Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Happy Wednesday!

Day 3 of Spring Break. So far so good!  No one is bored, girls are hanging out together and having fun, I'm chipping away at a few things, sleeping in a bit and generally relaxed!  Result!  The only thing that is stressing me out a bit is the final 3 days of the Sale-a-brations promotion.  Yes, there are always lots of last minute orders, questions and stress!

So - I've said it before, I'll say it again,  DON'T.  WAIT.

No s/h/gst
$165 in any product YOU pick
2 FREE stamp sets that YOU pick over and above the $165 in product
1 FREE past Paper Pumpkin kit
No commitments
No obligations
No requirements
No penalties
Grab the kit and run or stay active and save a minimum of 20% on all future orders but YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  Up to you.

I promise - I don't pressure you to sell or "do the business"
I promise - I will invite you to exclusive get-togethers where you can learn new techniques and how to stay active without the traditional "sell sell sell" tactics
I promise - I'll still be your friend if you just grab the kit and run

Buy the kit.

You won't regret it.

Any Canadian can get the kit through me.  You will still be part of the fun via video "zoom" get-togethers.

To order the kit:

Click here
Click on "join the fun"
Click on "join now"

The system walks you through it.  You enter the code for the two free sets you want, then start shopping!   Easy as that.

Questions?  Get in touch with me.  Leave me a comment or click on my profile picture and send me an email.

This deal ends Friday, March 31st at 11:00 pm.

DON'T.  WAIT …. and have a stampy day :)


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter Messages

Happy Sunday!

I'm finally alert enough to actually DO something today.  Took too many back pills at bedtime last night.  16 hours later I was still dozy and totally out of it!  HATE that feeling!  Anywayyyyyyy … I managed to get some crafting on the other night so thought I'd share!

I wanted to ink up the BEAUTIFUL set Easter Messages.  I like how quickly this came together ...
So clean and simple.  Perfect.

Although you can't tell from the picture I actually have actually heat embossed the image in Early Espresso.  No, I didn't use Early Espresso embossing powder!  I simply stamped the image in a really juice Early Espresso ink pad and then QUICKLY, before the ink had a chance to dry, sprinkled clear embossing powder over it.  Heat set it and BAM - Early Espresso embossed images!  Works with any colour - just make sure the ink pad is super juicy :(

I then used my Wink of Stella Gold pen to colour the cloth.  I thought the image needed some depth so I used my grey Watercolor Pencil and added some shading.  Pretty!

The sentiment (from the same set) is stamped in Espresso and I added 3 pearls to the cloth to finish it off.  I popped the Definitely Dijon layer up on dimensionals.  Oh - the white layer is 3" x 4 1/2"

Quick and easy and ready for Easter wish giving!

That's it for tonight - I'm off to help my youngest construct her Greek temple.  Good times! lol

Have a stampy night!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Do. Not. Wait!

Happy Friday!

It just occurred to me that the BIG Sale-a-brations promotion end in ONE WEEK!

That means one of the busiest ... and most stressful ... weeks of the year for me!  Every year I tell people "don't wait until the last minute to order your Starter Kit".  Every year people wait.  Every year there is a problem with the computer system on the 31st around 7:00 pm as every person who was told "don't wait until the last minute" try to order their kit ... at the last minute.  Every year it stresses me out!

Every year I get an email a day or two after the promotion ends with people asking if they can get a free "X" with a $60 order.  No.  No you can't.

So do a Sister a favour.

Don't stress me out.

Order your kit today.  Order your kit tomorrow.  Order it Sunday, if you must.  Please .. please don't wait until 7:00 pm on the 31st of March.  I beg you!  Click here then on "Join the Fun", then on "Join Now".  You get to pick ANY two stamp set for free, pick ANY products that add up to $165 or less, PAY only $135 FLAT (no s/h/gst), get free business supplies AND a free past Paper Pumpkin Kit.  You then have a Stampin' Up! "membership" and will save a minimum of 20% on any future purchases you make!  Best of all you have ME as your "customer service rep".  I will teach you how to stay active without stereotypical selling.  I will invite you to exclusive Saturday stamping get togethers, encourage you, support you and give you things *lol*.  Seriously - you have NOTHING to lose - you can just grab the kit and run.  No obligations.  No minimums.  No penalties. Just discounted craft supplies, if that's all you want.  Do it!  ... but do it before Monday to keep my blood pressure down!

