Saturday, December 31, 2016

Glitter Embossing Powder!

Happy Saturday!

New Year's Eve!  Wonder if I'll make it to midnight.  I'm quite happy to vein bed at 9:30pm but I know the girls will want to stay up.  Ahhhh youth - when you want to stay up more than you want to go to bed.I wonder exactly "at what age" that tide changes *lol*

I'm still playing "catch up" with some of my Christmas projects that I didn't get around to posting.

This one uses the RealRed embossing glitter in the 2016 holiday catalogue.  If you follow my business Facebook Page you may have seen my first (and ridiculously long) video back in August where I shared "opening my box of new toys".  In that video I was disappointed that what I thought was glitter was really embossing powder … but Iw as wrong - it is actually the best of both worlds - embossing GLITTER!  I love the look of it but I did find it a little difficult to tell when the powder was "done" - the "melt" wasn't as obvious as it is with regular embossing powder.  Still fun and fabulous, you just have to make sure the powders "set" or the glitter will just fall / fun off.

I used the Wondrous Wreath set and Holly Berry Builder Punch to make this card ...
Although I didn't end up using the HOLLY punched pieces (the bow just looked better) I wanted to share a fun trick you can use to easily line up your holly stamps and coordinating punched pieces.
Rather than punching the pieces and then trying to line up the teeny little images to stamp on the teeny little pieces, and instead of wasting a bunch of paper by stamping the image one at a time and dying to punch them out … make a punch template!

Grab some scrap card stock and punch out all the pieces from the punch.  Like so ...
Then you take your stamps, place them IN THE PUNCHED HOLES, grab your clear block and press down, adhering the stamps to the block.  Like so ...
You now have the perfect positioning of the stamps.  You ink the stamps, stamp on your paper and then can punch out the pieces perfectly, with no waste.

You can do the same with the berry pieces ...
So there you have it.  A cute, glittery card and a new trick to try out!

Have yourself a very happy New ear's Eve and a stampy Saturday!


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