Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project Life Overview

Happy Tuesday!

Can't chat … I have to head out to the school to craft with my 50 Grade 6 students in 20 minutes!  Been a bit of a gong show already today as I woke up to find Koda with a raging ear infection …. so we've already been off to the vet (30 minutes and $176 later!!!!) ad for a looooong walk.

I have projects to share but I just HAD to post this Project Life Overview by none other than Becky Higgins herself.  It's just over 4 minutes long.  Take a peek.  I don't know how anyone can watch it and NOT want to try it!  I've used the app and LOVE it - I seriously crack a page off in about a minute.  ONE MINUTE!!!!  It makes it FUN to document something as "everyday" as the kids playing, or walking the dog, or what you made for lunch - SO quick and easy.  Check it out … and have a stampy day!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just Kidding Birthday Fun

Happy Sunday!

Yes, I've been MIA since Tuesday's post.  Sorry 'bout that!  It occurred to me around Wednesday that I only have Wednesday and Thursday to prep for my upcoming "Crafting with 50, yes 50, Grade 6 students on Tuesday" gig.  Ack!  I realized I was busy from the crack of stupid-o-clock Friday morning right through until about 10:00 pm … and then I would be busy all day Saturday with Rebecca's birthday party … a 24 hour deal ending at noon Sunday … and then I would likely be RECOVERING from said party for the rest of Sunday … so despite the weather being be-YOUtiful I was holed up in he basement cutting paper.

Friday was as busy as I had expected … but WAY more draining than anticipated!  I helped out at an all-day field trip with Alicia's class.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  I seriously wanted to come home, hide in a dark, QUIET closet, curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb!  It was mentally exhausting!  Alas … I had more to do.  I didn't end up having to day-home, as scheduled but I took that opportunity to set up for Rebecca's party!  We had 12 different Minute to Win It games planned, snacks etc etc etc - bathrooms to clean, bonus room to sort etc etc etc … oh ya - dinner … threw some nutritiously-void food in front of the kids and then it was off to set up for Craft Night!  Luckily Craft Night doesn't require much more than opening up a few tables so that was fairly quick and easy and a few hours crafting with friends (both new and old) DID help me relax a bit.  I was hoping to turn in early-ish after my 17 hour day alas Alicia lost a tooth so I stayed up later waiting for the Tooth Fairy to arrive.  (Anyone ever notice that teeth seem to fall out on the days when mom is ready for bed at 6:25 pm???  Last year Rebecca lost a tooth on Christmas DAY! … the day every mom is "done"by noon and ready for a 4 day "nap"! … but I digress!)

So!  THAT is why I have been MIA.  Today I HAVE been recovering from the party.  It was fun but, as always, exhausting.  5 1/2 at West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland followed by too much sugar, too little sleep (3 of them were still squealing at 3:45 am!!!) took its toll on THIS Mama!  Now I'm just counting down the minutes until bed time (yes, it's only 4:31 pm lol) and though I'd share my card that I was GOING to use for class last month … before I was talked into doing the magic slider card.  Ready?  Here she is:
Virtually identical to the Magic Slider Version but instead of the window/slider aspect to it I punched out a 2 1/2" circle, stamped and coloured the image and popped it up on the DSP base.  For the details on colours, DSP etc see my last post on the Magic Slider Tutorial - I don't have it in me to repeat it today *lol*

So!  THat's it for today.  I'm hoping you had a relaxing weekend full of laughs.  Pop in again.  Until then, have a stampy Sunday!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Magic Slider Card Tutorial

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, today I'll do my best to walk you through how to make a Magic Slider Card that WON'T take you 7 hours like mine did!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post before attempting my card I watched Karen's YouTube Video and on her blog TuppenceColoured.co.uk,  Watching one of these being made is VERY helpful so you can understand how it all works together and why the pieces are where there are.  I highly recommend checking out her video here before going any further.

I posted this picture yesterday but here it is again.  To make my card you need these pieces and dimensions EXACTLY.  When I was designing my card I kept changing things "jus a little" and it would throw EVERYTHING out of whack … that's why it took me 7 hours - so stick to the plan - at least for the first one.  Change it after you wrap your head around the whole thing, if you want to.
Quick recap of what the final card looks like: 
Okee Dokee.  Ready?   Sitting comfortably?  30 pictures coming your way - here we go!

