Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pedal Pusher CASE with a Beautiful Ride Twist

Happy Sunday!

Daylight Saving time has me floundering today.  I actually managed to sleep last night … and Craig told me I wasn't allowed to get up until the crack of 8:30 am … and I obliged!  I even relaxed and just stayed there until about 8:50 am - unHEARD of for me!  Naturally when I got up it felt like the day was already over *lol*.  By the time I had my coffee it was 10:00 … some breakfast 10:45 … walked the dog and got back at noon!  Heck - practically BED time … what was the point in actually DOING anything, right? lol.

Putzed around, took the girls to the gaming store to buy them a computer game they wanted.  Rebecca nailed the honours list again this term and Alicia has been getting excellent marks for weeks (her report card doesn't come out for 2 weeks yet) - so figured they were entitled to a treat / early Easter gift.   That killed another hour or so.  Just finished dinner, kids are gaming and shortly we'll settle down for a family movie … so thought I'd do a little "work" and post a project I made the other day.  (I did make Craig laugh when I said I was going to do some work and then promptly assumed the horizontal position on the couch with my laptop.   I did say "there aren't TOO many jobs you can do lying on your back! … of course SOME pay better than others" !!!!!  Yes, I can hear my mother's voice "TAMARA!  Inappropriate!" lol  Sorry Ma hee hee)

So!  Check out this little cutie that we made in class this week …
Ta-Da!  What I SUPER love about it is the glimmer …
Wink of Stella.  I'm almost done my second bottle.  Yup - I put that s*** on everything! lol

First let's give credit where credit is due.  I loved this layout that was featured in the Pedal Pusher video I posted a few weeks ago.  I used that as my starting off point and didn't alter it much.  I also found this card from fellow demo Barb Mullikin over at
So cute.  Pop over to Barb's blog if you want to see how she (and I) created the striped piece.  In a nutshell we started with a 3 3/4" x 5" piece of Soft Sky card stock then used the "masking" technique with our fun Dots and Striped Decorative Masks ($3.75 for the two of them - can't beat that deal with a stick!)
When you use these masked you can use SO many different tools to get a great design.  You can place the mask over your card stock and a) brayer colour on to it b) sponge colour on to it c) finger dauber colour onto it d) directly apply the stamp pad to colour it e) use markers to colour it or f) - the one we used - spritz it!  I have avoided using my spritzer for the better part of 10 years.  I am now scraping the bottom of the technique barrel and figured I'd give it a go.  Yup - it was messy but yup - it was fun and gave a great look!  I used our spritzers (2-pack for $3.75 … again … deal … stick …)
I filled the spritzer with rubbing alcohol (dollar store) then added about 8 drops of Bermuda Bay reiker then shook it up really well.  The next part was kind of scary …. make sure your work surface is well protected … hold the spritzer HIGH - like eye level high - then FULLY and COMPLETELY pus down the spritzer.  He who hesitates and does a whimsy little spritz will get a drizzle leaving drips and globs of ink on your card stock.  If you're going for that look fine.  If not, go HARD and be fearless! lol.

For my card before I masked and spritzed I made sure the angle of the mask was the same as the angle I had cut my whisper white layer.

OK - speaking of THAT part of the card …

I started with a 3 3/4" x 5" piece of Whisper White.  I then took a pencil and ruler and I marked 2" on one side and 3 1/2" on the other.  I drew a line to connect the dots hen cut on that line.  Clear as mud?  Ya, sorry - one day I'll take pictures as I go!

The rest of the card is pretty straight forward.  I used Memento Ink for the images and sentiment.  The images are from the Pedal Pusher free SAB set and the sentiment is from "Beatiful Ride" in the 2016 Occasions Catalogue.  I love this sentiment with this glitzy bike.  Perfect!

I coloured the frame of the bike with my Pool Party marker and did accents with my Bermuda Bay marker.  I went over everything with my wink of Stella Clear pen.  I added a half doily and 16" of the Bakers Twine $8.25 for the two-pack (deal … stick …) … 

… attached the pieces onto a 5 1/4" x 4" Basic Black mat … then that to a Whisper White standard base and wa-low!  A FAB card for a fab friend.  Any questions?
I'd like to give a shout out to my new pal over in Ohio, Stephanie B - thanks for following Stephanie :)

Guess I should go start that movie soon.  Hope you had a stampy weekend - pop in again soon!



  1. Thank you for sharing about the mask. I wondered if that was DSP or what. :)

    1. I wondered that too when I first saw it. DSP would certainly work … this is just more of an excuse to get dirty … and use all those toys we HAVE to have *lol*