Friday, December 30, 2016

Bundle Up!

Happy Friday!

Wow, has the week ever flown by!  Hard to believe it's December 30th already!  As always, I'm looking forward to the new year - and I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine.  Our sleep schedule are all OVER the place- kids staying up late, sleeping until stupid-o-clock (like 12:45 PM!) - Craig stays up late and sleeps in - I'VE been up until midnight the last 3 nights in a row (unHEARD of for me!)  I go a *little* insane tippy-toing (COULD be a word!) around every morning waiting to start my day so ya- bring on the new year and routine!

Speaking of the new year … have you thought of your "word" yet?  Your ONE WORD for the year?  The ONE WORD that will be your focusing all you do for the next twelve months.  The ONE WORD that help you keep your attention and direction in your actions.  I choose a word every year.  Some years my word has helped me more than in other years.  I think my most "successful" word was "Enjoy".  That year over and over and over I kept hearing "Enjoy" in my head.  It helped me "be in the moment" in everything I did. When I was playing with the kids.  When I was crafting.  When I was with friends.  Whatever I was doing I made sure to enjoy the moment.  It was a great year.

I try to come up with a new word every year. It's not an easy task, narrowing down your focus to a single word.  I want to live purposefully.  I want to be grateful.  I want to enjoy.  I want to grow.  I want to be healthy.  So many things … one little word.

Although I may still change it I think this year I'm going with "Why?".   I've never had a questioning word before but I think it will work for me this year.  I think it will help me be mindful of what I am doing … WHY I'm doing it.  I think it will help me focus my attention on my INTENTIONS.  Am I doing something because I WANT to or because I feel I SHOULD or HAVE TO?  … and does it matter?  I think all too often we all just go through the motions.  We do what is expected of us or what we've always done in the past. This year want to question WHY I'm doing what I'm doing and then determine if it's something I truly NEED to be doing or if it is something I can cut out of my life. I think it will work.  I think it will help me grow and change in positive ways.  I think it's a good word.

Give it some thought.  What will YOUR word be this year?

Right! Enough reflective rambling - let's get down to some serious business - saving money!  *lol*

The 2016 Holiday Catalogue is retiring next week.  Most retiring items are still available for purchase but WILL be gone at the end of day January 3rd (Tuesday!) so act quickly if you still have any items on your wish list!  You can see the list of retiring items HERE.  If you are in Canada you can order through my ono-line store HERE 24/7.  If your order is under $200 make sure you enter the Hostess Code 2P3NWEMY at the checkout to receive a "thank you" gift from me in the mail!

Today I want to point out that although some PRODUCTS are still carrying over to the Occasions Catalogue, the current BUNDLES are NOT carrying over.  When Stampin' Up! releases new catalogues they often "bundle" coordinating products, offering you a 10% discount when ordering the items together.  those bundled discounts are only offered when first released. When items carry over they are NOT …. so get your bundles NOW to save that 10%.

Here are the bundled items offered in theHoliday Catalogue ...



Phew!  There are a lot of them!  Don't wait - these items are either retiring or, if they aren't, will cost you more in a week so get 'em now!

Pop in again soon.  Until then, have a stampy day!


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