Want a free SAB item with a $60 order?  Send me an email NOW letting me know what you want.  Better yet, go to my online store here and order it yourself.  Use hostess code ZEWAWX74 at the checkout (If you order is under $200) and I will send you a thank you gift in the mail!

Any questions?

Some people are already too late to get what they wanted.  The glimmer paper and the card tins are already sold out :(  They waited too long.  They didn't listen to Mother!  Don't be that person!

Order your product TODAY!  Next Saturday will be too late ....

Rant over.

Have a stampy day!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Easter Treats

Happy Thursday!

Ok.  Ok!  I'll post something!  I have successfully avoided doing ANYTHING productive today (aside from addressing my April birthday cards and walking the dog) so I'll post something!

Need some quick and easy Easter treats for teachers, customers or kids?  Doesn't get any quicker than using our clear treat boxes …

Aren't they cute?? As always, I look for quick treats to pop in my customers' bags each month.  I struggled this month.  I tried the "Sour Cream" containers …
Cute (or creepy??) but more time consuming than I wanted …

Used the test tubes last month ...
Thought I *might* make those little bird nest treats (made out of the Chinese noodles covered in chocolate) with mini eggs inside … then I stumbled across my clear tiny boxes and the decision was made!

I grabbed some white shredded basket filling I had from last year, filled the box 3/4 full, added 15 mini eggs, tied with 17" of Sweet Sugarplum ribbon and was almost done!
Just needed a tag.  Ugh.  Tags.  I struggle with tags … and/or how to ATTACH said tags more than I care to admit. Oh sure, we have cute tag framelits … there is even a great one in the Occasions catalogue … alas I didn't buy the framelits! … and I ALWAYS seem to struggle with an Easer sentiment that would fit in a tag!  Took me some thinking and fiddling but I eventually struck upon a super quick and easy tag that attaches itself!  (can I say it is quick and easy if it took me an hour to come UP with the idea?? *lol*)

I finally cracked open my Paisleys and Posies bundle … ($26 for the set, $29 for the framelits - no, you can't bundle for a discount … that is only when the bundles are first released.  These were released in the Holiday catalogue and carried over.  Don't ya wish you bought the bundle last year???)

Right … punched out the big paisley in Whisper White and THEN stamped the dotted outline in Sweet Sugarplum.  I used a retired sentiment from "All Holidays", one of my very first stamp sets ever owned.  It's the only one I could find to fit!

I added a white accent (not shown here) and a rhinestone and then just tucked the little hook under the ribbon for a self-attaching tag.  LOVE!  Took me about an hour to crack off 20.  Mission accomplished … and still 1/4 of a bag of chocolate eggs left over.  Mmmmmm Eggies ……

That's it for now … off I go to move things from one room to another to make me feel like I'm being productive.

Have a stampy day!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Stylish Stems Framelits Dies

Happy Friday!

I'm SURE I've posted this one before … but can't find it so … here it is again!

Have a stampy day!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mr. Dan Take II

Me again … read the post below first … then watch this clip … if you dare … and have the kleenex read.  Gulp.


Operation Mr. Dan

Happy Tuesday!

OK!  I'm finally getting around to making a post - wa hoo!  It's not for lack of WANTING to post … I've just been busy with life!  Nothing exciting.  You know how it goes.  One day one kid is sick.  Next day you take the dog to the groomers.  Next day is "Costco" run.  Next day is "WTH do I do with this much broccoli" day.  Next day is "hurry up and wait for the freezer-repair-man" day … and on and on and on.  Y'all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  You're running all day long, no time to brush your teeth in the day but come bed time, she your husband asks what you did all day you have no reply!

