Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Great Card Purge of 2017

Happy Sunday!

What a BE-UUUUUU-tiful day out there!  Looking for ward to my morning stroll with my favourite pooch!  I could USE some fresh air.  I've spend the better part of the last two days in my Craft Cave and, apparently, it must be dusty in there because starting around 3:00 pm yesterday my allergies flared up and I have been a sneezy, puffy, drippy mess ever since!  What have I been DOING for the last two days?  PURGING!  Yes, Spring Cleaning Fever has struck and I couldn't take the clutter any longer!

Over 11 years I have been making cards.  I have a copy of every single card I've ever designed … plus swaps (cards made by other stampers … we all make a bunch then trade them) … plus cards I've made at Tamye's team get togethers.  Needless to say I have a LOT of cards.  Eight shoe boxes FULL … plus binders FULL!  I went down to make a card 2 days ago but had no table space.  I went to move the box of current cards made … alas I stood there holding the box, turned around about three times looking for somewhere to put it and couldn't find a spot.  Sigh.  The time had come to purge!

Mission ALMOST completed!  I now have a HUGE box overflowing with card front that I need to figure out what to do with.  My team will get a chance to go through them and take what they want for inspiration.  AFter that I'm not sure!  I want to find a school, church, military group or some other organization who can put them to goo use.  Ideally I'd love for them to finish them off (90% of them are  just card fronts that need to be mounted on bases .. and there are no envelopes .. but I know Hallmark will give you a big box for free if you ask!) and sell them to raise money for their cause.  We'll see. One step at a time!
 Yay for empty space in my cave!
 I DO still have a little more work to do.  I have two shoe boxes with cards for me to "finish" for my own stash.  Some of them just need an envelope - some were samples I love that I would like to give away myself.  That will be a fun project on a day when I want to craft but don't have any mojo flowing.  A great project to do when the kids are watching a movie that I've probably seen 19 times but still want to be part of the action so I can cut and tape whilst listening to it.  Still part of the action but multi-tasking.

Yes, it feel GREAT to shift some of the clutter.  I'd love to do more today but a) my allergies can't take another day of sneezing and face swelling and b) it's SO lovely out I don't want to be a mole in my dark basement cave … so maybe I move up to the bonus room and tackle the Barbie / Lego nightmare.

Yes - Spring has Sprung.  No clutter is safe!

Whatever you getup to today I hope you can fit in some family time and a bit of crafting.  Have a stampy day!



  1. I don't have that many cards, but I truly understand the dilemma :) Thanks for being real and sharing what to do with all these cards!

    1. have I made much progress since? Not really. My team has snooped through some of them and taken a few for inspiration. I still have to decide what to do with the condensed box - it's a process. Baby steps!
      Thanks for commenting. Have a stampy day!