Actually - before we get going on the pictures and tutorial I'll quickly TELL you the "magic" behind the Magic Slider card … you know … just in CASE you didn't actually watch the you tube video!  Essentially we stamp our image twice; once on an acetate (clear) window sheet and once on a Whisper White sheet.  The images are stamped in the exact same place on both pieces - EXACTLY.  We then colour the image on the white piece, lay the clear (stamped in black only) acetate piece on top of it and staple them together.  When we assemble our card w slide a "secret" piece of card stock BETWEEN the two layers.  When the recipient receives the card only the clear, black stamped image is showing but when they pull the "magic" piece up the coloured piece and the clear piece both move up, the coloured piece is no longer hidden by the "secret" piece of card stock and (because the two images are lined up so perfectly) it appears as if the black, uncoloured image magically transforms into colour!  Make sense?  If not WATCH THE VIDEO! *lol*… ok - back to our previously scheduled tutorial ...

Start with your Designer Series Paper.  I used the 2015 SAB paper Best Year Ever (why do I only ever cut my DSPs once they retire??? … but I digress …)

DSP is cut 5 1/2" x 5 1/4" and scored 1/2" on the left hand side, right hand side and bottom of the piece (the 5 1/2" sides are the left and right hand sides)
Once scored you can fold the DSP on the scored lines but I actually prefer NOT to fold them yet as I want the paper to lay flat.  (Why?  Because in a few steps we will punch a hole in the DSP and then stamp our image THROUGH that hole and it is easier to do that if the DSP is flat).

Once scored cut the bottom two corners off.  I cut mine so you cut through the intersection of the two score lines.  Why do we cut the corners off?  So that when we fold the DSP and tape the whole project together the corners are less "bulky" and lay flat nicely.  Here is the DSP with the corners cut off:
You then take your 2 1/2" punch, centre it width-wide, pushing the punch in as far as it will go and punch out your circle.  In this picture I've punched the whole and folded on the scow lines (but, again, I would refrain from the folding at this point)
Set your DSP piece aside and work on what I call the "Slider Backing".  This piece is 4 3/4" x 3 3/4".  Onto the Slider Backing we are going to tape two "bumpers".  Think of bowling - kids (and us bowling challenged adults!) use bumpers to keep the ball on the alley.  These paper bumpers do the same thing - they keep our sliding "magic" piece from wobbling around too much - it helps keep it in the track.  So tape the 4 3/4" x 1/2" bumpers to the left and right side of our backing ...
There should be 2 3/4" gap between the bumpers.
Take TWO of the 2 3/4" x 1/4" bumper pieces, tape them TOGETHER and then tape them to the top of the slider back.  See below.  Now.  WHY do we need this top "bumper"?  Actually it's not so much a bumper as it is a STOPPER.  If you watch the video you'll remember Karen saying you want to add a stopper so the recipient doesn't pull the piece all the way out and give the game away - so we create a little ledge/stopper.  Why did I tape two of the pieces together first?  Simply because I wanted it thicker.  My first few attempts didn't always stop the card … so I doubled up the stopper and it seemed to help.  You could also just use a piece of DSP backing, chip board, a dimensional edge … something thicker than standard card stock.  Here is how your backing will look - it is now done.
Now let's do some stamping!  As I mentioned above, we need to stamp the image twice - once one white card stock and once on acetate.  What Karen didn't mention in her video was how to do this and how to get the images to be exactly where you wanted them to be … and how to get them to align exactly.  Read-on and learn Grasshopper!