So here I sit, drinking my tea … not knowing what to do with myself now that I have an hour to relax!  Lord knows I can't do THAT … so I'll blog about how I have no time to relax!  Makes sense, right?  Hee hee.  Ya … I *may* have a bit of cabin fever today and *may* be cracking up … stay tuned on that!

Now!  Today's post just makes my heart smile to bursting!!  It is all about one of my favourite subjects. Mr. Dan.

Ahhhh Mr. Dan.  The man I love whom I have never met.  Mr. Dan.

Are you familiar with his story?  No?  Maybe you are but you don't remember.  His story went viral at the end of 2016.  He was the topic of MANY "feel good stories of 2016".  His story has been carried by news stations and newspapers around the world.  Ring any bells?  No?  Check.  It.  Out.

Tissue anyone??

OMG - gets me every.  single.  time.

This smile … this face … this friendship.
What a beautiful story.  I'm in love with Mr. Dan, Miss Norah and her mom, Tara.  Three people who sent a ripple of love out into the universe and it has touched SO many hearts … mine included.

So.  I saw their story in the fall.  I instantly started following Tara (mom) on Facebook.  I couldn't get enough of their story or their pictures.  Shortly after I started following her, Tara said Mr. Dan loved getting mail and posted a picture of his PO box.  If anyone wanted to send a card or letter they could.  WELL!  NATURALLY I sent one out the next day.  I sent him a Christmas card a few months later.  Fast forward to December 23rd.  I was walking Doodles and stopped to check the mail.  I found a letter  that I thought was from Craig's elderly aunt.  I turned the card over to see who it was from ...

I.  Freaked.  Out!  You would think I had received a letter from The Queen Herself!  OMG!  Yes, it was a Christmas card from Mr. Dan thanking my for MY Christmas card.  Hand written.  Hand addressed.  My heart swelled.

A few weeks later I was at the mailbox again and found ANOTHER note from Mr. Dan.  AGAIN I could have been knocked down with a feather.  I felt SO honoured to have received not one but TWO hand written notes from this man I had never met.  What an amazing soul.  Well.  Need I say more?  This man and his BFF have my heart and they make me want to be a better person.  Every week Tara posts pictures of the friends and it makes me all warm and fuzzy for days.  That got me thinking.  What can I do to keep this ripple going?  What can I do for someone to make them smile?  Then it hit me.  If Mr. Dan has sent ME a note both times I sent one to him then man must be sung a LOT of stationary and/or cards … what do I do?  I make cards!  So!  Wouldn't it be lovely to send him a package of LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of blank card that he can then send to people who write to him?  … or to his friends who have a birthday … or when he needs a sympathy card … and on and on and on?

There it is.  The birth of "Operation Mr. Dan"!  I put out the call to my amazing and generous friends.  Six of them are coming over this Saturday and everyone is chipping in to purchase and send at least 70  notecards and envelopes.  Here are the designs I came up with.  Quick, easy and "man mail-able" (i.e. not too foofy or flowery for an 82 year old gentleman to send).

All of these cards are simply notecards - no layers, no fuss.  Super quick and easy!

The Thinking of You is from the hostess set "Time of Year" and the Hashtag in the background is from  "You've Got This".  They are stamped in Sahara Sand and Early Espresso … or maybe it's Chocolate Chip … but I don't think so … and now I forget *lol* … anyway - it's brown ...

This one is my fave.  So simple and so perfect for him to send!  The ballon is punched out of Basic Black using the Up and Thinlit dies ($40) 
- the sentiment is from the coordinating stamp set Lift Me Up ($26 clear; $36 wood)

Of course you save 10% when you buy both the thinlits and the stamp set bundled together for $59.25 clear; $68.25 wood

This little cutie is made using the Birthday Bright set $26 with Memento Black and Real Red Inks

The thank is made using the So Very Much free SAB set (free with a $60 order but only for another 2 weeks!  Promo ends March 31st!)  This one is stamped in Dapper Denim ink.
Last but not least the Cool Treats card ($33.00).  This one is more work and we may change it but it's a fun one.  I used Watermelon Wonder, Pool Party, Crumb Cake and Peekaboo Peach for the ice creams … Early Espresso for the sentiment.

