Friday, August 12, 2016

New Toys!!!

Happy Friday!

I have a few more cards to share but thought I'd save those.  MY BOX OF NEW TOYS ARRIVED TODAY!!!

I decided to make a video of me opening my order and post it here.  Well - I DID make them but I can't get them to load.  Grrrr!  Just when I started to think I was all tech-savvy!

SO!  Do you follow my Business Facebook Page?  The answer SHOULD be yes.  If it isn't …. what??  why AREN'T you??  Go to FB and search for "Tamara's Paper Trail" then "like", "follow" and "get notifications"  Go!  Do it!  The videos are (sadly?) "True Tamara" … and a bit of a giggle!  I seem to have quite a few "Squirrel!" moments, constantly distracted by the next new toy in the box *lol*

Yes - I AM a little excitable.  Yes, it's part of my charm *lol*

Enjoy my first attempt at videos (warning - there are a LOT of shots of my knee, feet, couch and a LOT of rustling noises as I try to break into the packages with one hand).

Moving forward … I've scheduled posts over the next week (here) while I'm "off the grid" for the first time in about 4 years on a little vacay - eeeeekkk!

Have a stampy day … and weekend!


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