Saturday, November 19, 2016


Happy Saturday!

I'm thrilled to report I'm "this" close to having my final crd designed for my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack … which is tomorrow … in 25 hours *lol*.  Ya, ya … flying a little close to the sun this month.  I ALMOST cracked it last night but by 9:00 pm I was actually dizzy I was so tired.  Apparently 3 hours of sleep a night isn't enough for me!  Go figure lol.  Stay tuned for a post on what I come up with.  I the mean time I totally forgot to actually POST my draft of the upcoming Online Extravaganza.  (Sheesh Tam - wonder why you haven't made your first million yet!! )

So … without further adieu I present to you the annual, ONE WEEK ONLY, Online Extravaganza that starts on MONDAY ...

As always, there are 24-hour Door Crasher items available the first day and last day of the sale.

MONDAY ONLY these items are on offer…

Check out the FULL WEEK LONG SALE ITEMS here

The LAST DAY DOOR CRASHER ITEMS (Nov 28th) are these …
If you are ordering through my online store here please use the hostess code of  2CU9FPDK at the checkout and I will send you a little something in the mail.   If your order is $200 or more do NOT use the code - I will still send you a gift, but at $200 you will earn free spending and if you enter the code you won't be able to redeem it!

I'm off to finish that last card.  Pop in again soon … and have a stampy Saturday!


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