Friday, February 20, 2015

Washi Sheets Birthday

Happy Friday!

… well … we'll see about that.  Yes - I'm typing at 4:23 am - been awake since around 2:00 am when Alicia came in with a bad dream.  After grabbing my pillow, climbing into bed with her … and the dog … and the cat … it got a) really crowded and b) really hot!  Although I'm much cooler on the couch it's STILL crowded as I have a 65 pound pile of fur taking up half the love seat and an 8 pound cat in my armpit, impeding my typing skills (so please excuse any typos!)

Well yesterday went well once the counter installers arrived.  Craig was off so it was a lot of "hurry up and wait" until they arrived at 1:30 pm.  3 hours later we have beautiful new granite counter tops.  I love them!  It was Craig who WANTED them (I really was fine with what we had) but they DO look awesome … and the BEST part is that we cut down the eating ledge/bar thingy so the island is now all one flat level - WAYYYY more useable counter space!  Really the only thing the bar was good for was for the kids to eat breakfast and to hold up my fruit bowl!  Now I'll actually be able to have their lunch kits open and make their sandwiches all in one spot.  Yay!  I'd post a pic but at 4:23 in the morning the lighting kinda sucks!

The house isn't back to normal yet, though, as we still have no sink or water in the kitchen.  We need to let the silicone set for 24 hours before putting in the new taps and hooking the water back up.  Bit of a pain but oh well - good excuse for bacon and eggs for dinner!

I spent yesterday afternoon in the Craft Cave putting together my new Hello Life Project Kit (page 6 of the Occasions Catalogue).  I only just got this item.  I WANTED it but it really didn't fit our decor / decorating style (well - not sure we HAVE one of those but I was pretty sure Craig wouldn't go along with pompom banners on our wall! *lol*)   After 2 months of figuring out what I could do with it I decided I HAD to have it …. you know …. to put on display at my Teacher's Convention booth next week!  Once I got it and opened it I new exactly what I would do with it - put it in Rebecca's room.  I'll save the details of that for another post (I need to take a decent picture first!).  Suffice it to say I LOVE how it turned out … so does she!

MEANwhile - I'll share a card I made for class this week.  It started off as a CASE of a card made by fellow demonstrator Eveline van Heijst

Check out her card:
Love it!  So clean and simple - and good for ANY recipient, old or young, male or female!  Brilliant!  … but as often happens, once I try to copy it things change.  Evaline had cut a few layers of the "happy" with our new "Hello You" thinlits and glued them together for some depth and texture.  Ya no.  the old "life is too short" adage comes into play here.  Oh sure - for the ODD card, but not for a class.  Too fiddly and messy.  On to Plan B.  I LIKED the clean look of her card and as I was punching out the "Happy" I thought "Gee" (yes, I actually thought that!) "Gee - if only we could cut out these words and have them already sticky on the back .. like a sticker … oooooooorrrrrr WASHI SHEETS!" Yes - I squealed as I finally struck upon a use for those LARGE sheets of Washi "tape" that once I owned I thought "now WTH am I going to do with THESE??!!"  Well … let me show you …
Ta Da!!!  LOVE!  I just ran the wash sheet through the Big Shot and out popped one sticky little sentiment.  I didn't need to use wax paper either!  Just poked one hold with my paper piercer (aka pokey tool) and out it came.  Oh sure - it's very delicate and floppy but I managed to get it on the card with minimal fuss … and then I repositioned it 8 times! *lol*  No lie - that stuff really IS repositionable!   I stamped the "Brithday" in Real Red with the sentiment from Crazy About You (which, if you bundle it with the thinlits are 14% off!) then the balloon (from Sketched Birthday) using my Stamp-a-ma-jig so the string sat right on top of the "a".  I glittered the balloon with my 2-way glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds and added a rhinestone. 

But WAIT!  There's MORE!  The wine!  OK - so the picture above doesn't show it very well but did you know that you can CURL your Baker's Twine?  Yep - you know how you run Christmas Ribbon along the edge of your scissors to curl it, right?  Same thing!  I tried it on the Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine and it totally curled it!  I added a glue dot to adhere it and was thrilled with a quick, cute card for my stash.  LOVE!


OK - It's now 4:51 am and I'm hungry.  Time to get this furry foot warmer off me as I troll the kitchen for carbs.  Lots to do today … and I have a private class tonight I need to prep for.  Off I go!

Pop in again soon to check out that Decor piece I was talking about.  Until then - have a stampy day!!


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