next week (guess I should design some projects!!) and then Teacher's Convention is Feb 27th and 29th.  I need to get cracking on paperwork, handouts, a Make-and-Takes and so on.  I ALSO want to get a poster up at Sobeys regarding my classes and clubs.  I have done that in past years and have made some great friends.  Speaking of clubs - I am still accepting members to my 12-Month Club which begins this month.  It is THE best way to get the SU items you want on a budget … and stamp with a GREAT group of ladies.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested!

Right!  Today I'm sharing another project from early January.  I made this in bout 5 minutes from start to finish to showcase the Simply Pressed Clay and Mold for my Occasions Catalogue Launch.  SO quick!  I an a lyre of Whisper White through the new Hearts embossing folder and added it to a black mat.  I then took my clay, pressed it into the mold and popped it out again.  Nope - I didn't even wait for it to dry at ALL - just turned the mold over and twisted it out.  Easy Peasy!  I then grabbed my Stampin' Write Markers and coloured them.  This part I would do differently next time.  Because I was in a rush I coloured them, glued them to the card with my Tombow glue and was on my way.  Apparently it takes time for the ink to dry … and mine didn't.  I put the card in a transparent sleeve to protect it but the colours smudged, as you can see.  The black got on the red.
Next time I will colour the clay BEFORE I put it in the mold.  you do that by adding a drop of reinker to the white clay and squishing it around until the clay is evenly saturated.  Be prepared for stained fingers, though!  I would suggest leaving the clay for up to 24 hours to dry completely.  Even when they are dry they are not rock hard - they are still a little spongy so expect that.

Would I recommend the clay and molds?  Yep - but not for every card.  It is a little fiddlier than I like for mass producing cards but for a card that is a little more special I would use it.  It really is fun once you get into it.  Takes me back to my play-doh squishing days :)

That's it today.  Have a stampy Saturday!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Build a Bouquet Project Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Friday!

Time for anther video!  Cheque out how to make a bouquet of paper flowers using the Build a Bouquet Kit.  Paper flowers - the only kind of flower I can't kill! *lol*

Have a stampy day!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tooth Fairy Tins

Happy Thursday!

Today I'm sharing a project the girls and I made for their dentist last month.  How cute are THESE???

Aren't they adorable???  Little tins for kids' to keep their teeth in so the Tooth Fairy can swap them for money.  If you have kids you know that if/when the kids lose a tooth at school or have them pulled at the dentist's office they are given the tackiest little plastic tooth case on a rubber string to hang around their neck.  They are horrible - not to mention the fact that they aren't big enough to hold any money!

The girls and I worked together to create these tins as a gift for Dr. Kuji.  We LOVE Dr. Kurji and she is always so fun, happy, kind and generous (we usually walk away with at LEAST 2 studies and a bouncy ball on top of the tooth brush bag of goodies!) that we wanted to give HER something special.

We used little tins bought at the "M" store.  We put cotton pads in the bottom for a little tooth pillow :)  I stamped the fairies in Memento Ink and punched them out with the 1 3/4" circle punch.  Yes … I admit, I actually did that back in AUGUST!  Hey!  Don't judge me!  I've been busy!!  I coloured them with my Blendabilities.  Rebecca put the glue dots on the tins, I attached the ribbon and Alicia attached the fairies to the lids.  We had to put a blank circle on the inside of the lid since the lid is clear and the colouring shows through …

It took about an hour to finish all 30 tins.

We took them to our appointment and gave them to Dr. Kurji.  She absolutely loved them as already knew the first patient who would get one.  A little boy was coming in later to have a particularly difficult extraction done.  He would get to pick a special tin for his tooth.  Dr. Kurji really cares for her little patients and is always looking for things to give them to make them smile.  We felt SO good to be able to help her … and for no other reason than to make HER smile!

Pop in again soon - until then, have a stampy day!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Berry Basket Bigz L Die by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Wednesday!