Notecards.  $8.00.  You get 20 of them.  You can get them in Whisper White or Crumb Cake.  Best.  Deal.  Ever.
So for $60, seven friends will get together to keep the ripple of love going … making cards for a man we have never met but who has touched our hearts.

Life is good.

Pass it on.

Have a happy night My Friends.


Any Occasion Stamp Set

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Inside the Lines Specialty Designer Series Paper

Happy Monday!

Another FREE item you can pick with a $60 order now through March 31st or while supplies last.  Message me!


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Birthday Cards with Shannon

Happy Friday!

Looking forward to class tonight - always a great time!  Hope you get some crafting in tis weekend!

Have a stampy one!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Window Shopping Stamp Set & Window Box Thinlits

Happy Thursday!

I don't own these … yet!  I'm not sure about the box itself but I want to play with the cut outs and our small white boxes!!  Check out the video … and have a stampy day!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pretty Pocket Card Kit

Happy Wednesday!

Another FREE item you can choose with a $60 order, while supplies last or until March 31st. Message me … and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Glimmer Paper Assortment Pack

Happy Tuesday!

The 6" x 6" Glimmer Paper Pack is FREE (while supplies last or until March 31!) with a $60 order.  Message me!

Have a stampy day :)


Monday, March 6, 2017

Watercolor Pencils by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Monday!

I THINK I shared this before … but I dunno …

The pencils ARE available at the moment, but will likely be sold out in the next 3 weeks or so … and then won't be order able again until the end of April.  Message me if you want some!

Have a stampy day :)


Love & Affection … and Inside the Lines DSP

Happy Monday!

Today's entertainment involves sitting at home waiting for the Sears Appliance Repair Man to come and (hopefully) repair our broken freezer.  Oh yes, good times.  Looking forward to cooking a healthier meal tonight for the family.  JalapeƱo Poppers *may* have been on the breakfast menu over the weekend *lol*.  On the bright side I'm forced to stay home … alone … in the peace and quiet with just Charlie and Koda.  Beastie is gone and my blood pressure should be back to normal today.  Ahhhhh …. back to normal ….

Today I'm sharing a card that certainly isn't my "norm".  I threw out a design challenge to my team at our last Breakfast Stamping event (which is exclusive to the VERY smart ladies who buy the Starter Kit from me … just sayin' ….).  I gave everyone a piece of  Dapper Denim card stock, Inside the Lines DSP, a Stitched Oval and a piece of Dapper Denim Ribbon.  They need to create a project using those pieces.  They can alter (i.e. cut) them any way they like but they have to use the pieces given.  I couldn't just hand out a challenge and not play along, right?  Here is what I came up with …
Gotta admit - kinda like it!  It did take me quite a while to design but the process was fun!  It pushed me outside my comfort zone, which can be a good thing!

I used the "Love and Affection" stamp set.  I loved this one and bought it right away when the catalogue came out … but I have to admit … although I've played with it a few times I never came up with any "keepers" and it has just been sitting on the shelf for a few months.  It really worked well on this card, I think.  This is the set … it's $20
I used a second set that, again, I bought but haven't USED … called Mixed Borders  ($26) …
I used the border piece, bent it to the curvature of the oval and stamped it in Dapper Denim Ink.  I stamped the sentiment in Pear Pizzazz ink.  I used what I THOUGHT was a current embossing folder (one of the rules of the challenge is to only use current product) - but I see it is retired!  Ack!  Rule breaker!  Oh well … the folder is/was the Pretty Paisleys embossing folder (from the 2016 Holiday Catalogue - I can't believe it retired!!)

