Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Happy Wednesday!

Just a reminder that there are only 24 hours left in the 2016 Sale-a-brations promotion!  (well - I guess that depends on when you are reading this!!!)
The sale ends Thursday, March 31st at 11:50 pm MST - but TRUST ME - if you plan to place an order anytime after noon you will VERY LIKELY experience a VERY slow system.  EVERYONE waits until the last minute … me included … to get that "one last order" in on time to scoop free stuff (so far I figure my "free stuff" has cost me about $700 *lol*).

IF YOU PLAN TO PLACE AN ORDER THROUGH ME make SURE you contact me before noon.  That is the last time I even want to CONSIDER placing an order before the "last minute" chaos begins.  Most of my customers HAVE already sent me their orders so know that if you are ordering less than $100 in product you may have to pay the minimum $9.95 shipping charge.

To recap - for EVERY $60 you spend you can chose one free SAB item (click on the RHS catalogue pictures if you don't have a physical copy) - spend $120, pick 2 and so on.  Already have all the SAB stuff you want?  I thought I did too … then it occurred to me "I don't have any FRENCH sets!" … so you better believe I ordered up myself the "Hello" set … in French!  I'm so excited!  Can't wait to get it!  (Yes, the "Hello" set retired mid February but I guess they have some extra french ones kicking around because it allowed me to order one! … same thing for the Perfectly Artistic DSP - I scooped two of those last week too!)

Want the best deal in town?  Bet the "Starter Kit" … or as I like to call it, the "Try It" kit.  You have nothing to lose and you save $100.  You pick $195 worth of ANY items but you only pay $125  If you were to order $195 in product through me (rather than getting the kit) you would be paying $225 .. so save yourself $100, get $70 in free product and become a "discount purchaser".  You are technically a demonstrator (in Stampin' Up! lingo) but that doesn't mean you have to do what I do.  You can just be your own customer and on every order save at least 20%.  Seriously - what is there to think about??

Again … SOOOOO many people wait until 7:00 pm March 31st to order product or the kit … the system crashes, frustration ensues … it's chaos I tell you CHAOS!  Save yourself (and me!) the stress … contact me NOW to order what you want!

Hmmmm …. I think I just convinced myself to order another April Paper Pumpkin Kit … only $26.20 with shipping and I will get a FREE mystery set (new set, not released yet!) … and yes, I can add other items to that Paper Pumpkin kit to make the order $60 and get a FREE SAB set as well …. can't beat that with a stick, as Dad would say!

Hope you're having a stampy day …. hope to speak/stamp with you soon!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cup of Tea and Easter Fun!

Happy Tuesday!

The plan was to get up early (despite it being Spring Break), get my workout in and shower before taking my vehicle in for its scheduled oil change.  Alas … don't wanna!  Well, I SORT of wanna but a) Rebecca is still sleeping (so the thought of doing jumping jacks and breathing quietly doesn't sound do-able) and b) my back is angry.  I wore heels for all of 10 minutes Saturday when I went to Easter dinner at our nephew's house … guess it was long enough to annoy my body.  So instead of working out I thought I would drink coffee, use my back massager and blog.  MUCH more civilized for this time of day, right?

As always seems to be the case I was once again creating my club girls' treats the day after their orders arrived.  HATE creating in a time crunch!  I knew I had a little time to spare as there are a few back orders, some gals are away for Easter / Spring Break and/or no one is ever in a REAL rush to get their toys but I do like to deliver in a timely manner so was feeling the pressure.  I needed cute but also quick.

I was inspired by Patty Bennett's ( double fold cards
They are fun … but I didn't want/need anything that big because I wanted to put a tea bag in the pouch … so I made my own, smaller version.

They came together so quickly!  I used the FREE Flowering Fields DSP from the Sale-a-brations brochure for the project.  I cut a strip 6" x 4" and folded it in half.  I then folded down the top front corner.

Along the bottom I simply used our handheld stapler to hold it closed.  I tied some of the (retired) In Colour ribbons from last year (tangerine Tango and Hello Honey), cut out the tea cup using the Cups and Kettles Framelit Dies, stamped the sentiment with Blackberry Bliss (sentiment is from Enjoy the Little Things), popped it up on dimensionals, added a sequin with a glue dot and Wa-Low!  Cute little package ready for a tea bag for my ladies so they can, indeed, enjoy the little things, like a cup of tea :)

Here are the items used …

So key-ute!

