Sunday, June 4, 2017

Soft Sayings All-Inclusive Card Kit

Happy Sunday!

I'm yawning like CRAZY this morning and really wasn't done sleeping.  Alas, I'm one who really does rise and set with the sun so around 5:00 a, I start to stir.  All good!  I get to spend a few hours in the lovely quiet, drinking coffee with my favourite fluffy sidekick.

Yesterday was my annual Open House / Catalogue Launch / Retired Product Garage Sale.  As ALWAYS it was a great time and I loved having it on a Saturday rather than my traditional Friday.  Thanks to all who came!

I wanted to show a video of the very first item I ordered from the new catalogue back in April, when I was able to PREorder a number of items.  It's the Soft Sayings All Inclusive Card Kit.  Check it out ...

I love love LOVE kits and this one made me squeal!  As was mentioned in the video, not only can you buy the all inclusive kit but you also have the option of buying REFILL kits (ie no stamp set or ink).  LOVE that!  Loved it SO much THIS is the product each of my 16 Bingo Stampers will receive for my upcoming Stamping Bingo events.  I only have TWO spaces left for the June 30th event so Edmonton peeps, make sure you RSVP this week if you want in on the fun!

I'll leave you with a peek at the displays / tables I had set up at my Open House.  Alicia (my 11 year old) did a GRET job setting things up for my garage sale.  She was NOT impressed, however, when I told her I had to move everything so I could PRICE them!  *lol*  Her solution was to just have everyone come up to me and ask me the price during my event.  Ya no.  Sorry Dear ... had to take it all apart and price it!

I'm off to walk Doodles.  Have yourself a stampy Sunday!!


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