Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fold Up Scrap Album

Happy Thursday!

Told ya I'd be back before too long!  Today is the day I'm gunna post my Fold Up Scrap Album ... but of course I must ramble a little first :)  (oh come on ... admit it ... you'd miss it if I didn't!  Heck, 60% of the reason you're HERE is to read my ramblings ... only 40% because of the projects!)

Today is one of the kind of days I love ... a day when I just "faff about" all day.  Nothing really planned .. I just start off in the bedroom with every intention of cleaning the house top to bottom ... and it DOES ultimately get done ... but it is about a 10 hours process because, like most Mom's, I multitask ... and I seem to have minor ADHD tendencies *lol*  As I start cleaning I need to go downstairs for something ... say to grab more toiletpaper to re-stock ... oh look ... I left the butter out ... better put that away ... oh look ... there's that meat I bought yesterday that I better freeze ... oh - there's no room on the counter - better put the breakfast dishes away ... and run the dishwasher.  Right - freeze the meat - need the freezer bags ... in the laundry room - oh, there is the load of laundry that needs doing ... pop that in quickly .. or not - ust pre-treat first.  OK puppy - we'll go for a walk (insert 40 minute pause here).  Ok ... where was I?  Oh ya!  The meat - hopefully now we won't get bochulism ... how do you spell bochulism ... call Dad to find out how to spell bochulism ... insert 15 minute phone call here ... OK - freeze meat and put the butter away.  Where was I?  Oh ya - cleaning - back to the bedroom and actually clean it ... and make the bed ... next rooms go fairly smoothly - until the bonus room- oh - must tidy my business paperwork - well, before I can do that I must input some data ... insert 20 minutes of computer work here - oh - I should check Facebook ... and send 3 messages ... wonder if there is anything new on Pinterest ... oh yes, yes there is ... Must research more ... Right.  Bonus room clean.  Back to the kitchen - need to dust - need the duster ... to the laundry room to get it - oh!  Switch the laundry to the drier - man ... I'm getting hungry - oh!  It's 11:30 - I should eat ... nothing Weight Watcher's friendly handy.  Must .... resist ... the pan ... of .... brownies .... OK - make Hot & Sour Soup ... insert 23 minute soup-making break here ... eat soup - should feed children!  Cut watermelon and take it to them ... can't get in the room for toys ... clean up toys and yell at children ... take empty juice glasses downstairs - trip over an empty box - oh, I can use this to put my garage sale items in - insert 15 minutes of piling garage sale items in empty box ... oh!  I think I have another box in the basement .......... in my craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaft room ............ ooooo - look at all my shiny new catalogues just WAITING to be labelled and handed out ... oh!  and there is my half completed Fold Up Scrap Album that I should finish and post on my Blog.  TA-DA  HERE I AM!!!  1:10 pm and the dusting is still waiting .. not to mention the soup-making mess - and I still haven't fed the children anything nutritious ... and the laundry needs putting away but HERE I AM :))))  Aren't you glad I have these ADHD tendencies???  I had a boss years ago who always used to say I was "good to the last hurdle".  Yep - that's me - great at starting things ... then when the fun bit is done I don't want to do it any more.  Know what I mean?  I know you do - don't tell me you've never started cleaning out a drawer or closet and then once youget everything out you don't feel like doing it anymore and just wanna take a nap!  Well ... like I said, in the end it all gets done - it's just a bit of a crazy trail of how I get there (my husband calls it one of my quirks ... *lol*)

So - without further adeau ... here is ... my Fold Up Scrap Album:

Love the front ... I think the next time I go to clean ... and get distracted ... I'll make this layout and cs for a card ...

OK ... so it's not actually DONE but it's done enough that I can send out that e-mail telling everyone about the class I'm holding to teach how to make these little beauties (the album, not the girls HAAAAAAAAAAA!  I kill me!)

I used (4) pieces of 12x12 Very Vanilla card stock for the base and then Crumb Cake and Soft Suede for the layers on the top portions of the pages.  The DSP is (of course) Mocha Morning ... yes, I just bought 6 more packs ... I think I need an intervention ... It's rather hard to explain in typing and since I didn't take pictures as I went along you have to read slowly and picture it in your mind.  Take a 12x12 sheet of cs and using the Simply Scored Scoring Tool (hate that name) score it in half (at 6") turn the paper 1/4 turn and score in half again - you now have 4 equal quadrants.  Now cut along the score line from one side to the middle point.  Take the quadrant on the left of the cut line and place it over the quadrant on the right of the cut line.  These will eventually be taped on top of each other to form a 3 sided shape but don't do that until you have designed and assembled your pages.  You will then do the same thing to the other 3 pieces of 12x12 card stock and tape all of the (4) pieces together.  It's easier for you to just come to my class and see it for yourself!  It really is VERY straight forward.  I spent about 30 minutes putting the whole thing together ... of course the actual designing of the pages themselves took me a few hours ... and I only did these 2 and the cover ...

I am charging $20 for the class and you bring your own adhesive.  I supply everything else - I precut the cs and DSP - you bring your pictures and tape and design to your little hearts content.  You have full access to my stamps, ink, ribbons, pearls and any other accessories you want to add to your pages.  Class is Friday, June 1st but I have limited space so if you are in the Edmonton area and want to attend need to let me know ASAP!  If there is enough interest I will open more sessions.

OK - I'm not officially tired of typing and the laundry won't put itself away so I'm off ... more multitasking awaits!

*lol* - have a fun day :))))



  1. This is beautiful. I hope someday to be this skilled at what I think of as "2d material to 3d object design". Thank you for showing us.

    1. Thank you so much Andrew. I can't take full credit - I stumbled across the design SOMEWHERE on the internet years ago. Once you make one you just play with the details. Make one! Super easy :)

  2. Do you sell your lesson on Etsy or somewhere else?

    1. Hi Kelley! Sorry for the late reply - I didn't spot your comment! No - I don't sell it - you can have it for free lol. Check the left hand side bar at the top of my blog - there is another "Fold up Scrap Album" link that details how they are made. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry Paulette, no - I have never done videos. Did you check out my other post on how to make these? It has step-by-step pictures. Check the link on the left hand side-bar. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. Have fun with it!

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