Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I Love Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Thursday!

WOW yesterday was 15 hours of straight GO mode!  I got a LOT of little things off my plate, which felt great, but it was exhausting.  I realize that I'm a lot more wound up this week with my dad's upcoming surgery tomorrow.  This is a fairly new sensation for me.  Yes,  I'm often wound up but generally because I have to many things on my "to-do" list and not enough time to do them they way I want to.  Worry is new to me.  I am SO not a worrier.  I actually often think I should be MORE of a worrier … it's just not my way.  I figure worrying is just a big old waste of time.  Why waste time, emotion and energy on "what ifs" when you can't control them??  Alas - Dad is going in for surgery for an aneurism.  Yrs, he's had it done before.  Yes, the doctor is the best.  Yes, he's in the best shape he's been in since he was in college.  But yes, he's my daddy …. and I m SO his little girl, despite supposedly being a grown adult (discuss! lol).  I'm staying positive and doing my best to quell my daughters' worries …. but there sure are worries fighting to push through to my consciousness - so I'm just keeping busy,  Haircuts for the girls today, a few more deliveries, handing the new kitchen curtains I bought …. just keep busy, right?

If you have a minute tomorrow I'd be thrilled for any extra good vibes, thoughts and prayers you could send my way.  I do believe in the healing powers of prayer and positivity.  I'll take all my fabulous friends can spare!

So!  With all this is going on I don't expect to b in my Cave for a day or two …. but when I DO get down there I want to make this card with this Sale-a-bration free set.  A $60 order gets it into YOUR Craft Cave.  Free is my favourite!

Whatever you get up to today I hope it is stress free and that you have a stampy day :)



  1. Sending prayers your way! I understand your worry - there's nothing greater than the love between a daughter and her daddy. Well...maybe the love between a son and his mommy. ;)

    1. Thank you so very much Rubina. Keep sending those prayers. I'll post an update tomorrow(ish) but in a nutshell the surgery was cancelled for tomorrow … rescheduled sometime in March. But keep those prayers coming as we don't want it to grow or, God forbid, burst in the meantime. It would be fatal. Having said that I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm choosing to believe it was cancelled as "the powers that be" were preventing it going "wrong" today. Thank you so much for commenting. It really means the world to me xo