Friday, July 22, 2016

First Day of School Teacher Gifts

Happy Friday!

Not much going on around here today - just another relaxing summer day as I keep chipping away at my "one day" list.  Yesterday I tackled under the sink in the girls bathroom.  I'm not sure how we acquired 32 head bands over the years … and 14 rolls of dental floss … but they are all now neatly in their designated bucket (and/or the trash!).  The linen/cleaning/medicine cupboard saw 3 expired medicines "get gone" and a few things I had lost, found :)

Today I think I'll hit the Craft Cave.  Not sure if I'll craft, organize or "Project Life" … but something fun will happen down there!

Today I'm sharing a project I WANTED to share at the end of June.  Alas, Staples on-line totally BITES when it comes to prompt service!  I ordered a box of clear clip boards to use for my Teacher Gifts.  The sales associate at the Staples store told me they should arrive in one to two days.  Sa-Weet!  I ordered them June 15th.  When did I get them?  Monday, July 18th!!  Seriously.  Won't be ordering from THEM again anytime soon … and if I DO I'll make sure I have a 2 month lead-time.  Sheesh.

Any-who …. let's see what I wanted the clip boards for, shall we?  

LOVE!  I really can't take any credit for them.  My friend Darlene gave me the idea last year and she produced the vinyl pieces for me using her Silhouette machine.  They turned out so GREAT!   I REALLY want to get one of these magic machines.  I just keep waiting, hoping Stampin' Up! will offer one some day.  I may have to break down soon, though, as patience is NOT one of my virtues!

Whilst I'm sad I didn't get the gifts done for the end of the 2015/2016 school year I figure I'll be the favourite mom on day 1 of the 2016/2017 school year *lol*.  Mind you I will likely be the most HATED mom by the OTHER moms if they think I'm an overachiever trying to start a "first day of school gift" trend *lol*.

That's it for now.  More projects to come so keep popping back.

Make sure you have a stampy day!

xoxo  Tam

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