Saturday, December 16, 2017

2018 Occasions Catalogue Sneak Peek!

Happy Saturday!

So I'm sitting in the soft glow of the Christmas lights drinking my coffee, surfing the internet ... and nursing a throbbing back.  I've been SO careful not to "overdo it" where my back is concerned ... and, until this morning I have won the battle.  Muscles relaxants at night, heat and ice in the day, not sitting t the computer TOO long, making sure I get up often when crafting, wearing my spikes on the ice sidewalks when strolling Doodle Dog.  Alas, I neglected to factor in the possibility of stepping the the cat's tail at 6:30 am (whilst stumbling in the dark to the bathroom) and darn near jumping out of my skin!  Flippin' 'ECK Charlie!  So much for trying to be quiet so as not to WAKE anyone *lol*

I thought I'd share my 201 Occasions Catalogue and Sale-a-brations  Sneak Peak video with you this morning.  I THOUGHT we had to wait until January 3 ... but I was wrong.

Watching the video I realized a few things.

1.  I mentioned the Hedgehugs set was free with a $60 order.  Wrong.  It's not a SAB item, it's for sale.
2.  I talk a LOT with my hands.
3.  I CAN do a quick-ish video when I have to (just over 19 minutes - that's a record for me!)
4.  My shirt is on inside out.  LMAO.  yup - that's me - polished and  classy to the end!

Enjoy the video and have a stampy day!


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