Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Super Quick Teeny Tiny Treats

Happy … what-the-heck-day-is-it??

Where do the hours GO???  I had NOTHING on the calendar today.  NOTHING!  It was cold and windy and the "plan" was to clean the house (I swear I heard the bathtub whimpering, begging the bath towel to fall off its hook and wiggle around to clean it!).  Alas … the call for "more soup, please!" came from the in-laws so off I went to Costco to stock up on soup-making supplies.  I LOVE making soup and my in-laws love EATING my soup.  Who am I to deny my fans??  … and I love being able to help them have a nutritious meal.  They eat like birds and, at 80+ years old they aren't into cooking much anymore.  I make them a few batches of soup to have in their freezer.  A 2 cup freezer bag will feed both of them for one meal.   Any-who …. got the food … then needed more freezer bags, so off to Dollarama … then needed taco shells for dinner, so off to Sobeys … then home to put it all away … a bite of lunch, a quick delivery then off to get the kids.  I think I finally got to make my BED around 3:30 … and DID manage to clean the house by 4:30.  Bam!  Day gone!  Why am I rambling on about all this??  Well, I suppose to give you a little snippet of my days and to let you know that you aren't alone in your "there aren't enough hours in the day!" feeling.  So!  Who the heck has time to make little gifts for teachers, friends, co-workers?  With THIS little project, pretty much anyone!  Check these out .…
Seriously.  The only remotely time consuming thing about these little cuties was assembling the boxes!  If you haven't seen the Clear Tiny Treat boxes in the catalogue you need to order some.  You WON'T be sorry!  They are the cutest little 2x2x2x2 boxes EVER!  They are $10.50 (Canadian) and you get 16 of them.  Cheap like borscht!  (As Pa would say).
Once you assemble your box you're almost done! *lol*

I took 1 sheet of the fanTABULOUS (should TOTALLY be a word!) Candy Cane Lane Designer Series Paper ($14.50) …
.. and cut it into 2" x 6" strips.  I then scored each strip (GENTLY so you don't cut right through the paper!) at 2" and 4".  (sorry I didn't take any pictures!)

I then simply placed the "U" shaped strip inside the clear box - I didn't even attach it with adhesive!

I then cut another 2" x 2" piece and DID attached that to the inside of the lid with a little snail.  I SUPPOSED I could have just used a 2" x 8" strip of paper instead but I figured there would be a little error in the scoring and didn't want the DSP to buckle when I closed the lid … so I just went with the 2" x 6" strip and cut the separate 2" x 2" piece for the lid.  Make sense?  I DID find that I had to trim the 2" x 2" piece a HAIR smaller to fit perfectly.

I filled the boxes with the traditional striped Christmas peppermint candies and "scotch mints".  I think I used 5 of each.  Then I just needed some ribbon to keep it closed and add the finishing touch.
I made some with 22" of the Real Red 3/4" Stitched Edge Ribbon ($11.25) …
I then spotted my Tip Top Taupe Striped Ribbon ($10.75) ..
… and used 22" of that for the remainder of my boxes.  Although the DSP uses Crumb Cake the Taupe still works.  I've gotta say whilst I like the traditional red ribbon LOOK, the Taupe ribbon was more pliable and easier to tie.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little treats!  Aside from being so stinkin' cute they are ridiculously quick, easy and inexpensive to mass produce AND you can use any DSP you have on hand for any occasion!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day, Mother's Day … flu them with paperclips, flowers seeds, tea bags, candy, bath salts, chocolates - the possibilities are endless!  My kind of project!

So that's it for my rambling for tonight.  Time to grab a cup of tea and watch a few episodes of Corontion Street.  I seem  to have 26 episodes recorded.  Yup - where DO the hours go???

Have yourself a stampy evening! xo


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