Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Happy Wednesday!

Just a reminder that there are only 24 hours left in the 2016 Sale-a-brations promotion!  (well - I guess that depends on when you are reading this!!!)
The sale ends Thursday, March 31st at 11:50 pm MST - but TRUST ME - if you plan to place an order anytime after noon you will VERY LIKELY experience a VERY slow system.  EVERYONE waits until the last minute … me included … to get that "one last order" in on time to scoop free stuff (so far I figure my "free stuff" has cost me about $700 *lol*).

IF YOU PLAN TO PLACE AN ORDER THROUGH ME make SURE you contact me before noon.  That is the last time I even want to CONSIDER placing an order before the "last minute" chaos begins.  Most of my customers HAVE already sent me their orders so know that if you are ordering less than $100 in product you may have to pay the minimum $9.95 shipping charge.

To recap - for EVERY $60 you spend you can chose one free SAB item (click on the RHS catalogue pictures if you don't have a physical copy) - spend $120, pick 2 and so on.  Already have all the SAB stuff you want?  I thought I did too … then it occurred to me "I don't have any FRENCH sets!" … so you better believe I ordered up myself the "Hello" set … in French!  I'm so excited!  Can't wait to get it!  (Yes, the "Hello" set retired mid February but I guess they have some extra french ones kicking around because it allowed me to order one! … same thing for the Perfectly Artistic DSP - I scooped two of those last week too!)

Want the best deal in town?  Bet the "Starter Kit" … or as I like to call it, the "Try It" kit.  You have nothing to lose and you save $100.  You pick $195 worth of ANY items but you only pay $125  If you were to order $195 in product through me (rather than getting the kit) you would be paying $225 .. so save yourself $100, get $70 in free product and become a "discount purchaser".  You are technically a demonstrator (in Stampin' Up! lingo) but that doesn't mean you have to do what I do.  You can just be your own customer and on every order save at least 20%.  Seriously - what is there to think about??

Again … SOOOOO many people wait until 7:00 pm March 31st to order product or the kit … the system crashes, frustration ensues … it's chaos I tell you CHAOS!  Save yourself (and me!) the stress … contact me NOW to order what you want!

Hmmmm …. I think I just convinced myself to order another April Paper Pumpkin Kit … only $26.20 with shipping and I will get a FREE mystery set (new set, not released yet!) … and yes, I can add other items to that Paper Pumpkin kit to make the order $60 and get a FREE SAB set as well …. can't beat that with a stick, as Dad would say!

Hope you're having a stampy day …. hope to speak/stamp with you soon!


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