Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Stuff

Happy Sunday! … again :)

Sitting here fell in VERY sorry for my-sick-self.  Ugh!  I caught some sort of nastiness on Wednesday and have been going downhill ever since.  I feel … like … death.  Sore throat, tight chest, aching sinuses, splitting headache.  Pfthththth.  I don't DO sick! Honestly, I'm worse than a man if I don't get my fair share of sympathy and am actually getting quite sick of my own whining!  The family HAS been giving me some but I think my grace period is up … and I'm tired of lying around.  It's spring break and I want to be DOING stuff!  I actually did put on my big girl panties yesterday to get on with things.  My aunt, cousin and two of his kids were in town from Calgary so the girls and I went for breakfast with them … and then I took the kids to see "Home" at the movies.  By 5:30 pm I was "done" - too much for one day.  Think I'm paying the price for it today!

What was that line from "Julie and Julia"?  Something like "Waaaa.  Now what?"  Yes.  Enough whining …. onward!

I wanted to share the Easter card I made last year (I made it but I made it the day before Easter so didn't have time to MAIL it! *lol*) … so I started searching my blog for it.  I haven't found it yet … but I stumbled across some Easter posts from a few years back.  They cracked me up so I thought I'd share the link to them.  Hee hee - sometimes I DO amuse myself!

Check out this post from 2013 … here

Here are the twine eggs I made last year

Here is another card from 2013

Here are some Easter Treats

Bunny Bums here

Awww - last years Sock Bunnies here

Aha!!!!  Found it!  My Easter Cross card here !

OK - that's enough for now … think I might take Koda for his walk and try to clear my head.  Sympathy please … and then have yourself a stampy day!


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