Grab your DSP "sleeve" and make sure it is flat (it will be if you didn't fold on the score lines like I told you not to!)  Also grab your 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" Slider Whisper White piece … and your Memento Ink ...
Line up your white piece so that the top of the white piece is EXACTLY along the top of your DSP piece … and centred.  In the picture below you can see it is centred between the folded score lines ...
If you need to you can use a small tick of tape to keep your white piece in place because you then need to turn the whole thing over to be able to stamp through the whole.  See below.  The white piece is centred, lined up at the top and ready for stamping.
Stamp away!  Remember to use a paper piercing mat if you are using photopolymer stamps.  You won't get a clean image if you don't!
Ta Da!
So far so good!  NoW  We need to stamp the black image on our acetate piece.  You can use our window sheets … or an overhead projector sheet … or do what I did - use the acetate piece from any of your photopolymer sets!  Have you seen the Mary Fish video on how to store your photopolymer stamps?  No?  Then check it out here.  Storing your sets this way leaves you with DOZENS of leftover acetate sheets.  That's what I used for my card :)

To stamp on the acetate you need to use the Staz-On ink.  This stuff is tricky and often took me 2 or 3 tries to get a good, dark image that wasn't too light or too goopy.  The best trick I found was to not delay between inking and stamping.  Work quickly or the image doesn't come through dark enough.  I also found on my particular set that the "boob area" was the one that consistently didn't stamp clearly.  I inked that area a little more than the others.

Another tip.  You will notice in my "recipe card" that the acetate piece is slightly larger than the whisper white piece.  It measures 4 1/2" x 3".  That is for a reason.  Even though I used a photopolymer set AND a stamp-a-ma-jig, my first 3 attempts weren't bang-on perfect.  Being a perfectionist I couldn't stand that so for the fourth attempt I made the acetate piece bigger and then once it was stamped I moved it around until it was PERFECTLY lined up with the white piece and then I trimmed it down to be the same size (4 1/4" x 2 3/4").  This took all the stress out of trying to line it up. Stamp as well as you CAN… and then just trim it!

So ...  Ink and stamp on the acetate … (the white lair is under the acetate in this picture) ...
… then I slid the acetate piece off the white layer - easily done as the acetate is now sticking to the stamp.  I actually picked up the whole piece and rubbed my finger along the back, more or less massaging it to try to get a crisp, clean image.
… and here is how it turned out.  Fail!  Wasn't crisp or dark enough.
 No worries!  You don't have to throw it away - jus grab your Staz-on Cleaner ...
.. rub it on your failed image ...
… wipe it off … and try again!
Here I am "massaging" the acetate piece ...
Wa-low!  Perfect!
Color your whisper white piece.  I used the colours from the DSP - Soft Suede, Crushed Curry, Bermuda ay, Sahara Sand, Calypso Coral and then some Blush Blossom for the face ...
Almost done!

Next up we need to add another stopper.  This time we do the same as last time - tape two pieces of the 2 3/4" x 1/4" pieces together - but this time we tape it to the FRONT of the Whisper White slider piece - not the acetate - the Whisper White piece.  If you think about it the placement makes sense.  The "secret" card stock piece that will be between the acetate and the whisper white (what we called the Slider Backing) has a stopper at the top of the back.  The Whisper White image piece will be sliding BEHIND this secret Slider Backing so we also need to put a stopper on the FRONT of THAT piece.  Clear as mud?  Just do as I say.  It will make sense when you put the whole thing together (although I have to admit I did it wrong the first two times I tried! *lol*)

Here is a picture with the stopper in the front of the white piece ...
Oh!  Don't forget to stamp your sentiment on the Whisper White piece too!  Use the Memento Ink and stamp the sentiment close to the image.  As a little aside - I was worried that when I coloured the whisper white piece the image would bleed as I coloured it with our markers and not the Blendabilities.  I'm happy to report it did NOT bleed!  Sweet!
Now it's time to start assembling the whole kit and caboodle!

Line up the acetate piece and the whisper white piece and staple them together as close to the top as you can.  Set aside.
Take your DSP Sleeve and your Slider Backing and tape them together.  Do this by applying snail to the bottom, scored flap first … then place your white Slider Backing as far down into that score line as you can, akin sure it is centred on your DSP sleeve and adhere.  Then apply snail to the left and right scored flaps and adhere.  IMPORTANT***  Make SURE your bumpers are facing up as in this picture below.  Twice I tapes it together the wrong way - Argh!  This is the way it should look - you should be able to see your bumpers!
I forgot to take a picture of the next step.  You now apply tape to the three DSP flaps above and adhere the WHOLE THING to your  5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card base.