It's a pretty straight forward card.  The Inside the Lines DSP is 1 1/2" x 5" … the Dapper Denim behind it is 1 3/4" x 4 3/4" and the oval is popped up on dimensionals.  Two rhinestones and the piece of ribbon finish it off.  No, not my norm but it was fun to play and move outside my comfort zone.

That's it for now - pop in again after noon to see today's video.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Occasions Catalog!

Happy Sunday,

A super quick over-view video of the 2017 Occasions Catalogue.

Have a stampy day!


Cool Treats CASE

Happy Sunday!

Wa-Hoo!  We made it!  We all made it to Sunday … the day our canine house guest leaves! *lol*  Believe me … no one is more surprised than I am to say such a thing!  I LOVE furry faces and am always trying to get Craig to get me another one.  I can honestly say I am now completely happy with the critters I have and don't want to add another one to the mix!  Now don't get me wrong … "Beastie", as I call Sullivan ("Sully") isn't a "bad" dog.  He's cute as heck and soft as silk … but he's still a puppy, just over a year old.  He's perky and silly and playful …. but he's a puppy … and we Bertram's are definitely not puppy people any more!  The little imp has just thrown chaos into the household routine.  Poor Koda - I think my gentle giant is going to have a nervous breakdown soon.  He's SO jealous and insecure.  The cat holds his own but isn't impressed that his food has to be put up high so our guest doesn't eat it.  Yes, things will be MUCH calmer around here come 8:00 pm when he heads home … and we can hopefully have a full night of sleep again!
Now … on to a project!

Last week I needed to create!  "Beastie" had me busy all week and I NEEDED to create … so I took and hour to do so.  I found a card designed by Stampin' Up! that I loved so much I CASEd it 100%.  Nailed it!
Yes, it took quite a while to make.  yes, it took a lot of supplies to create.  Yes, there was a lot of Big Shotting going on.  Yes, it was totally worth it and yes, I totally love it!  It is definitely and "OTT" card (Over The Top) and whilst I may make a few more it certainly isn't one to mass produce by the dozen and will only be given to very VERY special people who wouldn't DREAM of throwing it out *lol*.  Here are the supplies I used to make it.  As always, buying the stamp set and framelits together saves you 10%.  I great investment, in my opinion!

Cool Treats - $33.00
 Cool Treats Bundle $61
 Frozen Treats $35.00
 Tasty Treats DAP - $17 ...
 Tasty Treats Washi Tape - $10.75
 Sprinkles - $7.25
 Fine Tip Glue Pen - $9.00
Here's the card again …


  • Watermelon Wonder CS - 4 1/4" x 1 1/4"
  • Whisper White CS standard base - 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" at 4 1/4" and trim 1" off one end 
  • Tasty Treats DSP - Pear Pizazz polka dot pattern 1" x 5 1/2"
  • The sentiment is stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with white embossing powder - se the triple banner punch to flag the end
  • The sprinkles are stamped in Pool Party
  • The physical sprinkles are adhered using the fine tip glue pen (yes, total pain in the butt!)
  • The ice cream cone is made with Crumb ale and Peekaboo Peach inks
  • The red popsicle is made with Crumb Cake and Watermelon Wonder ink
  • The blue popsicle is made with Crumb Cake and Pool Party ink
  • The strawberry is made with Watermelon Wonder and Pear Pizzazz ink
  • The wash tape is plead under the banner
It really just takes patine to make this card.  Yes, a lot of stamping, cutting and gluing but it really is stunning in real life and it gave me the crafting therapy I desperately needed this week!

If this is a bundle you would like to own I would suggest buying it during March.  The Sale-a-brations promotion ends in a few weeks.  Order the bundle and you will qualify for a free SAB item of your choice.  Canadian customers can email me your order, or you can order directly through my online store here.  Use Hostess Code FWBCA9VN at the checkout and I will send you a Thank You gift in the mail!

Remember, if you have an order of $100 or more you really should consider getting the Starker Kit.  you get a lot more bang for your buck when you get the kit.  No obligations!  Grab the kit and run … or stay "active" to stay money … or stay "active" to make money.  Totally up to you.  I can show you how.  Message me for more details!