Since I still have some time think I'll share some Easter pics with you!  Every year my girls want to give everyone a hand-made gift (wonder where they get THAT from??).  Every year they also end up making these gifts the day before Easter.  Drives me NUTS!  I have been after them for at LEAST 4 weeks to start them as I refused to be doing it last minute yet again.  Well … they left it until the last minuted yet again … but what was GREAT was that they are now old enough to hit my Craft Cave and do it themselves!  Gone are the days when I have to a) help them decide what to make and then b) help them make it!  I was upstairs doing paperwork while they were in the Cave creating.  3 hours later they were done - a unique gift for everyone PLUS cards!  Alicia took one idea from Pinterest but the rest were originals.  Rebecca ALWAYS want it to be her own idea and I am constantly amazed at what she comes up with!  Check these out …
 Alicia made this little card - pom pons glued on and a little bunny made out of pipe cleaners.  So cute!
 I thought these were genius!  Rebecca are the big chick in the egg.  Both are plastic eggs (just happened to find 4 or 5 leftover from years gone-by!)  LOVE it!  Alicia made the little pom pom chick. Hee hee.
 Alicia made the egg.  It's a wooden egg I bought at Michael's a few years back - painted orange, green felt glued on top.  Rebecca made the jar.  She grabbed my Fringe scissors and cut strips of green paper then cut those stops into little pieces to look like grass.  A pipe cleaner inside to look like bunny ears.  LOVE!
 Rebecca also made the punch art card.  Again, all her own idea.  The girl is brilliant!  .. and what she wrote inside brought me to tears xoxo
Although they are 10 and 12 they still love the egg hunt and scavenger hunt that follows …

Of course we had to get Koda in on the fun ...

Hee hee - yes, it took 10 shots to get a good one - he wasn't impressed, despite the "smile" on his face!

So that's what I got up to last weekend.  Pop in again soon - I have 3 or 4 cards to share.  I hope you all had a blessed Easter and wish you a very stampy day :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Simply Sport - Simply Awesome!

Happy Tuesday!

Well … not so happy for my two sick girls … Alicia went to bed throwing up, Rebecca went to bed wheezing and coughing.  Tis the Season!  Everyone is run down, germy and sooooo ready for Spring Break next week.  They are feeling a bit better after sleeping in but it's pyjamas all the way around while I play nurse maid.  Aside from catching up on a bit of paper work and baking some cookies I now have a chance to post a project I whipped up on Sunday.  Freaking LOVE it!  Check it out.

What a great batch of cards to have on hand if your kids (or you … or your husband) are into any kind of sports!  What makes me giddy is you can make any of the images male OR female … there are two pony tail stamps in the set so the girls aren't excluded.  Love it!  I used the stamp set Simply Sports.  I admit I've been eyeing this set up for YEARS but just never got around to ordering it.  I figured I would only ever lend it out to people, as my girls aren't into sports.  Last month I took the plunge thinking of offering a Stamp-a-Stack fundraiser to some of my customers who need to raise funds for their sports teams.  I have customers whose kids are in all these sports - lacrosse, soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball  - some are girls and some are boys.  (The stamp set also has a football image - see below).

These cards are great for their birthday, congratulations or for coach Thank You cards.  Super quick and easy!  I used the Note Cards and Envelopes, Archival Black ink and Basic Black card stock.  Lots of circle punches - 2 1/2", 2", 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" … oh and the teeny little 1/2" punch for one of the baseballs.  I used stars from the Perpetual Calendar set, splotches from Gorgeous Grunge, "mesh" image from Timeless Textures, sentiments from Tin of Cards and Bravo (and a long retired Happy Birthday stamp).  See the bottom lacrosse "Team" card?  See the netting?  That is a strip of drywall mesh tape.  It's is sticky one side so it sticks easily to paper … and yes, is re-positionable.  Fun!

I can't recommend having a stash of these note cards and envelopes on hand enough - I have at LEAST 8 packs and will be ordering more - you know - just in case there is a world shortage of them.  I can't face he thought of not having them in my Craft Cave *lol*

Right.  Guess I should go check on the patients.  Hope you have a stampy day :)


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Journey Girl / American Girl Backyard Fun!

Happy Saturday!

Up at the crack of stupid-o-clock again today.  No problem - let's me surf the net in peace and quiet (barring Koda's snoring!) and get a few things done before heading off to our monthly SUDS meeting (Stampin Up Demonstrators).  ALWAYS a good time!