Now you can attach a pull tab of some sort.  You can use ribbon - I used our long retired Tab Punch to make my topper.  Line it up and staple it as CLOSE to the top as you can.  Like this ...
You can now insert your slider piece.  The acetate goes in FRONT of the secured "slider backing" piece and the whisper white coloured piece goes BEHIND.

Decorate the front!  I cut a 1" x 3 1/2" strip of whisper white to stamp the sentiment on.  I used our quilted ribbon (from the occasions catty), a button from the Best Year Ever Accessory Pack and some twine.  I attached the ribbon with good old snail, the sentiment with snail and 1 dimensional and attached the twine to the button using glue dots … and then more glue dots to attach the button to the card.  Wa-low!  Done!
If all has gone to plan everything will line up, slide nicely and the inside sentiment will be visible!  If it DOESN'T go to plan pitch the whole thing in the bin, chalk the whole afternoon up to a bad learning experience and pour yourself a large glass of wine in an attempt to get over the whole, traumatic experience :)
… but if it all DID go to plan I can guarantee that you'll slide the slider no less than three times to bask in the glory of your awesomeness.  Go on - give it a go *lol*
You made it to the end!  Congratulations!  I know have typers-cramp in my fingers and my bed is calling.  Thanks for checking me out.  Pop in again soon to see more projects.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Monday, April 20, 2015

"Just Kidding" Magic Slider Card

Happy Monday!!

I've said it before, I'll say it again … Monday is SO my favourite day of the week!  I know, it's not normal but for THIS work-at-home-mom Monday is the equivalent to the working girl's Friday!  The weekends can be crazy busy - even if it's "fun" busy.  Monday is my "day of rest".  Nothing but putting the house back in order, sorting the bills, planning the week, walking the dog … all in the peace and quite of an empty house :)  Today was BEE-UTIFUL 19 degrees and I ended up walking the dog twice; once in the morning and then again to pick the kids up from school.  Glorious!  I'm now home recovering from all that exercise and decided it is the perfect time to post a FABULOUS project - m Magic Slider card!  

As a little intro … I've WANTED to make one of these cards for 9 years now.  Yes - 9 YEARS.  They always looked so cool … but they scared the pants off me because they looked like SO much WORK! Well - a few weeks ago I saw a card and YouTube video on the Stampin' Up Demo only website made by Karen at TuppenceColoured.co.uk (check it out here).  Karen made it look pretty easy … so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Ya.  Love the end result but I'm not gunna lie.  It took me about 7 HOURS to come up with it *lol*.  Ready?  OK - here it is ...

Closed ...

Slide it open … oh look, she's coloured ...

.. whaaaaaaat???   How'd THAT happen??
 Want to know how to make one?  Well you're going to have to learn a) by watching Karen's video and b) by following my picture tutorial because I can promise you this … I'm NEVER doing it for a class again! *lol*  Love the card but Holy COW m head almost exploded coming up with this bad-boy!

I have 30 pictures loaded in a post that I hope to have ready for tomorrow … so you're just gunna have to wait!  (I know, I'm a tease!)  In the meantime I WILL share with you the dimensions of all the pieces needed and the written instructions my class attendees received on their "recipe" card so they could make more at home.  Truth be told the card really isn't difficult once you wrap your head around the "hows" and "whys" of it … and once you have exact dimensions for the look you want.  So here it is … my Recipe Card for the Magic Slider...
The finished card one more time ... 
… and there you have it … at least for today.  I'm off to start dinner … pop in tomorrow for the full picture tutorial of how to make this little beauty!  

Until then - have a stampy day!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bloom with Hope

Happy Sunday!

What a fabulous weekend I'm having so far … and I still have 1/3 of it to go!  Friday was a quiet, early night hanging with my girls as Craig went out with friends.  A quiet night getting caught up on some paperwork and an upcoming Mother's Day project at the school (stamping with 50 Grade 6'ers!!!)