Oh … did I mention I'm on Instagram now?  Yup.  I'm trying to wrap my head around all these new social media sites (mainly so I can understand and figure out what my girls are up to! *lol*).  Follow along at @tamaraspapertrail.  You can also stay connected with me and my projects on my business Facebook site "Tamara's Paper Trail".  I'm also on Twitter but to be honest I'm not so sure about that one.  Still don't "get" it.  Nonetheless I have it and I tweet (I think! *lol) - I'm at #tamaraspprtrail.  Follow along … and have a stampy Sunday!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lift Me Up and Away! (Coordinating Stamp Set and Thinlits)

Happy Saturday …

Right!  I found a whole swack of product videos I don't THINK I shared yet.  I remember watching them … but don't see that I SHARED them.  I'm just going to post one a day, at noon, everyday until they are caught up.  If/when I have projects to share (and I do have two in the works!) I'll post them in the mornings.  See?  My "Plan" word for the year is still with me!

Have yourself a stampy Saturday :)


Friday, March 3, 2017

Make a Medallion Stamp Set

Happy Friday - again …

Wanted to share this SAB item video as it is only available until March 31st - it's one of those sets you need but you don't realize it until you've seen it and/or used it … but time is of the essence and if you wait too long you can't get it!

Check out the video - yours free with a $60 order.  Message me with what you would like … and have a stampy day …


Designer Tee Stamp Set

Happy Friday.

Two dogs, one cat, three 11-year olds and two 13 years olds.

Any questions?

Here's a video … send prayers … (and possibly wine ….)

Have a stampy Friday


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Double Take Two-Step Stamping

Happy Wednesday!

Wow.  What a Gong Show it has been around here since Friday.  Seriously!  All was going well.  I had spent all week getting ready for my Team Meeting Saturday morning (which totally ROCKED, btw and you should totally buy the kit so you can be part of the awesomeness that is Tamara's Trail Blazers .. just sayin …. but I digress ….)

Yes, I worked until 9:45pm getting everything in order.  Watched a little Coronation Street … ok … a LOT of Coronation Street (I *may* have had 48 episodes taped! … yes, I'm an addict … digressing again …).  Stayed up until 12:00 am.  Turned off the light.  Five minutes later it happened.  I heard a sniffle.  The sniffle of a child.  The sniffle you know means trouble.  I quietly asked into the darkness "Are you ok?" hoping no one would answer or that the reply would be "yup, just fine, thanks Mom!".  But I knew better.  The reply was my youngest, Alicia.  It was "I'm not feeling very good" … and then the sprint to the bathroom.  Let's just say the next 22 hours were filled with a lot of back rubbing and hair holding!  As soon as my team left I was in bed with my little poppet doing what moms do best, comforting.

The fun continued when we got a visitor.  We agreed to dog-sit my SIL's little Havanese one-year old pup.  Cute little fella … but HOLY pain in the straka!  WAY too high energy for this family.  He's EVERYwhere!  Aside from the fact that Koda is TOTALLY jealous and the cat is VERY perturbed he's REALLY interrupting the quiet flow of the household!  We have to put the cat and dog food on the counter so he doesn't eat it (they usually just free-eat), the sleeping arrangements are all messed up, he tries to hump my leg when I'm working out and steps on my nipple at 3:00 am!!!!  Could strangle the little fur-face!

Every seen the movie Malefecent?  Yes.  like she calls Sleeping Beauty, I call our wee guest "Beastie".  I have a real love/hate relationship with him!  I get cross but really, who could stay mad at this face?
So - needless to say, crafting has been out the window lately.  That will change soon, though, as I find I'm REALLY cranky this week and I NEED some creative therapy so stay tuned for that!  I just got the "Double Take" set last week so I want to play with that.  Check out the video on it ...

Fun, yes?  Right.  Off to walk Koda and "Beastie" … sigh … and the fun continues *lol*.

Have yourself a stampy day!