Saturday, March 19, 2016

Journey Girl / American Girl Backyard Fun!

Happy Saturday!

Up at the crack of stupid-o-clock again today.  No problem - let's me surf the net in peace and quiet (barring Koda's snoring!) and get a few things done before heading off to our monthly SUDS meeting (Stampin Up Demonstrators).  ALWAYS a good time!

As I mentioned yesterday I haven't had a chance to make anything new lately.  What have I been doing?  Well mostly placing orders and errand, this week … but for the last few weeks our family has spent a LOT of time making doll furniture for Alicia's Journey Girl doll, Nicole.  Journey Girls are like the American Dolls, Mapalea Dolls …. there are lots of them out there.  They are 18" dolls that hopefully look like your child.

Of course the initial obsession has died down a bit bit these are some of the projects she has made, with out help.  My absolute FAVOURITE is the barbecue.  Holy COW did it turn out great!  Lookie ...

Seriously.  So stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!  We found a tutorial on the internet.  When she saw it she said "Can I make that with PAPA??!!"  Oh yes - my sentiments exactly!  My Dad has loved working with wood for many years.  Every year he make us girls a carved ornament.  He has slowed down a LOT in this regard the last few years - years ago he was the President of the Wood Carver's Association her in Edmonton and has made many beautiful ornaments, duck carvings and walking sticks.  He was THRILLED when Alicia asked him to make it with her.  I picked up all the supplies from various stores (wooden treasure chest, two wooden boxes with hinged lids, popsicle sticks, buttons, handles, paint, jars (for the propane tank 0 OMG almost DIED at the cuteness of that!).  It took them two weekends to put it all together.  Love it beyond words!

Next up is a hammock that Craig made for her (she and Papa painted it).  I tried to make one with wood dowling and a hot glue gun (like the video I watched).  Epic fail.  Craig stepped in and made this cutie ...

I'd love it more if I didn't slice my leg open on it every time I walk by it! *lol*.  Notice the fabric and rope?  Retired Stampin' Up! products :)  

Last up is Craig's pride and joy - a swing ...

Love!  He did 99% of the work.  Alicia and Papa painted it - I added the (retired) Stampin' Up! ribbon.

So so so so so love these projects.  Yes, they are cute.  Yes I'm thrilled to craft with my girl.  Yes, I'm thrilled that she is crafting instead of staring at a video game.  Yes, I love that she is spending time with her Papa … and Dad … and ME making crafts … but more importantly making memories.  I'm certain "playing" with the doll will stop in a few months … but she will always KEEP the doll … and maybe a few of the crafts .. but she will ALWAYS keep the memories - as will we.

I'm off to find coffee … and my pants …. whatever you get up to I hope you make some happy memories and have a stampy day!


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