Sunday, January 21, 2018


Happy Sunday!

Today I WANTED to share with you my first Tamara's Paper Trail YOUTUBE video ... alas ... my ongoing fight with technology and the painfully steep learning curve has me wanting to abandon my healthy eating plan and dive head first into a back of chocolate covered marshmallows ... but I won't ... you'll just have to wait another day (or twelve!).  Sigh.  When did everything get so darned complicated???!!!

Instead of my video I'll share my offer to "join the club".  I sent an email out to my customers last week and the offer is open to my Canadian followers too!  Edmonton, Alberta is where I'm located.  Local peep are able to attend my in-home classes - long distance members can join us online!

If you're interested in joining the fun, getting in on the free draws and getting loads of free product please get in touch before January 30th - I have spots available in the 6 and 12 months clubs.

Here is my "email" ...

Earlier this week I sent out my “DON’T PLACE AN ORDER” email encouraging EVERYONE to think about buying the “Try It” kit, as I like to call it.  Whilst I am 100% adamant that the kit is THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK I recognize that many people either don’t want to spend $135 in one chunk and/or they like having a little indulgence every month … but they DO still like free and discounted stuff!

If that describes YOU then THIS is the email you want to pay attention to …you want to join one of my clubs!  

This is the BEST way to get a few items every month, get discounts, free product AND adhere to a budget.

I have THREE clubs for you to choose from this round:
All three clubs are great.  All of them have discounts and free products.  All of them have perks.  Your monthly commitment and degree of the perks are what vary.

Everyone who joins one of my clubs by January 30th will be in my draw for FREE SALE-A-BRATIONS PRODUCTS … THREE lucky winners will win !
  • Bronze Club draw will be for any Level 1 Sale-a-brations set of their choice
  • Silver Club draw will be for any TWO Level 1 Sale-a-brations sets of their choice
  • Gold Club draw will be the TWO LEVEL 2 SALE-A-BRATIONS SETS!!! (Happy Wishes set and Celebrate You Thinlits!)

***ACK!  MY STRUGGLE WITH TECHNOLOGY CONTINUES!  Getting this any larger is killing me!  I'm hoping you can read it/enlarge it.  If not and you want me to email you the deets just drop me a message! ***

Hope that makes sense!  In a nutshell, the higher your level of commitment month-wise, the lower your dollar commitment per month but the higher your benefits/perks!
  • All club members earn free product (minimum $20, $30 or $45) 
  • All club members earn free gifts (Inks Pad, Designer Paper, or Stamp Set) 
  • All club members get a discount on their purchase during their hostess month (20%, 22% or 25% discount)
  • All club members get entries into free draws (one, 3 or 12 months of draws!)
  • All club member get Free Catalogues
  • All club members get FREE CLASSES while they are actively in a club 
  • All club members get a little "Thank You" card or treat in your bag each month
… and all clubs let you buy craft supplies on a budget and length of time you’re comfortable with!

This club is a LOT of fun and I like to treat my "Club Gals" really well.  Of course full clubs means more free product for everyone so I'm hoping to fill all spots before February 14th!
If you are interesting in joining the fun please get in touch with me in the next week or so, or for SURE by January 30th so you can get in on the draws for the SAB products.

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