Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wheely Sweet Friend

Happy Thursday!

Not much going on around here today - half day of school for the girls (as is every Thursday).  NO idea what we'll be doing. Oh!  I know what ALICIA will be doing!  Making a special Thank You card for my friend Lisa.  Lisa very generously "sold" Alicia their old hamster cage with ALL the accessories for a whopping $10.  Had to have been at least $200 worth of stuff.  Long story but Alicia wore Craig down and he allowed her to get two gerbils.  Of course loving ANYTHING furry and with a face I've been all OVER getting more critters in the house … but I stipulate SHE had to foot the whole bill (AND complete a report on her rodent-of-choice so she knew what she was getting into!)  Well she came up with some money but the cage and "stuff" was quite a but of money so I put the call out to Facebook looking for something cheap.  Lisa offered hers for free.  Now you all know "free is my favourite" but in the case I insisted Alicia pay something as part of the life lesson.  Lisa agreed and set the price at $20.  Alas - the gerbils cost more than she bargained for and only had $10 left … so Lisa dropped her price.  SOOOOO Alicia is making her a special card - we just haven't had time to do it yet (after all we DO have to spend time with the little dears!)  

Meet Chip and Dale:
I LOVE THEM!  OK - enough about rats.  On with another project!

They seriously don't get much easier than THIS one!
Whisper White and Basic Black Card stock.  The bike from Cycle Celebration was inked using our markers!  I used the REal REd marker first and then Basic Black marker.  You can't tell from the photo but I used two Candy Dots in the centre of the spokes for a little dimension.  It is a fun little card.  I made it when I was trying to come up with cards for my Stamp-a-Stack … but found it lacking a bit.  When customer saw it at classes, however they all commented on how much they liked it!  Another testimony that people really do like the quick, clean, simple cards every bit as much as the O.T.T. cards (Over-The-Top - OTT).

That's it for now!  Have a stampy Thursday!


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