Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project Life Overview

Happy Tuesday!

Can't chat … I have to head out to the school to craft with my 50 Grade 6 students in 20 minutes!  Been a bit of a gong show already today as I woke up to find Koda with a raging ear infection …. so we've already been off to the vet (30 minutes and $176 later!!!!) ad for a looooong walk.

I have projects to share but I just HAD to post this Project Life Overview by none other than Becky Higgins herself.  It's just over 4 minutes long.  Take a peek.  I don't know how anyone can watch it and NOT want to try it!  I've used the app and LOVE it - I seriously crack a page off in about a minute.  ONE MINUTE!!!!  It makes it FUN to document something as "everyday" as the kids playing, or walking the dog, or what you made for lunch - SO quick and easy.  Check it out … and have a stampy day!


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