Yesterday was slow and steady getting kids ready for birthday parties and sleepovers.  A quick trip to the pet-store to get Chip and Dale a new gerbil wheel (one that is MUCH quieter than their old one … probably helps that they haven't figured out how to USE it yet *lol*) and my very first trip to Urban Scrapbook here in Edmonton.  THAT was fun!  My friend and fellow Project Life-lover Holly told me they had Disney embellishments and pocket page "things" so I had to go.  She also clued me in to some Becky Higgins/Project Life pocket pages that are LARGER than 12" x 12" but fold up to BE 12" x 12".  Of course I had to pick me up some of THOSE bad boys *lol*

Once the girls were gone I got ready for my belated-anniversary dinner.  We went to a place off Lessard Road called Vivo.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Honestly I think it was THE best meal I have ever eaten - and I have had some pretty yummy dishes whilst in Europe!  This one was amazing because every course was amazing - not just one.  The warm.grilled Ceasar salad was simply orgasmic!  The beef tenderloin was done perfectly and you just needed a butter knife to cut it.  There was a "jam" and marscapone served with it - and tri-colored potatoes.  The DESSERT - OH!  It was a "honeycomb custard" that had Craig thinking it was his favourite part of the meal - and he isn't a fan of custard!  Seriously.  If you want an amazing meal out go there!  It is best in a group of 4 or more (I think we were the only table-for-two in the place!) as the portions (and prices) are meant for sharing and for 3-6 people.  Each course is served on a platter and you just dig in.  Holy Cow.  Can't wait for breakfast so I can have the leftovers.  

Before bed I did a little crafting.  I'm making birthday invitations for a friend's baby girl who is turning 1 next month.  Stay tuned for that share in coming days :)

Today I'll walk the dog, pick up the girls and then head out with Rebecca for our "Special Day Out" - our annual tradition of shopping and lunch for her upcoming birthday.  When she was about 5 years old she told me she wants to be a princess when she grew up.  I asked why.  She said so she could wear pretty dresses and feel beautiful.  Right then and there our tradition was born.  EVERY girls/woman should feel beautiful and wear pretty dresses - so every year the birthday-girl and I go out and buy an outfit that makes them feel beautiful.    

Right!  So let's get on with this day … right after I share a quick project we made last weekend at Tamye's "Diva Day".  This will be one of our project for our next class ...
So lovely …. and so quick and easy!  The ink colours are sponged with Wild Wasabi and Bermuda Bay inks.  The stamp set is one of the Hostess Sets in the main catalogue - Bloom with Hope.  Stamped in Staz-on Ink it makes a simple Sympathy Card.  I don't like Sympathy cards that are too busy or "blinged-up" - just a little texture on this one by stamping the largest flower on scrap card stock, sponging it and cutting it out (yes, with scissors, not a framelit!) and adding a few simple pearls.  I love the colour scheme!  Thanks Tamye for a great morning of stamping!

That's it for today - I'm off.  Pop in again soon for more projects -  have a stampy Sunday!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Celebrate with Birthday Balloons

Happy Friday!

Can this weather BE any better??  19 degrees yesterday, 18 today - LOVE it!  Nothing puts me in a better mood than a cup of coffee on the patio on a lovely, sunny morning!  I hope it's beautiful wherever you are today too :)

A bright and cheery day calls for a bright and cheery card.  Check out this one that we made at our Birthday Stamp-a-Stack last month:
I made it so long I can't remember if this was an original creation or if I CASEd it from someone.  I've checked all my Pinterest boards and can't find anything similar enough to think I CASEd it - but if it IS a CASE let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

I used the Celebrate Today stamp set and matching Balloon Framelits along with one of my favourite retired DSP's - Polka Dot Parade.  It's hard to tell from the picture but the base layer was run through through the large Polka Dot embossing folder.  A strip of Basic Black and then Whisper White with the sentiment in Memento Black.  The really FUN part about this card is the string!  I used Bakers Twine (attached it with a little piece of sticky strip so it stays put!) - to make it curl a little I used the edge of my paper snips and my thumb - just like we use to do when curling ribbon for packages.  I never knew it would work on our thin little Baker's Twine but it does! … and gives the card a fun little touch.  Quick, easy and good for a birthday for ANY age!