As I mentioned yesterday I haven't had a chance to make anything new lately.  What have I been doing?  Well mostly placing orders and errand, this week … but for the last few weeks our family has spent a LOT of time making doll furniture for Alicia's Journey Girl doll, Nicole.  Journey Girls are like the American Dolls, Mapalea Dolls …. there are lots of them out there.  They are 18" dolls that hopefully look like your child.

Of course the initial obsession has died down a bit bit these are some of the projects she has made, with out help.  My absolute FAVOURITE is the barbecue.  Holy COW did it turn out great!  Lookie ...

Seriously.  So stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!  We found a tutorial on the internet.  When she saw it she said "Can I make that with PAPA??!!"  Oh yes - my sentiments exactly!  My Dad has loved working with wood for many years.  Every year he make us girls a carved ornament.  He has slowed down a LOT in this regard the last few years - years ago he was the President of the Wood Carver's Association her in Edmonton and has made many beautiful ornaments, duck carvings and walking sticks.  He was THRILLED when Alicia asked him to make it with her.  I picked up all the supplies from various stores (wooden treasure chest, two wooden boxes with hinged lids, popsicle sticks, buttons, handles, paint, jars (for the propane tank 0 OMG almost DIED at the cuteness of that!).  It took them two weekends to put it all together.  Love it beyond words!

Next up is a hammock that Craig made for her (she and Papa painted it).  I tried to make one with wood dowling and a hot glue gun (like the video I watched).  Epic fail.  Craig stepped in and made this cutie ...

I'd love it more if I didn't slice my leg open on it every time I walk by it! *lol*.  Notice the fabric and rope?  Retired Stampin' Up! products :)  

Last up is Craig's pride and joy - a swing ...

Love!  He did 99% of the work.  Alicia and Papa painted it - I added the (retired) Stampin' Up! ribbon.

So so so so so love these projects.  Yes, they are cute.  Yes I'm thrilled to craft with my girl.  Yes, I'm thrilled that she is crafting instead of staring at a video game.  Yes, I love that she is spending time with her Papa … and Dad … and ME making crafts … but more importantly making memories.  I'm certain "playing" with the doll will stop in a few months … but she will always KEEP the doll … and maybe a few of the crafts .. but she will ALWAYS keep the memories - as will we.

I'm off to find coffee … and my pants …. whatever you get up to I hope you make some happy memories and have a stampy day!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bear Hugs Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

Soooooo much going on lately - so another video (haven't even had time to craft lately *gasp!)

Today is a short day for the kids … and I have 7 ten-year-olds coming to put together the Paper Pumpkin kits that arrived yesterday (LOVE it!!!!).  I have two kids staying until dinner, one staying until 4:00, one staying for dinner (then leaving for soccer tryouts, then coming back and sleeping over 'cause her mom is out of town) … making two batches of my Taco Soup for my girlfriend who is going in for a hysterectomy today (so the kids don't have to live on pizza pockets for 4 days *lol) … exercise, walk the dog, shower … and I GUESS I should actually SET UP for this afternoon's crafting … and ideally it should all be done by 11:10 this morning!

Suppose I should get moving, eh?

Whatever you get up to, have stampy day!


Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunburst Sayings Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Monday!

Quick video today as Monday is my "catch-up-from-the-weekend" day.

Check out the Sunburst Sayings Bundle …

Have a stampy Monday!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pedal Pusher CASE with a Beautiful Ride Twist

Happy Sunday!

Daylight Saving time has me floundering today.  I actually managed to sleep last night … and Craig told me I wasn't allowed to get up until the crack of 8:30 am … and I obliged!  I even relaxed and just stayed there until about 8:50 am - unHEARD of for me!  Naturally when I got up it felt like the day was already over *lol*.  By the time I had my coffee it was 10:00 … some breakfast 10:45 … walked the dog and got back at noon!  Heck - practically BED time … what was the point in actually DOING anything, right? lol.

