Friday, September 2, 2016

Christmas Card Clip Frame

Happy Friday!

Wa-Hoo!  Craig is at work, the kids are at school and I have my routine back!!!!  I have to admit, I DO feel a *little* bad about being so ridiculously excited about that … but I'm sure another cup of coffee and 5 more hours of peace and quiet will help me get over the guilt! *lol*!!!

I've been flitting around like a little butterfly all morning going from task to task.  Yes ….
… sums it up perfectly!  I was at my upstairs computer and went down to grab my water … 2 hours later I still haven't made it back up there!  That's ok … lots to do on EVERY floor today.  Having said that, rather than doing what I SHOULD be doing (prepping for my Open House next Friday and designing projects for the kids at school!) I just HAD to post my latest and greatest project.  But wait!  Before I do that!  A GOOD Stampin' Up demonstrator would mention that the 2016 Holiday Catalogue went into effect yesterday.  So consider this your mention!  Edmonton and area crafters - pop in next Friday to grab your hard copy … for those out of town, across the country or across the world, here is a link to the on-line catalogue.  Remember - this the CANADIAN version - prices are in Canadian dollars.

I'd like to take a moment to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who have placed online orders through my store.  I truly can't express how much it means to me that you chose ME to reap the benefits of your order!  If you don't currently have a demonstrator and would like to order from me I'd LOVE to have you on my customer (but even better, FRIEND) list!  You can order here to have items delivered directly to your door. Orders of $200 or more get you at least 10% in free product.  Is your wish list quite extensive?  If it comes to more than $200 you seriously want to consider purchasing the Starter Kit.  Here in Canada it is $165 worth of product (that YOU choose!) for a FLAT charge of $135.  No shipping.  No GST.  $135 flat.  Once you purchase the kit you can place another order YOURSELF and save a minimum of 20%.  Seriously.  Best bang for you buck by far!  There are no obligations or commitments for future orders.  Yu can just grab the kit and go.  If you DO want to place orders for yourself, or for others, I can guide you through that process as well.  So check out the catalogue and if I can help in anyway don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me a message :)

Now!  On to that project I was talking about!!!!

Anyone LOVE getting Christmas cards but HATE displaying them?  Oh sure - you TRY to stand them up on the mantle but every time someone walks by the breeze knocks them all over … or the cat decided to play dominos with them in the wee hours of the night … right?  Well!  Have I got the BEST idea EVER for displaying them in a fun, crafty way! … and after Christmas you can keep using the idea for other things!  Ready?  *insert squealing, jumping and clapping like a 3 year old here*
Wa-LOW!  My super-fantastic-awesome Christmas Card Frame-holder-display-thingy :)))

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I just LOVE this thing!!!

So!  Remember my post a few months ago where I made a picture frame display-thingy for Rebecca's room? …
Well!  I loved THAT project so much I wondered what ELSE I could use it for … and then the Christmas Card idea hit me.

Off to Michaels I went.  I found the PERFECT "open" frame there.  It was just the frame, no glass.  Alas - it was $90.  Ya, no.  Didn't like it THAT much … not even with a 40% coupon.  I liked it, say $20 much.  Hmmmm - how to get a discount …. oh!  look!  Three little dents and some scuff marks on one of them (yes, they were already there, I didn't PUT them there!  Seriously!)  Well low and behold apparently damaged items can be 75% off the ticketed price.  So yup .. walked away with my $90 frame for $22.  MAN I love a deal!  I also picked up some ice blue shimmer paint while I was there, to match my living room decor … and I got to painting …

Love love love love LOVE how it turned out!  My room is EXACTLY this colour … and is accented in a brushed/dull gold.  Perfect!

I grabbed my brand-spanking new roll of Stampin' Up! Kraft Rope Trim ($7.50 in the 2016 Holiday Catalogue) ...
  …. Craig's staple gun and stapled that bad boy right onto the back of the frame.  Then I grabbed my Gold Binder Clips ($9.25 for 10 - annual catalogue) …

… and Wa-low!  Ready to go!

Love!   After Christmas I can - and will - use the frame to clip photos to it … or I can hang it in the kitchen and clip school newsletters, permission forms etc to it instead of on my fridge (HATE that my fridge is so covered in paper!!)

This is the quickest, easier project EVER yet one of my all-time FAVES!  Hope you like it to :)

Right … off to what I was doing 3 hours ago *lol*

Have yourself a stampy loooooooon weekend!




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    1. Thanks! I LOVE it ... alas my family made me take it down as it IS only the 3rd week of September *lol*