Pop in again soon for another project.  Until then, enjoy the weather and have a stampy day!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wheely Sweet Friend

Happy Thursday!

Not much going on around here today - half day of school for the girls (as is every Thursday).  NO idea what we'll be doing. Oh!  I know what ALICIA will be doing!  Making a special Thank You card for my friend Lisa.  Lisa very generously "sold" Alicia their old hamster cage with ALL the accessories for a whopping $10.  Had to have been at least $200 worth of stuff.  Long story but Alicia wore Craig down and he allowed her to get two gerbils.  Of course loving ANYTHING furry and with a face I've been all OVER getting more critters in the house … but I stipulate SHE had to foot the whole bill (AND complete a report on her rodent-of-choice so she knew what she was getting into!)  Well she came up with some money but the cage and "stuff" was quite a but of money so I put the call out to Facebook looking for something cheap.  Lisa offered hers for free.  Now you all know "free is my favourite" but in the case I insisted Alicia pay something as part of the life lesson.  Lisa agreed and set the price at $20.  Alas - the gerbils cost more than she bargained for and only had $10 left … so Lisa dropped her price.  SOOOOO Alicia is making her a special card - we just haven't had time to do it yet (after all we DO have to spend time with the little dears!)  

Meet Chip and Dale:
I LOVE THEM!  OK - enough about rats.  On with another project!

They seriously don't get much easier than THIS one!
Whisper White and Basic Black Card stock.  The bike from Cycle Celebration was inked using our markers!  I used the REal REd marker first and then Basic Black marker.  You can't tell from the photo but I used two Candy Dots in the centre of the spokes for a little dimension.  It is a fun little card.  I made it when I was trying to come up with cards for my Stamp-a-Stack … but found it lacking a bit.  When customer saw it at classes, however they all commented on how much they liked it!  Another testimony that people really do like the quick, clean, simple cards every bit as much as the O.T.T. cards (Over-The-Top - OTT).

That's it for now!  Have a stampy Thursday!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lovely, Amazing You

Happy Wednesday!

I had a lovely, relaxing day yesterday.  Got the kids off to school, tidied up, did some paperwork, walked the dog and then hit the Craft Cave … well … actually to hit Craig's Man Cave which I have taken over since last Tuesday.  Every month I set up for my classes and they run 4 times over 6 days so everything stays set up during that time.  Poor guys tries to relax but is surrounded by ink pads and the backings from dimensionals *lol*  Today I went down and made up the extra cards that I had cut (yes, every month I cut 4 or 5 extra templates so I can "play" too … and add to my card stash.   The card I'm sharing today is one of my new all-time FAVES!  Check - it - out!

Absolutely - freaking - LOVE IT!!!  SO quick!  SO clean!  SO inexpensive!  SO awesome!!!  Right - I'll try not to gush much more and will point out a few things about this little piece of awesomeness!

First off - check out the DSP inside the heart.  It's the same DSP that is used for the mat.  Know what it's from??  Nope - not one of the catalogue DSP's - its from the COVER OF THE OCCASIONS CATALOGUE!!! YES!  If you take the front cover off the back side of it is this lovely, patterned, Soft Sky paper!  Since I have scads of Occasions Catalogue around (they are still in effect until June 2nd) and since Sale-a-brations is over (which is what the front cover was promoting) I whipped that baby off and up-cycled  it for my card.

I used Whisper White base and layer (and the DSP as a mat).  I first stamped the heart from Groovy Kind Of Love in Cherry Cobbler (still LOVE that colour!!).  I then stamped the sentiment from Lovely Amazing You (a new'ish photopolymer set - LOVE the font!!!) in Early Espresso (love that colour too - especially WITH the Cherry Cobbler!).  I then took a post-it note, punched it out with the Heart punch and stuck it over the Cherry heart.  This masks off the white space (hence "masking technique").  I then took the sunburst image from Kinda Eclectic, inked it in Soft Sky, stamped it off once on scrap paper so it wasn't so intense, and then stamped it overtop the heart.  I used the small heart from Itty Bitty Punch Pack to make the small heart - popped it up on half a dimensional and added a rhinestone for a little sparkle.

