Monday, January 1, 2018

Amazing You Stamp Set and Celebrate You Thinlits by Stampin' Up!

Happy New Year!

We had a fun day yesterday, despite the -43 degree (with windchill) weather!  After a relaxed morning the four of us headed out to an Escape Room - so much fun!  No, we weren't successful but we got PRETTY close.  I think we solved 7 of the 9 mysteries and, truth be told, once they explained the remaining two I don't think we would have been successful unless we had about another 20 minutes!  This is the third room I've done and it really does force you to think outside the box!  Rebecca is by far the best in that regard.  Heck, half the time she's chipping away at one of the clues and I have NO idea what she's doing! *lol*.

After the fun we headed to Mom and Dad's for a delicious roast beef dinner.  We all overate and pretty much crawled away from the table hee hee.  Yes, new day, new year, new eating plan! 

I'm up early today hoping to keep chipping away at the HUGE to-do- list I have.  All my tasks are quite time consuming - hours for each one.  One step at a time - I'll get there!

Meanwhile, I have another video to share.   The annual Sale-a-brations promotion starts in just TWO days - whoot!

This year SU has changed it up a bit.  There are TWO earning thresholds for free stuff.  The normal $60 price point (for every $60 you spend you can choose a Level 1 free item) and a $120 price point (when you spend $120 you can either choose TWO Level 1 items or ONE Level 2 item).  Spending $180?  You can pick one Level 2 and a Level 1 or three Level 1 sets.  It's up to you! 

The video shows the Amazing You Stamp Set and coordinating thinlits.  They are a MUST HAVE!

Check it out, Happy New Year and stay tuned for my upcoming classes, clubs and projects.

Have a stampy day!


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