Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bear Hugs Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

Soooooo much going on lately - so another video (haven't even had time to craft lately *gasp!)

Today is a short day for the kids … and I have 7 ten-year-olds coming to put together the Paper Pumpkin kits that arrived yesterday (LOVE it!!!!).  I have two kids staying until dinner, one staying until 4:00, one staying for dinner (then leaving for soccer tryouts, then coming back and sleeping over 'cause her mom is out of town) … making two batches of my Taco Soup for my girlfriend who is going in for a hysterectomy today (so the kids don't have to live on pizza pockets for 4 days *lol) … exercise, walk the dog, shower … and I GUESS I should actually SET UP for this afternoon's crafting … and ideally it should all be done by 11:10 this morning!

Suppose I should get moving, eh?

Whatever you get up to, have stampy day!


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