Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blends Are Back!

Happy Saturday!

I'm coming to you today from the stunningly beautiful Banff Springs Hotel in Banff.  Yes ... I'm away AGAIN!  Sheesh!  I can't even believe it myself!  Fall is ALWAYS my busiest season with life AND with work.  In past years I hit the ground running Sept 3 (first day of school) and CRAWL to the finish line around Dec 1 when all the school and work chaos die down ... I take a day or two to catch my breath and then sprint to December 24th, when I collapse in a heap of smudged makeup and slept-in clothes *lol*  Apparently I didn't think that was enough this year, and felt the need to throw in four mini holidays just to make things more interesting!

*lol*  Ok, it didn't REALLY go down that way and I couldn't/WOULDN'T change these get aways even if I could/wanted to!

Reliving old memories and making new ones with my Dad in Chaffey's Lock in September.

Making memories and strengthening my Mother/Daughter bond with my Baby Girl, Alicia.

A Stamping Party with my dear friend Kris and her friends in Calgary.

A weekend in beautiful Banff with the love of my life and THE best husband a girl could ever hope to have (seriously.  How many husbands ENCOURAGE you to go into the jewellery store at the Banff Springs Hotel and tells you to buy something??!!)

Now although I'm away I'm still working *sort of*.  Sitting in the Rundle Lounge with some **special coffee** and listening to the live music ... enjoying myself completely and blogging (yes, it's TECHNICALLY working ... but I love what I do so that makes it fun, right?  Hee hee.)

Anyway - I took a loooong time working on a promotion for you with the new "Stampin' Blends".  (I MAY have taken a long time just so I could have an extra special coffee *lol*.

I think I'll save the promotion for tomorrow (Craig's meetings are just wrapping up and I have to go get all fancy for dinner!)

Today I'll share all the Stampin' Up! promotional videos so you can get familiar with the Blends - their features, benefits and how to use them.  They are alcohol based blending markers (are you familiar with Copic markers?).  These are a less expensive, non-refillable blending marker in exclusive Stampin' Up! colors.

Why not check out the videos while having a "special coffee" yourself!

Now ... click HERE to see the promotional brochure with all the specifics on colors and costs and the exclusive kit and stamp set you can get to USE the markers with.  Of course MANY of our current (and retired) stamp sets are PERFECT to use with the new tools.

 So I'll leave it there for now.

Pop in again tomorrow to read all about the promotion that I am offering that will help you get these markers into your Craft Cave, save you money AND get you in the draw for some free "stuff"!

Until then, have a stampy day!


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