Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Christmas Decorations

Happy Wednesday!

Here's a fun little project I made a few weeks ago.  Yes - I made this when I was SUPPOSED to be working on those teacher gifts I posted Monday *lol*.  Yup - that's how I roll!
No, I'm not 6 months AHEAD of the Christmas curve, I'm 6 months behind!  I wanted to make this last November … but I couldn't find my Jingle All The Way vinyl rub on!  I bought it a few years back when we still carried the vinyl.  Wasn't sure what I would use it on until last year when Darlene made some cute little shadow box frames like these, with the jingle bells in them.  Inspired I bought the bells … and the frames …. and 7 - 8 months later found the vinyl!  I simply lines the back with our Dazzling Diamonds paper, added the bells and applied the vinyl.  Love how they turned out and can't wait to display them tis Christmas!

Not sure what's on tap today but hey!  Just remembered it's my birthday … so I KNOW I'll have a stampy day!  Hope you do too!


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