Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas Cards ...

Happy Thursday!

Gosh …. where do I start?  I HATE when I go so long between posts!  I have lots to say but I don't have the 6 hours needed to say it all *lol*

Christmas has been fantastic - as usual.  I must say, this year I found the run-up to The Big Day more stressful than usual. I found it SO much harder to shop for the kids this year. It's a tough age for both - 13 and 11 - They still *want* toys but recognize they don't actually play much any more.  I managed a fairly good mix of "grown up" gifts (hair straightener and hair products) and "kid" gifts (Lego, mechano sets, LOTS of books).

Since Christmas I have been TRYING to relax but if you know me you know trying to relax tends to stress me out!  I'm SO conditioned to always be multitasking that I don't even know HOW to relax!  I did have a few days where I took a nap … and a few days where I've done some DEEP cleaning … and the entire family DID succeed on our goal of "3 days without handheld electronic devices".  I'm now starting to "work" a little.  Craft room has been organized (happens every December!) and I am now ready to start playing with all my new stamp sets!  The Occasions Catalogue starts Jan 4th and my Open House is Jan 6th.  Eek!  That's next Friday!!  Fingers crossed my creative juices are flowing this week as I have lots of work to do if I want to get some samples ready in time!

I wanted to play "catch up" a bit today so thought I'd post pictures of all the FABULOUS handmade cards I received this year.  Thank you my creative friends!  I love (and keep) them all!

Mary Poole
Lin Barry
Amy Barry
Angie Graham
Wilma Sannino
Claudine Dulaba
Genevieve Parrent
Helen Dublanko
Ann Kurjata
Alicia McG
Liana Supple
Heather Dailey
Lucie Vardaro
Lisa Henderson
Corina Michetti
Wanda Corcoran
Handmade cards.  I love making them, I love giving them and I love receiving them.  I hope you got a lot of love in the mail this year too.

Thanks for popping in - I hope to share some more Christmas projects this week … and projects from the new catty VERY soon!

Have a stampy afternoon!


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