Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm Bringing Birthdays Back!

Are you having a birthday this year? lol - of COURSE you are!
Are you happy that you get 102 Facebook “Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day” messages on your Facebook wall but find that the only birthday card you get in the mail is from your Life Insurance Agent?? Ya - kinda sad, isn’t it.
Remember YEARS ago … you had a mailbox full of mail and when you heard the “ping” from your computer you were excited because “YOU GOT MAIL”??
THESE days we have nothing but bills and pizza coupons in the mailbox and we turn off the sound on our computer so we don’t go nuts from the constant pinging that “we’ve got mail”!
I love my friends - and my customers. I love sending birthday cards. It’s like getting a hug in the mail. It is SO much more important to send/get cards in the mail these days than it was in the past. Why? Because no one seems to have time for ANYTHING anymore. Getting a card in the mail means someone took time out of their day to stop, think about you, get a card, address it, throw a stamp on it an walk it to the mailbox! It says “You are important to me”. It means they didn’t just see a birthday cake on Facebook and then realize it was your birthday … and sent a quick note on-line.
I’m not the only one who feels this way! Stamping’ Up! is starting an “I’m bringing birthdays back” revolution - and I’m helping them do it!
WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE A HAND STAMPED CARD IN THE MAIL ON YOUR BIRTHDAY? Of COURSE you would! I’d be happy to send you one! I’ll even write a birthday message on a post-it note so you can re-cycle/re-gift the card to someone else … the card is also my gift to you
Just email message me (unless you want EVERYONE to know your deets) with your full name, mailing address and date of birth (no, you don’t have to put down the year *lol*) and I will do my very best to get you a card in your mailbox on, or before, your birthday! … and if life gets in the way and I’m late - we’ll … I’ll send you a happy belated one instead lol.
No catch, not obligation - I just want to mail you a card on your special day.
Do it!

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