Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Stamparatus Magnets

Happy Wednesday!

Ya.  This.  Could have used this video about 2 weeks ago *lol*.

You can order YOUR Stamparatus starting June 1st.  You MUST have this tool!  Total game-changer!

Have a stampy day


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  1. Yes, these magnets are strong! When I got my Stamparatus in the mail and set it on my worktable, still wrapped in the bubble wrap, it stuck so tight to the table (A SteelCase work table) I had to tear the bubble wrap to get it off the table!
    A second tip: you might not need the magnet at all for a small piece of paper, and it may instead be detrimental. When I had trouble getting a good image on my first project, and removed the magnet altogether, it was fine. It seemed the magnet was too thick.
    No matter what the learning curve, the Stamparatus is a "must have" tool!