Thursday, October 5, 2017

Stampin' Up! Promotions!

Happy Thursday!

As always, the week is FLYING by as I try to get ready for my latest get-away this weekend ... and prep for my youngest's birthday .... which is TODAY!  (I'm happy to report I actually made her card yesterday (I always seem to be doing it ON her birthday ... or a week after *lol) AND I was reminded by both my girls "don't post it on Instagram before you actually GIVE it to her!"  Right!  Noted!)

Since I DO still have to wrap the presents, plan the party and do all the other "Mom Chores" by 11:30 am (short day at school) I'm just going to share the latest (and AWESOME) promotions going on with SU right now (ya ya, I'm only 5 days behind on posting them but better late than never, right???)

A reminder - Canadians can shop 24/7 though my on-line store ***HERE*** .  This will get your items shipped directly to your door!  Orders under $200 should apply the hostess code 94MQZVM3 at the the checkout.  Those that do will get a gift mailed to them from me :)

Yes, you can combine both promotions onto one order!  As I mentioned, I'm heading out of town so if you are in Edmonton and would rather email me your order you can do so (it may save you some shipping) but it MUST be sent before 7:00 pm tomorrow night (Friday, October 6).

*** NOTE - the Buy1 Get 2 FREE on the Fast Fuse Deal has been postponed!  It was SO popular they had to turn it off.  It WILL be offered again in a few months, once supplies have been replenished ***

Happy Shopping!!  Now off I go to wake the Birthday Girl!  Have a stampy day :)))

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