Sunday, July 2, 2017

Berry Burst Butterfly

Happy Sunday!

Up and at 'em early today so I can beat the heat and walk Doodles earlier this morning.  Yesterday we were an hour late heading out and had to cut our route in half as he was melting (yay for his spa day next week!!).  I couldn't wait to share this card with you today.  LOVE how it turned out .
Isn't it pretty???  Does it look at all familiar?  It should.  I started off as this card ...
Quite literally!  A friend contacted me last week in need of two sympathy cards.  Ack!  Time was VERY short with the last week of school, teacher gifts, Farewell ceremony etc etc etc.  I COULDN'T say "no" but had to work smart.  To my stash I went!  I love the butterfly card but my friend had wanted something a little more uplifting and colorful.  Mission accomplished!  I took the butterfly off the card, traced it onto vellum card stock, cut it out ("old school" with a pair of paper snips!) and used my fine tip glue pen to glue the two together.  I then grabbed my Berry Burst marker and colored the back of the butterfly (vellum).  The color shows through like a stained glass window - colorful but muted and soft.  My friend had suggested a Berry Burst banner instead of the silver and BAM!  We had a winner.  LOVE it!

Whilst I'm sad I needed a sympathy card I was thrilled to come up with something so pretty and so fitting very quickly!  Pop in again tomorrow when I show you a second card I came up with (she needed/wanted two).

Off I got for my lovely morning stroll.  Have a stampy Sunday!


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