Putzed around, took the girls to the gaming store to buy them a computer game they wanted.  Rebecca nailed the honours list again this term and Alicia has been getting excellent marks for weeks (her report card doesn't come out for 2 weeks yet) - so figured they were entitled to a treat / early Easter gift.   That killed another hour or so.  Just finished dinner, kids are gaming and shortly we'll settle down for a family movie … so thought I'd do a little "work" and post a project I made the other day.  (I did make Craig laugh when I said I was going to do some work and then promptly assumed the horizontal position on the couch with my laptop.   I did say "there aren't TOO many jobs you can do lying on your back! … of course SOME pay better than others" !!!!!  Yes, I can hear my mother's voice "TAMARA!  Inappropriate!" lol  Sorry Ma hee hee)

So!  Check out this little cutie that we made in class this week …
Ta-Da!  What I SUPER love about it is the glimmer …
Wink of Stella.  I'm almost done my second bottle.  Yup - I put that s*** on everything! lol

First let's give credit where credit is due.  I loved this layout that was featured in the Pedal Pusher video I posted a few weeks ago.  I used that as my starting off point and didn't alter it much.  I also found this card from fellow demo Barb Mullikin over at
So cute.  Pop over to Barb's blog if you want to see how she (and I) created the striped piece.  In a nutshell we started with a 3 3/4" x 5" piece of Soft Sky card stock then used the "masking" technique with our fun Dots and Striped Decorative Masks ($3.75 for the two of them - can't beat that deal with a stick!)
When you use these masked you can use SO many different tools to get a great design.  You can place the mask over your card stock and a) brayer colour on to it b) sponge colour on to it c) finger dauber colour onto it d) directly apply the stamp pad to colour it e) use markers to colour it or f) - the one we used - spritz it!  I have avoided using my spritzer for the better part of 10 years.  I am now scraping the bottom of the technique barrel and figured I'd give it a go.  Yup - it was messy but yup - it was fun and gave a great look!  I used our spritzers (2-pack for $3.75 … again … deal … stick …)
I filled the spritzer with rubbing alcohol (dollar store) then added about 8 drops of Bermuda Bay reiker then shook it up really well.  The next part was kind of scary …. make sure your work surface is well protected … hold the spritzer HIGH - like eye level high - then FULLY and COMPLETELY pus down the spritzer.  He who hesitates and does a whimsy little spritz will get a drizzle leaving drips and globs of ink on your card stock.  If you're going for that look fine.  If not, go HARD and be fearless! lol.

For my card before I masked and spritzed I made sure the angle of the mask was the same as the angle I had cut my whisper white layer.

OK - speaking of THAT part of the card …

I started with a 3 3/4" x 5" piece of Whisper White.  I then took a pencil and ruler and I marked 2" on one side and 3 1/2" on the other.  I drew a line to connect the dots hen cut on that line.  Clear as mud?  Ya, sorry - one day I'll take pictures as I go!

The rest of the card is pretty straight forward.  I used Memento Ink for the images and sentiment.  The images are from the Pedal Pusher free SAB set and the sentiment is from "Beatiful Ride" in the 2016 Occasions Catalogue.  I love this sentiment with this glitzy bike.  Perfect!

I coloured the frame of the bike with my Pool Party marker and did accents with my Bermuda Bay marker.  I went over everything with my wink of Stella Clear pen.  I added a half doily and 16" of the Bakers Twine $8.25 for the two-pack (deal … stick …) … 

… attached the pieces onto a 5 1/4" x 4" Basic Black mat … then that to a Whisper White standard base and wa-low!  A FAB card for a fab friend.  Any questions?
I'd like to give a shout out to my new pal over in Ohio, Stephanie B - thanks for following Stephanie :)

Guess I should go start that movie soon.  Hope you had a stampy weekend - pop in again soon!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Paper Pumpkin Anniversary Edition!!

Happy Tuesday!

Busy busy BUSY today!  I have spent the better part of the day hooking customers up with the March EXCLUSIVE ANNIVERSARY KIT for Paper Pumpkin!

What is Paper Pumpkin? It's a surprise Craft Kit in the mail … and it's only $24.95 FLAT if you order through me … BUT …. TIME IS RUNNING OUT - THERE IS ONLY ONE DAY LEFT TO ORDER!!

Edmonton peeps - send me an email at and I will hook you up!  

Just $24.95 (flat - no gst/s/h) gets you EVERYTHING you need to complete the surprise project inside - materials, exclusive stamp set, ink, adhesive, EVERYTHING!  No - I don't know what's inside the box but I guarantee it will be awesome!

I have found a way (a very labour intensive way!) to get you tis kit with NO further obligations - just a one-time order.  Yes, Paper Pumpkin IS a subscription-based kit … but not for Edmonton peeps who order through me.  The kit will come to my house and then we'll figure out how to get it to your house - or better yet, come and put the kit together here with other crafters!