When I was demonstrating this card for class I realized I actually liked the card even better WITHOUT the DSP heart … so I made a bunch without it.  In fact the second card is the one I gave Craig for our anniversary yesterday.  Yes, there is no greater proclamation of love than THAT for a woman, right? *lol*

So that's it for today - but pop n again soon!  I have uploaded 10 PROJECTS to share in the coming days.  The posts are started and the pictures uploaded … now I just have to the 10 actual ramblings!  (I know, you can't wait, right??  *lol*)  Any-who … "see you" soon - have a stampy day!


Monday, April 13, 2015

How to Print Different Sizes with the Canon Selphy Printer

Happy Monday!

OK - so I DID download my pictures last night so I'm one step closer to actually sharing my projects with you!

Before I do that, though, I wanted to share a sequel to yesterday's Canon Selphy printer video.  This is another one by Janet Wakeland and she shows us how she prints different sizes using her printer as well as how she makes collages.  I guess I'll be downloading a few apps in the coming days!  I ahem the Project Life App but that one makes full 12" x 12" pages … I like the idea of making mini collars on a 4" x 6" photo.  I also love that if I get one of these printers my friends and customers can print of pictures at our Project Life Class if need be.  Nothing worse than needing a picture a different size - or realizing you forgot to print one you wanted - when in the middle of your page!

I'm learning a lot thanks to Janet.  I hope you are too!

Pop in again soon - this projects are coming!!!  Have a stampy day :)


Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to use the Canon Selphy Printer for Project Life by Stampin' UP!

Happy Sunday!

Here it is 4:16 pm.  The Plan for today was to a) bake cookies with the girls and b) make cards (I need FOUR "congratulations on being pregnant" cards!!)  I have managed to do neither *lol*.  Oh sure, I DID deep clean the bathrooms, organized the kids rooms (making sure to stop and play with "the twin" … Alicia's new gerbils!), clean the front hall closet, put all the winter "stuff" away, do a "what shoes/flip-flops/sandals fits whom" check, walk the dog and do two loads of laundry … but I still have to bake and make cards!

Oh well … the best laid plans …..

So … I have some FABULOUS projects to share … I just have to haul my arse up to the main computer to download the pics!  Maybe I'll do that next - you know - to procrastinate on baking that little bit longer *lol*

In the meantime I've been doing some "Research and Development" via YouTube.  In particular, I've been researching home picture printers.  I have heard over and over that the Canon "Selphy" is the one to get.  Most of my demonstrator friends have gone with this little beauty and are loving it.  Project Life Guru Janet Wakeland agrees … here is her YouTube video showing us how it works.  I feel a purchase coming on!

Enjoy the video … and the rest of your Sunday.  Have a stampy evening!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stamping with Embossing Folders

Happy Wednesday!

A FUN Class last night learning how to make a "Magic Slider" card.  Stay tuned for a full picture tutorial on that on the next week or so.

In the meantime here is a fun Technique idea - stamping using your embossing folders.  Give it a go! … and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Watercolor Wash Technique - For Being You Stamp Set

Happy Tuesday!

OK - one more video to get THOSE caught up!  Busy day today.  Class tonight and 10% Tuesday at the grocery store.  Up and at 'em!

Have a stampy day!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Watercoloring with Blender Pens

Happy Monday!  … and last day of Spring Break :(

Thought I'd post a quick video as I sit here happily munching on a hot cross bun (is eating 3 back-to-back excessive??? *lol* … Seriously - I can't resist them.  That's why I only buy 1 pack once a year!)

This video shows watercoloring with Blender Pens.  Yes, the stamp set is now a retired SAB set but the technique still holds.

I'm off to make my bed then start prepping for class tomorrow.  Have a stampy Monday!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Project Life Class #2 - All about Filler Cards

Happy Saturday!

I can't believe Spring Break is almost over!!!  The week has gone by SO quickly … and we really haven't done a whole lot of anything.  Having said that I'm finally feeling relaxed!!!  I was forced to lay low for 3 days while the cold-from-hell nailed me right between the eyes.  Snow and nasty weather helped us to hibernate for another 2 days.  Craig (who took the week of work) managed to snap the tendon on one of his fingers …. and caught my cold … forcing HIM to relax!

