Friday, December 29, 2017

Eclipse Technique by Stampin' Up!

Happy Friday!

Feels like -41 with the humidity and wind up here in Edmonton this morning,  I already warned Koda we are NOT going for a walk this morning.  He seems fine with that, as he asked out, stuck his head out the door, looked at me, turned around and headed for the couch.  Too cold for him too! lol.  Naturally today is the ONE day, in a week, that I actually have to leave the house!  I've been home every day since last Friday, cleaning, purging, organizing and napping.  Today, however, we have to head out to the Humane Society to finish our volunteering hours for the month.  Note to self:  Start the car 15 minutes before having to leave!  MAN that's cold!  As much as I love playing with kittens I think today would be the PERFECT day to stay home and craft!  Hmmm .... perhaps I should see if tomorrow is still open for volunteer slots ...

Well, even if we DO have to go out I WILL be spending some time in my cave ... but probably just to find the floor .... again.  Yes, the storage room is now nice and tidy but a *few* items ended up back in my cave and it's next on my hit list.  I DO love the week after Christmas as it's the only time in the year I take a full week to get my life back in order and de-cluttered!

Whilst you wait for my next project I thought I'd share this Eclipse Technique video with you.  I made this Christmas card (CASEd from Randi Collins) using it. 
They're fun and are a real "wow" card.  Watch the video and try it out!

Stay warm and have a stampy day!


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