Video time!  Wouldn't these little baskets be cute to make gifts for Easter??  Check it out!

Have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do You Want to Make a Snowman?

Happy Tuesday!

Nothing crazy going on around here today.  The kids have the day off school (I'm sure WE never had this many days off growing up!!!) and I have another massage scheduled to try to get those ribs back where they belong and relax those muscles!

Today I'm sharing the Christmas ornaments I made for the girls for 2014.  No, Im not so much late SHARING this project as I was MAKING this project!  I made them January 23rd *lol*.  If you recall I was pretty laid back this Christmas - so laid back that I was busy enjoying the season rather than stressing about things that really didn't HAVE to be done.  The ornaments were one of those things.  Yes - every year I make the girls an ornament so that when they move out (they WILL move out, right???) they will have beautiful ornaments to put on their trees.  Did they HAVE to be done b Dec 25th?  Nope.  Did I still want to have one for 2014?  Yup.  So here is what I made:
Fun!  They seriously took me half an hour to make.  Makes me wonder how I didn't manage to find the time to make them before Christmas but oh well - they're done and we all love them.

I used small glass ornaments that about last year (I always have at least 1 pack of them lying around).  I filled them the tippy top with some fake snow I and also picked up last year at the dollar store.  This particular bag is really fine and had lots of iridescent flakes in it to make it suer sparkly.  The filling took the longest time for the whole project.

I used my owl builder punch (once again!) to punch out buttons.  I found the 1/2" circle punch just a LITTLE too big for this size ornament and the owl builder circles are just that little bit smaller.  I used glue dots to attach them.  I used a 7" strip of our Real Red Cotton Ribbon, tied it in a criss-cross and secured the two tails down with glue dots.  I used a black Sharpie to write "2014" on the back of each one.  DONE!

I should probably start thinking about what I want to create for 2015 NOW so I get around to doing it to hang on the tree this year.  Then again …. why rush these things, right?

Have a stampy day!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Bouquet Bigz L Die by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Monday!

… and Happy Groundhog Day!  Let's hope the little fur ball predicts an early spring!

Another video - this one shows off the Bouquet Bigz Die.

Have a stampy Monday!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Etch a Sketch Critters

Happy Sunday!

Another lazy Sunday rolls around.  I MAY need to head to the store so we have something for dinner … but I'm TOTALLY loving hibernating this weekend!  I like winter but I'm NOT a fan of the temperature swings lately!  Last week we hit +8 (or was it 10??!!) and now we are back to -20 with wind!  The bright side of it is that its a great excuse to stay in my Sweet Leg Leggings and ugly sweater all day.  Hmmm - maybe I'll send Craig to the store *lol*

Today I want to share a FUN FUN FUN card with you.  I can take absolutely NO credit for it as I 100% CASEd it from other demonstrators.  I'll give the Etch a Sketch credit to Tina Weller … and this exact card credit to Linda Creech.  Check. It. Out!
Ska-WHEEL!!!  Isn't it AWESOME????  TOTAL flashback to when I was a kid playing with my Etch-a-Sketch!  … SLIGHTLY different than the hand-held toys MY kids are playing with these days *lol* …. and MY Etch-a-Sketch creations never looked quite THIS good … but we all had one (and loved them) nonetheless!

This card is so ridiculously quick and easy to make!

Step 1:  Stamp the From the Herd creatures on Smoky Slate card stock with Memento Black Ink
Step 2:  Use the Project Life Cards & Labels framelit to cut a hole in the middle of a piece of Real Red card stock.
Step 3:  Stamp or emboss a sentiment on the red card stock
Step 4:  Use dimensionals (I used 10) to pop the red front on the grey card stock
Step 5:  Punch two 3/4" circles out of white card stock and pop them up with dimensionals
Step 6:  Color the critters with the dark Smoky Slate Blendabilities marker

Done.  Crazy Easy.

Any questions?

Right.  I'm off to make another cuppa.  Until tomorrow, have a stampy Sunday!