Regardless - there are no further obligations - this is a one off purchase (unless you WANT more kits … then I can help you with that too)

Edmonton friends - Email me now!
Other Canadian Friends - you can get your kit through me as well but the total cost is $26.20 and the ordering process is a little different - drop me an email and I can help you out.

I don't know about you but I LOVE a surprise and can't WAIT to get my hand on this kit!  Email me to get yours …. and have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Going Global for the Guys

Happy Sunday!

Up and at 'em early this morning as today is my Stamp-a-Stack.  That means stampers arriving by 9:30 am … and naturally I still ave things to do … so natural I'm procrastinating my posting *lol*

I've been dying to share this project as it's one of my all-time-new-favorite-guy-cards-EVER!  So quick, so easy and so awesome!  Lookie …
Love love LOVE it!  Funny how this one came together.  I've been doing my Research and Development for WEEKS for this card (aka Pinterest surfing lol) trying to find a card to inspire me.  Nothing blew my hair back.  When I design a :guy" card I always keep my husband in mind and try to design one that he would give a thumbs up to.  No ribbon - no bling - clean - simple.  I surfed and surfed and surfed.  I found this card at and thought I could use it as a jumping off point …
Ya - I know - about the only thing the same is a) it's a card and b) it has a circle punched out on it *lol*.  That's how these things work!  I took the element I loved about the above card (the circle with the dark mat around it) and started to play.  About 15 minutes later I had my version done!  What made it so simple was he suite of products I used - Going Global set and Going Places DSP.  The World Traveller embossing folder also compliments this set but didn't make the cut this time - would have been "too much".

Here are the details -

Very Vanilla card base (5 1/2" x 4 1/4")
Stamp the world stamp (Going Global) in Black Archival Ink (on vanilla cs) - punch it out with the
2 1/2" circle punch
Cut strips from the Going Places DSP stack.  Dimensions - 1" x 5 1/2" and 1 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Dove tail the ends with your Banner Punch
Stamp the sentiment in Archival Black - punch it out with the 1 1/2" circle punch
Punch out a Basic Black Circle with the 1 3/4" circle punch
I popped the "world" up on dimensionals and then the sentiment up on one more.
I love the silver star sequin for a little interest without too much bling.  Perfect!

hmmmm - now that I think about it I never did ask Craig if it got the thumbs up … then again we always just nods, smiles and says "nice".  *lol*  He really doesn't "get" my obsession.

Right!  Guess I should go cut my chocolate bread and make some coffee!  Thanks for popping in.  Have yourself a stampy Sunday!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Balloon Celebration Dandelion Wishes

Happy Wednesday!

I SHOULD be working out … or tiding the breakfast dishes … but I'm procrastinating.  I don't wanna. I ALSO don't wanna go to the dentist at 11:00.  Not even a little bit.  Kinda hate the dentist.  Well - not the dentist himself - nice enough guy - but thanks to an evil orthodontist I had when I was 13 I have a dread of going.  Yup.  That man emotionally scarred me pretty badly.  When I was older, and moved out from home it was up to ME to make dentist appointments.  Didn't make one for 13 years.  No kidding.  I finally went but only because I was moving to England and figured I should.  No cavities!  I figured I did our health care system a favour my not going for those 13 years :)  I now try to go every 9 months … but have been putting it off this round.  As I said - kinda hate it ….

So help me procrastinate, ok?  Let's look at a FAB little card I made last week for my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack (still 3 spots left … just sayin' ….)
LOVE!  What I love SOOO much about this card is the little dandelion seed.  It comes from the Birthday Celebration set.  No - it wasn't designed to be a dandelion seed - it was designed as an accent to a balloon … but it's perfect for a seed!  Check it out …


While I love the final product I came up with it literally took me HOURS to "get there".  Here are m rejects …

Square - with twine ...
… without twine ...
… and there were about 4 more varioustion - with doilies, with thread, with stars, different colours.  Seriously - I think I tried every possible permutation possible! In the end I settled on one I loved.

Details - the images are stamped in Archival Black - the splotches are from Gorgeous Grunge in Smoky Slate.  I used a metallic doily behind the popped up 2 1/2" sentiment, which is from the Lovely Amazing You set.  It's available, but not in the catalogue …
For the final touch I added a little Gold Wink of Stella to the seeds.  Just a little shimmer … and some rhinestones.  Gotta have rhinestones lol
My original inspiration for this card came from Heidi Baks over at
Great card!

Ok - Guess I should get my hyney (??) in motion - quite literally.  Off I go to do some squats.  Ugh.

Have yourself a stampy day!