Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flip Card Fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Wow.  I had a very full day of nothing today.  My calendar was literally blank.  Not a thing on it!  I'm not gunna lie - I didn't quite know what to do with myself!  Well .. the morning always flies by - the standard routine take me until 11:00 am.  THAT is when I get to start my day, really.  What do I do until 11:00 I hear you cry!  Well - the usual get up, get showered, make the lunches, make the bed(s), feed the kids, check the backpacks, get them off to school, run to the grocery store, check the e-mails, tidy a few things then take the dog for a walk.  Boom.  11:00.  Then I usually call my mom, then lunch and clean that up ... and so on and so on.  Well today I was ahead of the game and by 11:00 I had everything done - I did the laundry yesterday and cleaned on Monday so really the world was my oyster.  I SHOULD have spent the day getting ready for the trade fair I am attending on Saturday but ... na ... not enough pressure for that yet.  So I headed to the craft room to make my husband a birthday card.  I made it a flip card - lookie:
Hmmm ... my fingers look a little freaky in this shot *lol*

Hmmm - my nails are looking nice this week, aren't they?
Hee hee :)  Fun!  I made a flip card YEARS ago ... back in the day when we had to measure and score with a RULER (insert gasping noise here).  This one was made with my handy dandy Simply Scored Scoring Tool (not loving that name).  It took about 1 1/2 minutes.  No lie!  SO much faster, easier and more precise!  I got the idea from stamping guru Dawn Griffith ( - she had a great video that shows just how easy these cards are to make. 

In a nutshell - take a piece of 7 1/4' x 4 1/4" cardstaock (soft suede in my case) then score at 2 3/4" and again at 3 3/4".  You then take the 3rd smallest label framelit and line the pointy parts up with the 2 3/4" score line.  You then run it through the big shot BUT making sure that your top clear plate only goes up to that 2 3/4" score mark.  What you are doing is just cutting a portion of the label framelit.  You then take the paper out BUT LEAVE THE FRAMELIT IN PLACE.  You turn your card stock around and run it through the big shot again but this time you place the clear plate only up to the 3 3/4" line.  If you aren't compeltely confused at this point you will realize that you have only cut part of the label shape - ther gap between the 2 3/4" score mark and the 3 3/4" score mark isn't cut.  You then fold the soft suede piece on the score mark and the label piece will flip open and shut as you open and close the card. 

OK - for the rest of the card (if your eyes are rolling around somewhere in the back of your head and your tonque is sticking out at this point due to confusion then you can stop reading.  However if this is like a bad car crash and you just can't look away from the screen then keep reading. 

For the "flip" part I cut another label frame out of Very Vanilla cs and used my Soft Suede and Early Espresso markers to ink up 3 of the ties from the Best Dad Ever stamp set.  The Happy Birthday is from the same set, in Early Espresso.  The polka dot paper is once again Mocha Morning (sigh ... so sad to see that one go ... maybe they'll have the same designs but in different colors in the new catty ... guess I'll find out May 8th when I get a sneek peak at the new catty on-line!!!! ... a perk of being a demonstrator!!)  But I digress ... to finish it off I just added some of the brads that are also retiring (insert sigh again) - the 5/8" and 5/16" neutral brads.  (*sniff*)

That's it!  Craig's birthday card.  Tomorrow is the big day - I can't wait to give him his present!  I'll share next post.

OK - of to bed with me now - this day of nuthingness really made me tired!  Have a fun sleep!  (whatever that means!)


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