I managed to get our taxes together and over to the accountant (HUGE relief to get that off my list of things-to-do!) and have spent the last few days just "putzing" - wandering from room to room cleaning a drawer here, a closet there, putting the Easter baskets together, mailing birthday cards, paying bills and watching movies with the girls.  It has been a nice, therapeutic week (well, barring the cold and snapped tendon!) Today is painting easter eggs with the girls and helping them make easter crafts for their grandparents … and HOPEFULLY I'll get around to designing the 3 cards for class this week!

Today I'm sharing the second video from Janet Wakeland at www.remarkablycreated.com in her series on Project Life.  She really nails the essentials of Project Life and has some great ideas for the journaling cards.  We are heading over to Mom's for Easter Dinner tomorrow.  I plan to take an album with empty pages over to give to her.  I want her to put in all her old pictures … and journal who, when  and where they are so "one day" I won't have to be going through them, wondering who they are and feeling guilt throwing them away because I don't know!

Enjoy the video … and your Saturday.  Until next time- have a stampy day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introduction to Stampin' UP! Project Life Class

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, it's 4:22 am - for real.  I USUALLY set up my blog posts a day in advance for them to post at 4:30 am (so you can enjoy my ramblings over your morning "cup o' Joe"), THIS morning I'm coming to you *live*.  Yes, I was merrily sleeping away until 3:23 am … then my week-long headache came back and woke me.  I laid there for half an hour mapping out the Easter Bunny's route and egg hiding spots for Saturday night (yes … this is what I DO at 3:30 in the morning *lol*) when I went from *horizontal* to *olympic sprint* in 1.4 seconds.  What could get me to do THAT?  Only two things come to mind.  The first is the sound of a mosquito buzzing around my ear.  The other … and the one that had me streaking through the hallway at 4:02 am … is the sound of a 61 pound ball of fur retching.    Ya.  Nothing says Good MORNING! like tiptoeing through a minefield of dog yack trying to get the poor beast outside before the next attack!

How's YOUR day going so far??  *lol*

Aside from the ridiculously early wake-up call I'm doing pretty good.  My cold seems to be slowly dissipating - just a few days of coughing to go, I figure.  Sadly last night Craig said HIS throat was a little sore.  If he has what I had he's in for a week of feeling like a bag of dirt!  NOT a good time!  Good excuse for a "home day"!  Yes, Spring Break is in full swing over here and we have had a GREAT few days weather-wise!  Alas, rumour has it that there may be up to 10 cm of SNOW today.  Ack!  Oh well - to be honest I NEED a good excuse to stay in today … I HAVE to do those taxes!!!  … and bake … I wanna bake with the girls :)  So that's ok - let it snow … lots of indoor things to keep me busy today :)

Right! The Sale-a-bration promotion ended last night (*sniff*).  I want to say a HUGE thank you to all my customers, club members and downline for their support, orders and efforts again this year.  It was a great success so thank you!!

So NOW what??  Every April 1st I'm a little lost without the SAB focus!  Well … I have a number of Mother's Day classes lined up at various schools over the next month, thanks to Teacher's Convention!  I'm also going to be working on expanding my Project Life classes and clubs.  At the moment I have all my photos in my album up to Christmas.  I have journalling cards in place and am chipping away at the journalling and embellishing (the FUN stuff!)  I need to pick up the pace a little, though, as I have about 120 more pictures sitting on my phone and camera that want to be printed!  So that's the plan.

I've been doing some "Research and Development" on Project Life over the last little while.  Yes - I call it R&D, most people call it Pinterest *lol* … and I came across some videos on You Tube that were created by Janet Wakeland.  Janet is a US demonstrator and is one of the demos at the forefront of Project Life.  She has a blog - remarkablycreated.com  here

I wanted to share with you her first video - and Introduction to Project Life Class.  This will help you to understand a little more about what Project Life is and some of the basics.  Happy viewing!

Right!  It's now 4:57 am and I think I'll try to get my head down for an hour.  Koda seems settled now so hopefully we'll have a better rest-of-the-day.

Pop in again soon.  Until then, have a stampy Wednesday!