Saturday, December 17, 2016

100 Elf Antics

Happy Saturday!

Look!  A post that isn't a video!  lol.

Sitting her bored … well … ok, procrastinating … and thought I'd post while waiting for dinner to cook.  I DO have a few things to do, what with Christmas Eve being one week from today (!) but I'm sitting pretty good this year.  Card are in the mail, presents are all bought, baking has been done.  All I have left is to wrap (which I'll do Monday when the kids are at school) and finish the teacher gifts.  They are 60% done but I needed to take a break or my back would get angry and cause be grief.

So!  I DO have a few crafty things I could post but thought I'd do a Trixie review instead.  If you've been following my blog for a while you will know that Trixie is our Elf on the Shelf.  This is year five of her visiting us and we all love her dearly.  Well … Craig doesn't.  He thinks she's ridiculous and has nothing to do with her.  Grumpy old Grinch!  That's ok.  The kids and I love her enough to cover his lack-thereof and every year the kids can't WAIT for Dec 1, when Trixie comes back from the North Pole.

The first year we had her she did "normal" elf things - mainly hide and seek.  The kids couldn't wait to get up each morning to find her.  No explanation needed for most of them!

Fishing for fish crackers ...

Hmmmm - some pics are missing 'cause I KNOW she went zip-lining.  Oh well … moving on ...

She loves us so much she has even followed us on holidays!  I won't post all those here but had to share a few faves.  In Disneyworld she somehow managed to get inside the Starbucks pastry display ….

 Here Alicia spotted her!

Right after she was seen, Trixie she fell to the ground.  We worried she was dead - but we picked her up and put her in my bag.  Two minutes later we looked in the bag and she was GONE!  We knew she would be fine - her magic must have taken her back to the North Pole.

Some years she shows up on other holidays like Valentines Day and Easter ...

 2013 she was a little more naughty! … but a lot more fun!

 She stole my money and bought herself some new clothes!

 .. new ice skates!
 ???!!!  She undecorated our tree!

 2014 she brought friend … Buttonz ...


 We found out Buttonz' favourite snack is coffee beans

 LOVED this one - they made lunch for the kids *lol*

 Playing "Who am I"

 Last year, 2015

 Koda turned 4!

One of my faves!!

 Hee hee - love the helmets!

 Seriously?  Emptied my cupboard!

 Hiding ..
 Oh!  This day they swapped all the clothes in Alicia's room for all the clothes in Rebecca's room!

 Tree decorating

 Looks like they went to Disneyland!
 Down at the farm

Ate all the Toffifee!
 This year, 2016 … so far ...

 What is this??
 A new friend!  We named her Taffy

 Oooo - Taffy and Buttonz on a date!
 Sooooo fancy!
 Awwww - they made breakfast - snowballs and ice milk!

 Bahahahahaha!  Merry go round ...
 Hiding.  Can you find them?
 Again … can you find them?
 Stringing Cheerios for the tree
 Snack time!

 They're actually just on the shelf!
Wanting to go to school in the lunch kits
 Baking time!

 Loe this one!

 Again with the stealing of my money for new duds!

 Photo shoot ...

So that is pretty much the antics for the last 4.5 years (barring a few plus the holiday pics).

Hope it gives those of you counting down the days until the elf LEAVES a few ideas.  Only 7 more moves mom!  Hang in there … and have a stampy day!


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