Sunday, February 11, 2018

This, That and The Other ...

 Happy Sunday!

Another busy week draws to a close.  I'm not sure if I'm getting better at being prepared or getting better at trusting everything will come together but either way I'm surprisingly relaxed these days.  Certainly isn't because I'm bored or putting my feet up!

Check out the stack of deliveries I had this week!
I bet the UPS delivery man wasn't too happy to be working THAT shift! *lol*.  Why all the boxes?  I was holding two classes for local Teacher Assistant's for their Professional Development Day last week.  We put together the Perennial Birthday Project Kits.  Everything ran really smoothly and everyone had a great time :)

Naturally, in procrastinating on packing and prepping for those PD sessions I squeezed in some stamping time.

I have been commissioned to make 12 cards for a friend.  I am trying to do (primarily flower) cards in black, gray and yellow.  These are the four I have made to date ...

 The following two were the inspiration for the previous one ...
This next one was a CASE from a Brian King card that I made a while back - I just changed the colors ...

Once THOSE were done I turned my attention to Valentine Treats.  I CASEd them from my friend Diane Inkster.  The link to the little game boards can be found here The little bags are the PERFECT size - they are our 3" x 6" cello bags.  

Let's see ... what else?  Two stamping classes and general "life" stuff .... Koda has another ear infection, went out for dinner with 14 Bertram's last night "just because", having Mom and Dad for dinner tonight ...  Oh!  Craig has been redecorating the bonus room!  We have pretty much purged all the kids' toys (sold, donated or stored) which allowed us the space to rearrange furniture, give the room a fresh coat of paint and so on.  Naturally a fresh room required a new, bigger, TV.  Of course THAT requires yours truly to shift the old one.  Gotta love Facebook and Kijiji for selling off "stuff"!  The TV sold quickly, this morning someone is coming to (hopefully) buy my electric keyboard and our massive coffee table is heading out the door too!

Geez ... when you write it all down it makes you wonder when sleeping happens, doesn't it?!

The week ahead is a bit slower (and by that I mean no classes this week ... just volunteering at the animal shelter - yay!  Playing with kittens!).  That will give me time to catch up on paperwork, place club orders, make a few more commissioned cards, design my Stamp-a-Stack cards and so on.  The hits just keeeeeep on rollin' ... and I kinda love it :)

Whatever "life stuff" you get up to today, I hope you have a stampy day.  Enjoy!


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