Sunday, December 4, 2016

Newborn King three ways

Happy Sunday!

Miss me?  As per, I know I've been MIA for a while.  Happens every year around this time. Truth be told I've just been totally burned out!  Limping towards the finish line that is Dec 24th … I just needed break.

I'm hearing this from a lot of moms this year.  We seem to be more tired and stressed than usual.  I can relate.  I truly LOVE the pre-Christmas crazy that descends on us (earlier and earlier) every year.  The sales, the on-line shopping, the traditions, the get-togethers … This year, though, I have been quite stressed over it all - not my norm!  I think it has been the Christmas gifts that have thrown me off.  Every year, for 13 years, I've always had a very good idea, well in advance, what I was getting everyone.  I'm traditionally done all my hopping around the end of November or very early December. This year I had nuthin.  Nada.  Zip.  No clue.  It stressed me out beyond words!  I hate HAVING to go shopping, wandering around, looking for ideas.  I like to HAVE the idea before I leave the house, know where the best place to get said idea is and get 'er done.  I can't TELL you how many hours I searched through the internet looking for ideas for the girls.  It was just a really hard year.  It was hard for a number of reasons. #1 - they truly do have everything.  I've spoiled them rotten for years and now there is nothing new, original or thrilling to give them!  #2 - they THEMSELVES don't know what they want!  They don't have any major things on their wish lists.  Again, they have it all … #3 - they don't have any real passions or interests that I can feed.  If they were "into", say painting, I could get them something related to that … or if they loved, say, horses … etc #4 they are at what I call "split ages".  Rebecca is 13, Alicia 11.  Rebecca has one foot into adulthood whilst Alicia has one foot in childhood.  Rebecca WANTS toys but recognized she doesn't PLAY with toys.  Alicia will.  So if I get toys for Alicia, Rebecca will be jealous and bored!  What will Rebecca do Christmas morning while Alicia plays?


I remember all to well when Christmas turned from magical and never-ending to "grown up".  Grown up version = practical, boring gifts that had you wondering "why did I get up early?".  It's a sad year for Rebecca. She knows the truth about Trixie (our Elf on the Shelf) so of course knows the truth about everything else magical … and it makes her so sad.  I've struggled to keep this Christmas happy and fun so ya, I DID buy a few gifts that do have some "play value" but let me tell ya, my head damn near exploded doing so!

I'm happy to report I think I'm "done" all the gifts.  Figured out what Grandma and Grandpa B are giving them (then purchased it, delivered it and collected the money for it).  Figured out what Mama and Papa were giving them (then purchased it, delivered it and collected the money for it).  Figured what Auntie was giving them( then purchased it, wrapped it and collected the money for it).  Figured out the Christmas Eve gifts, the gift from Santa, the gift from Trixie, from the pets, FOR the pets, for Craig, for the friends, for the little boy I day-home, for the stockings, for the teachers, neighbours, friends and customers.  I now just need to do the "put it all out on the bed and make sure it's even and fair" (both in price, number of gifts and "play-ability).  THEN I can start wrapping them.  That will be tomorrows fun, I think.

THEN - and only then - can I craft for fun.  My FAVORITE thing to do - make things I want to … not for a class … not worrying about "do I have enough buttons for all of my customers to make one' … not worrying about ANYthing - just doing what I want, with the kids.  I am taking December "off" from work to make time for what is the most important.  Spending time with my three favourite people.

The magical Christmas phase of our family is drawing to a close as the kids grow.  I want to hold on to the moments and really carve them into our memories - for ALL of us!  Baking, crafting, decorating, games, bad food and lots of giggles.  THAT is my December.  So you'll forgive me for not posting pictures of cards for you to make.  I WILL be sharing pictures of our time together, maybe even all of the annual ornaments I/we make for our tree, pictures of our Elf and her antics.  I won't be posting everyday as it is extremely time consuming, but I will be sharing when the mood strikes and I want to (not because I feel I should or have to!).  I will be relaxing this December.  I hope you will be too.

Wow!  Ok … didn't plan THAT long ramble … but you should know me by now - that's the way I roll … and part of my charm *lol*

WANNA see a few projects?  OK!  Here are three cards I love that I made using the retired "Newborn King" set.  Don't think I used it when it was current (typical!) but stinkin' love it!  Check these out ...

All of them are embossed in gold embossing powder on Whisper White card stock (first one looks vanilla but just the lighting - it's white!)  I played with it over an over, tried DOZENS of different embellishments and decided, in the end, I like the middle one best.  Clean, simple, pretty.  I used a Sahara Sand mat and the new Stitched Shapes framelites for the greeting.  It really doesn't need anything more.

Keep it simple.  My motto for December!

Right!  Doodles wants a walk (and I could use with wearing off a few of the calories I consumed at our stamping Christmas lunch yesterday!) so off I go.  Hope your day is relaxing - pop in again soon!



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